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Easy Sudoku for 12/September/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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12/Sep/18 12:00 AM
2:11. Good Morning, Hal!
12/Sep/18 12:03 AM
Now, can't get to medium!
12/Sep/18 12:06 AM
2:00 My son lived in Australind (near Bunbury, south of Perth on the west coast)for quite a few years until about 18 months ago.
Good night one and all!
12/Sep/18 12:22 AM
12/Sep/18 12:49 AM
12/Sep/18 12:51 AM
12/Sep/18 12:52 AM
12/Sep/18 12:52 AM
Ummm, is medium closed for today?
12/Sep/18 12:53 AM
Hmmm, same for me, no medium?!
12/Sep/18 12:56 AM
1:41 morning to all
12/Sep/18 1:08 AM
everybody. And me, no medium. Couldn't get on at all yesterday, don't care about hard & tough, not enough hours in the day for me to do them.
12/Sep/18 2:47 AM
12/Sep/18 2:53 AM
I didn't notice the problem here yesterday. My whole internet connection was down.
Poor hubby spent the day on the phone with our provider. He has a heck of a lot more patience than I do. If it's not down, it has become so slow that it drives me nuts. I need to convince him that it is time to change!
12/Sep/18 3:17 AM
12/Sep/18 3:22 AM
12/Sep/18 4:27 AM
Love old barns.They are a pleasure to look at.
12/Sep/18 4:50 AM
Good Morning
Yesterday the 'easy' one didn't work and today the 'medium' one isn't working.. I miss doing all 3 puzzles everyday!!
Thank you for these puzzles though I really enjoy them.
12/Sep/18 5:47 AM
1:29. Good morning everyone.
12/Sep/18 5:55 AM
Good afternoon.
12/Sep/18 6:27 AM
12/Sep/18 6:27 AM
12/Sep/18 6:28 AM
almost dinner time... will have dinner with grand children and building lego ...waltz Disney castle ..looking forward to it. have a good evening all...
12/Sep/18 6:44 AM

I love old barns!
12/Sep/18 10:22 AM
I think Grass-hopper just loves old things - Mr Cee comes to mind.
12/Sep/18 10:31 AM
all. Still no Medium. I've done the Easy, Hard & Tough but miss doing the Medium. Fingers crossed it's back up again soon. 🤞
12/Sep/18 11:15 AM
Thanks for the Birthday wishes.
12/Sep/18 11:22 AM
3:10 Maen all
12/Sep/18 11:24 AM
Still not getting medium, I see? I just now redid this one by accident, thinking that I'd punched into the medium puzzle: 1:45 compared to this morning's 2:11 time. Perhaps proof it's harder to do things in the morning when you're half awake...
12/Sep/18 1:10 PM
Not for me Tom, I just redid (is there such a word) the easy and got almost the exact same time,
12/Sep/18 4:23 PM
I might just hang around to see if anyone turns up to have a beer with...
12/Sep/18 4:26 PM
Idle chatter, tap, tap, tap, Oh hum...
12/Sep/18 4:29 PM
Nope, oh well I'll have a VB cheers
12/Sep/18 4:30 PM
and a CP.
12/Sep/18 4:35 PM
1:44 16 seconds quicker than last night and just home from a hard day at work.

12/Sep/18 6:15 PM
Medium is up and running at last!!!
12/Sep/18 7:39 PM
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