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Easy Sudoku for 13/September/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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13/Sep/18 12:00 AM
2:00 Hi Hal and everyone!
13/Sep/18 12:12 AM
2:12 Good night Hal, Tom and all who follow.
13/Sep/18 12:13 AM
Hal and Tom. 'Night, Anne.
13/Sep/18 12:34 AM
I am waiting for the kiddos to show up. I haven't seen them for a while, so, it will be fun. I've planned some pumpkin decorating. It's early, but should keep them occupied for a little while. They won't be carving, but they can paint them and use the face stickers that I bought. It's always interesting to see what the (almost) 2 year old comes up with.
13/Sep/18 12:39 AM
to all from Texas!
13/Sep/18 12:56 AM
Have fun with the kiddos, Kathy!
13/Sep/18 12:57 AM
Everybody!! First two days in a row HalT?!
13/Sep/18 1:17 AM
13/Sep/18 2:01 AM
1:52 Good morning all
13/Sep/18 3:35 AM
I'll say good morning while I still can.
13/Sep/18 4:08 AM
2.02. Looks a long way down.
13/Sep/18 4:20 AM
Pretty waterfall photo . joann.
13/Sep/18 5:09 AM
Morning all, we are at Tara in Queensland. The first two days away we had no ph signal, it was a great spot though at Toongi Hall. We only had to pay $5 a night for the use of the toilets. Our second stop was beside the Gwyder river north of Moree, the track in was a bit rough but worth it.
13/Sep/18 6:11 AM
Last night we had a visit from a possum then this morning an apostle bird tried to land on my head when I was having my coffee.
13/Sep/18 6:16 AM
Knowing that Joann's recent photos have all been in SE Queensland, I'm fairly sure that is actually Purling Brook Falls. I can't find a Purlington Falls anywhere.
Amelia, how bad is the countryside looking in this awful drought?
13/Sep/18 7:04 AM
Wow, Amelia, you really are covering a big distance quickly! Are you heading further or is Tara your destination?
13/Sep/18 11:22 AM
Hal, are you in Hurricane Florence preparation mode, or are you far enough west not to be too concerned?
13/Sep/18 12:55 PM
Even up here in Washington, we've been asked to remove all objects on our balconies.
13/Sep/18 12:56 PM
13/Sep/18 1:40 PM
Just got back from San Jose. A visit to Uncle Ray who is 93 years old! You know with relatives that old, you have to visit them while they're still alive! He is a collector of sorts, has a honest to goodness jukebox that actually works, three bicycles with motors, ancient Lionel train cars and engines. Incredible collection!
13/Sep/18 1:44 PM
I claim this on behalf of Keith, Peter, Hal and anyone else who would like it. I couldn't just let it sit there.
13/Sep/18 3:02 PM
CynB and Grass-hopper, we came over to Glasshouse Mountain today to surprise my brother and his wife for their anniversary. Got to have a cuddle of my new grand nephew today too.
13/Sep/18 4:12 PM
I love those Glasshouse Mountains Amelia, they are one of the most interesting features in Queensland. The reef and the lava tubes are up there too.
13/Sep/18 4:52 PM
Good to know that No 22 is in safe hands. Good on yer, Wombat!
13/Sep/18 4:59 PM
1:32. Good evening everyone, late on tonight, it's been a hectic day.
13/Sep/18 9:58 PM
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