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Easy Sudoku for 12/November/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Good Maen
12/Nov/09 12:00 AM
A very John!
Has the party started?
12/Nov/09 12:04 AM
Too early. Coffee brewing
12/Nov/09 12:07 AM
12/Nov/09 12:07 AM
I'll bring coffee cake and be right over, John!
12/Nov/09 12:11 AM
I'd like some coffe and cake too, thanks Sheila and John.
12/Nov/09 12:22 AM

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used. She showed the group a lovely hillside where many goats were grazing. 'These' she explained, More...
12/Nov/09 12:23 AM
Of course, CP! I need help singing "Happy Birthday" to John!
12/Nov/09 12:26 AM
It's Veteran's Day today for those in the US. Thank you for your service past and present.
12/Nov/09 12:27 AM
Nice orchid.
12/Nov/09 12:28 AM
Sooooo funny, Daplap!
12/Nov/09 12:28 AM
Why is women's work never done?

she sleeps too late.
12/Nov/09 12:30 AM
Me, me, me, la, la, la - ready, Sheila!!!
12/Nov/09 12:31 AM
Happy Birthday, John!
12/Nov/09 12:33 AM
John!!! (If it weren't for your birthday....!!!!)
But.... That's why you're supposed to make the coffee earlier - to wake her up!
12/Nov/09 12:39 AM
John! Now go back to bed!!!
12/Nov/09 12:50 AM
HI all! Happy birthday John - but how do you all know it's his birthday?
12/Nov/09 1:02 AM
A little birdie told me!
12/Nov/09 1:04 AM
I'll get in quick with a riddle today, I didn't like having an empty inbox yesterday. Answers to the empty inbox please!
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12/Nov/09 1:05 AM
Now there's a funny difference between cultures. For Shiela, a little birdie told her; in France your little finger tells you!
12/Nov/09 1:06 AM
Are we there yet?
12/Nov/09 1:10 AM
12/Nov/09 1:10 AM
Now I'm off to do your puzzle, Fiona.
12/Nov/09 1:11 AM
Well done Jane!
12/Nov/09 1:11 AM
That last one is giving me fits, Fiona!
12/Nov/09 1:26 AM
Kate - good to "see" you!
12/Nov/09 1:26 AM
Hah! Got it! Answers are being sent to your inbox, Fiona!
12/Nov/09 1:29 AM
Jane, you are much better than I am... still working on the last one! ...But you give me hope!
12/Nov/09 1:35 AM
I think I got the last one (the exact wording might have escaped me!?).
12/Nov/09 1:49 AM
, John! You must be a really cool guy, as you share today's Veterans' Day birthday with my husband! It must be nice to have had your birthday off from work most of your life!
12/Nov/09 1:50 AM
Happy birthday Bunny!! Jane and Jamie are the only ones with four correct answers so far. Three other people are struggling!!
12/Nov/09 1:51 AM
John Happy Birthday. I am on my way over with the coffee and coffee cake. Have a great day.
12/Nov/09 1:54 AM
I can't help but wonder, John, what your wife is going to think when all of these brazen women stop by your house to wish you a Happy Birthday ...
12/Nov/09 1:57 AM
Did I hear Cake ??? What's my fav Bill Cosby segment - the reasons cake is good for breakfast -- milk, eggs - Pass a piece down here please -- Happy Birthday too !!!
12/Nov/09 1:58 AM
Rayray and Ian join the laureats today.
12/Nov/09 1:58 AM
-- Yes, a birdie told me in the USA, but we do tie a string around our little finger to help remember something important.
12/Nov/09 2:00 AM
Et moi???
12/Nov/09 2:01 AM
I'll back up for more coffe and cake!
12/Nov/09 2:02 AM
Still can't spell coffee!
12/Nov/09 2:03 AM
No CP, number 2 is wrong!! But Aileen got it!
12/Nov/09 2:03 AM
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