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Easy Sudoku for 13/November/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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13/Nov/09 12:03 AM
Sorry about the shouting - forgot I had caps lock on.
13/Nov/09 12:04 AM
Where is everyone?
13/Nov/09 12:04 AM
This could be unprecedented...
13/Nov/09 12:05 AM
A CP to start the day!!!
13/Nov/09 12:05 AM
13/Nov/09 12:26 AM
Wow, CP cp to start the day!
13/Nov/09 12:29 AM
I was here earlier this morning catching up on reading posts and sending Fiona an answer for her empty inbox.
13/Nov/09 12:30 AM
#$%^*&%# computer! Automatic shutdown last night and took FOREVER to restart and my e-mail server to come on! That said...
Good Maen, everyone!
13/Nov/09 12:37 AM
It's white out today... but not with that S-word... with fog and frost. Guess this is when I can say I like the F-word!
13/Nov/09 12:39 AM
Mornin. Missed #9 :(
13/Nov/09 12:40 AM
Shiela, count 90 days. There will be snow that day.
13/Nov/09 12:40 AM
13/Nov/09 12:47 AM
We have snow in our forecast for next week. I'm okay with that, as our Gun Deer Hunting season opens next Saturday. Everyone cross your fingers for me that week. We haven't had deer in our freezer in a couple years and it is noticeable in my grocery bills.
13/Nov/09 12:51 AM
Good morning, CP, Plum, Maria, Shiela, and Angie!!

See you later!
13/Nov/09 12:57 AM
Good Maen I slept in this AM. too much party last night,LOL
13/Nov/09 12:58 AM
Thank goodness you lot showed up - I thought the site must be broken on your side of the world!
13/Nov/09 1:05 AM
Cute calf - glad none of my patients are having one of those!
13/Nov/09 1:26 AM
Whew! I was wondering where you were, John! THEN... I remembered it was 'Party Day' for you yesterday. Hope you had a great one!
13/Nov/09 1:27 AM
Bet your patients are glad, too, CP!
(But sometimes I bet they FEEL they are!)
13/Nov/09 1:29 AM
13/Nov/09 1:30 AM
13/Nov/09 1:30 AM
(My reward for fighting with my computer this morning?)
13/Nov/09 1:31 AM
Angie, get an extra deer and put it up as corned venison. I kid you not. Do the whole deer as corned and give away 5 pound batches as Christmas gifts.
Plus it's a great potluck dish to make with brussels sprouts, baby cut carrots, pearl onions and new potatoes (I can't believe how many people More...
13/Nov/09 1:54 AM
Another thing I like to do with venison is make Cincinnati style chili (flavored with cinnamon, a very healthy spice to have in your diet).

It's weird at first if you're only used to SW style chili. And it's strangely addictive.
Make sure your recipe or spice packet has anise (ground More...
13/Nov/09 2:02 AM
, Jim! Although with your current lovely and vivacious houseguest, you won't be paying any attention to your friends here!
13/Nov/09 2:48 AM
I like venison, if it is not over cooked. I had some once that had the consistency of shoe leather.
Of course, that's true of any meat.
More rain here again today.
13/Nov/09 2:48 AM
HI all! Just have to add Plum to the group of correct answerers from yesterday! The solution was:
1. Barking up the wrong tree.
2. Burn the candles at both ends.
3. Kill two birds with one stone.
4. Casting pearls before swine.
13/Nov/09 2:59 AM
Here's today's one - answers to the new sofa inbox please!
A simple riddle you behold,
All that glitters is not gold.

My first is second in line,
I'll send shivers up your spine.

Though I'm not quite shining bright,
I seem to glitter in the light.

What am I?

13/Nov/09 3:01 AM
Ah, so that's why ... never heard the expression "Casting pearls before swine."
13/Nov/09 3:07 AM
I have returned to the land of the living after a short bout with the flu. I had two horrible days, but it might have been worse if i had not had the flu shot the week before i got sick. Of course, the shot may have been the cause of the sickness...
13/Nov/09 3:11 AM
Good Morning World and a very happy birthday to you Jim. May you have at least some of your dreams come true. Have a great time with your friends and family.
13/Nov/09 3:18 AM
Hey, Fiona! I sent you correct answers, too! What am I ... chopped liver?
13/Nov/09 3:31 AM
Glad to hear you're on the mend, Glenn.
I have had the seasonal flu shot, but the 'swine' isn't available here yet for "the common folk".
Fiona, have the sofas arrived? Are you lounging as we speak?
13/Nov/09 3:32 AM
She didn't acknowledge mine either, Judy! And I spent time whining!
13/Nov/09 3:34 AM
Kathy, tomorrow I shall lounge. Today I have to put up with whining from the sidelines. Judy you were so late with your answer I'd gone to bed.
13/Nov/09 3:36 AM
1:58 Maen! And Moo!
13/Nov/09 3:36 AM
I'm still waiting for the swine flu shot. I am in the high risk group, so I am supposed to get it ASAP! I can't have it for another two weeks, though, since it may not be given until three weeks after the seasonal flu shot.
13/Nov/09 3:39 AM
Happy Thursday!
FYI: the seasonal flu shot is an INACTIVE vaccine. If you got the flu within the 2 weeks it takes to be fully effective, you were already coming down with a bug. It does not cause the flu!
Glenn is correct that if you still get the flu after you've had the shot, it will probably be less severe than if you didn't get the vaccine...
13/Nov/09 3:45 AM
Now, off to my dentist appointment
13/Nov/09 3:46 AM
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