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Easy Sudoku for 12/March/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, everyone! No sun today, but we've been lucky!
12/Mar/10 12:02 AM
Good morning! Off to tutor math and back later to work puzzles.
12/Mar/10 12:03 AM

12/Mar/10 12:04 AM
Good Morning to everyone! It looks like some beautiful "white" sand. I wish I were there right now!
12/Mar/10 12:06 AM
Shiela - We expected to see rain this morning and there isn't a cloud in the sky yet! The sun is shining bright!
12/Mar/10 12:07 AM
Debby, lucky you! We've got fog.
12/Mar/10 12:14 AM
2:32 Good evening all. That's a bit too close to the beach for my liking. Lovely photo though.
12/Mar/10 12:16 AM
12/Mar/10 12:17 AM
Woohoo my fav number!
12/Mar/10 12:17 AM
to you,
to you,
dear babyface!!!
to you!
May your special day be wonderful with a and lots of !
12/Mar/10 12:18 AM
to you,
to you,
dear m0md0d!!!
to you!
May your special day be wonderful with a and lots of !
12/Mar/10 12:18 AM
one more for a cp
12/Mar/10 12:19 AM
Good morning, Shosho! You certainly came in with a burst of energy this morning! I bet you are a morning person! Congrats on the fav number!
12/Mar/10 12:24 AM
Good Maen Sunshine here Shiela no FOG.
12/Mar/10 12:26 AM
12/Mar/10 12:42 AM
What is this? Am I the only place in the state without sun???
Oops! It just came out...kinda... but foggy too! Yippee!!!
12/Mar/10 12:43 AM
It's raining it's pouring and the children have the day off of school - yesterday, I awoke to a gentle rain - and didn't realize it was so nice out (busy housecleaning) until I went to get the mail and realized -- I COULD OF RODE MY BIKE TODAY !!! but alas, no time to put air in the tires. Today - storms are washing the rest of that white stuff away
12/Mar/10 1:05 AM
Shiela you have to pay before you play
12/Mar/10 1:07 AM
I have a cardinal who is insisting in coming into our back room -- I have had to close the drapes as he is not just peeking in the window but bashing into it at times -- Love must be in the air !!
12/Mar/10 1:07 AM
Just put on your dance shoes and belt out -- The sun will be out tommorrow, tomorrow ....
12/Mar/10 1:08 AM
Plans for today --- bowling and then plopping myself down to watch the Ellen DeGeneres Show this afternoon -- just saw on the TV that she will have the sexy man from the old spice ad on today -- you can catch him on my youtube -- nice eye candy --- again - love must be in the air...
12/Mar/10 1:10 AM
Mymare - Please send some of that rain up here so it can help melt rest of our snow!
12/Mar/10 1:13 AM
Debby there is plenty coming down to fill the lake up -- we even have flood warning along the rivers -- the ground is just soaked -- send you up a pail
12/Mar/10 1:15 AM
and it looks like a slipped by 22 in the raindrops --- offf to bowling this morning =
12/Mar/10 1:16 AM
Haha! Great timing Debby!
Good day friends!
Off to take a sweet girl that I sponsored over the years in a local girls club to a belated lunch and movie. She is too old for the club now, but we remain friends.
Wishing everyone a good day!
12/Mar/10 1:17 AM
A room with a view!
12/Mar/10 1:24 AM
Mary, I had a cardinal bash himself against our upstairs window - for a whole year! He saw his reflection in the window and decided that another cardinal was invading his territory or something. His 'spouse' eventually left him in disgust! Finally he tried it on a car windshield in front of our house. Too bad, but I was a bit relieved!
12/Mar/10 1:27 AM
Bali high? Good Maen, good people!
12/Mar/10 1:29 AM
Does that say Malt Shop or Bait Shop?
12/Mar/10 1:58 AM
Birds!! That's why I stopped washing the back bedroom windows. Now I don't use it at all. Just keep the tt paper there and some other stuff. Not even a bed.
12/Mar/10 2:00 AM
ahhh what a wonderful day here. the sun is shining and the temp is nice. too bad I'm on house arrest. those doctors know how to spoil a persons day.
12/Mar/10 2:09 AM
Eve - now there's a crucial difference. Chocolate ice cream or worms?
12/Mar/10 2:11 AM
Awww, Steve, can you open a window? No "eating worms" for you. Have a chocolate malt?
12/Mar/10 2:13 AM
12/Mar/10 3:08 AM
To: babyface2129 & m0md0d

12/Mar/10 3:09 AM
A Cool Morning here. 41° F. (6.6° C.) and raining, lightly, interspersed with occasional downpours. Wind gusts that shake the tt, once in a while, too.

Well, I do live in the “Pacific Northwet”.
12/Mar/10 3:18 AM
Good Maen, all! It's rainy here, too, but at least it's warm out.
12/Mar/10 3:22 AM
Good news, Jane. You can do your exercising outdoors and not get overheated...
12/Mar/10 3:32 AM
OR cold.
12/Mar/10 3:32 AM
Boing, Boing, Boing…
12/Mar/10 3:33 AM
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