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Easy Sudoku for 13/July/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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13/Jul/18 12:11 AM
(waves up at Anne)
13/Jul/18 12:20 AM

Nighty night, Anne! Hi, Aileen!
13/Jul/18 12:23 AM
Everybody!! And all who follow!
13/Jul/18 12:30 AM
13/Jul/18 12:33 AM
A beautiful morning, and may not make it to 80ºF/26.67ºC!
13/Jul/18 12:35 AM
so close . . .
13/Jul/18 12:36 AM
13/Jul/18 12:36 AM
Morning all.
13/Jul/18 1:07 AM
How nice to be walking along by the river and find that.
13/Jul/18 1:14 AM
13/Jul/18 1:54 AM
Riverbanks zoo has a live cam on their 3 month old lion cubs every evening from 6:30 to 8:30 PM EST, at https://www.riverbanks.org/zoocam/lions
13/Jul/18 3:03 AM
If I calculated correctly, that's 8:30 to 10:30 PM Sydney time.
13/Jul/18 3:07 AM
AM, not PM.
13/Jul/18 3:08 AM
G'day all - a touch cooler & far less humid today - actually a perfect summer day here!
13/Jul/18 4:11 AM
I agree, Keith - precisely my first reaction: imagine finding such an exotic flower on a river stroll!
13/Jul/18 4:13 AM
13/Jul/18 4:22 AM
Sunny, but getting hot.
Have a sunny day anyway!
13/Jul/18 4:51 AM
I waited a bit. Nobody else seems willing to help at the moment, so ...
13/Jul/18 4:52 AM
Wait a minute. Shiela showed up as I was typing. Up for a race?
13/Jul/18 4:53 AM
13/Jul/18 4:53 AM
13/Jul/18 4:53 AM
Guess not. CP.
13/Jul/18 4:54 AM
WOW! What a beautiful find on a river side walk.
13/Jul/18 5:39 AM
Beautiful orchid love them
13/Jul/18 6:18 AM
Morning all, beautiful orchids,love the colour.
13/Jul/18 6:58 AM
Good maEn, good people. I've been researching to make prototypes for a potential customer who wants to place a sizable order. Among other things. This week I've actually researched info needed to make about 10 various decisions. My brain is saturated!
13/Jul/18 8:38 AM
I want to read the past few days and catch up, but the kitchen timer is beeping which means I need to further dinner along.
13/Jul/18 8:39 AM
It's nice to be able to breathe. Especially when the food smells SO good! I went back to my ENT post surgery and he said it's normal to have some pain in my partially cleared out sinuses. They are tender and need a bit of toughening up because they are sensitive from newly being More...
13/Jul/18 9:45 AM
But the puffiness around my eyes has gone down and they don't squeak anymore. That was strange. Yes. Since childhood my eyes have squeaked when I rubbed the inside corners of them.
13/Jul/18 9:47 AM
For a cp I'll wander off wondering how many of you just pressed the inside corners of your 👀eyes.
13/Jul/18 9:49 AM
I hope things adjust quickly for you, Plum.
(Well.... If I blow my nose when stuffed-up, air comes out my eye... is this a problem?)
13/Jul/18 12:39 PM
I'm not sure, Shiela, but that doesn't sound good.
13/Jul/18 12:52 PM
1:44. Good afternoon everyone.
13/Jul/18 12:59 PM
Gee, I thought I had some anatomical oddities myself, but nothing like either Plum's or Shiela's.
My eyes neither squeak nor exhale.
13/Jul/18 3:19 PM
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