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Easy Sudoku for 15/December/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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15/Dec/16 12:09 AM
15/Dec/16 12:09 AM
Fabulous photo to wake up to! Thanks!
15/Dec/16 12:27 AM
Sunrise, sunset swiftly go the days
15/Dec/16 12:28 AM
Baby it's cold outside - should be shipped out to Broadway but instead going to my deep water pool class
have a good one
15/Dec/16 12:39 AM
G'day - for the rest of this glorious one!
15/Dec/16 1:14 AM
W0w- I agree, Tom!
15/Dec/16 1:20 AM
1:46 Good night one and all!
15/Dec/16 1:55 AM

The answers to yesterdays poozle: ACORN, scorn, score, scope, slope, slops, flops, floes, flees, TREES
Super response! The ''Dreaded Santa'' Crown goes to (big breath!) More...
15/Dec/16 2:22 AM
Hi Tom! Good to see you posting!
15/Dec/16 2:28 AM
Today's poozle may keep you busy for awhile. I'll give you a couple of days to ponder....

1. Which British pop group holds the record for earning the most Christmas number 1 songs?
2. Who invented the electric Christmas tree lights in 1882?
3. What is the opening line to the More...
15/Dec/16 2:33 AM
This will be it for me for awhile. My family will start showing up next week on my regular poozle days. I've explained why my computer is out of commission for the duration of their stay. I shall return to puzzle you after the first of the year when the two toddler tornadoes have left.
15/Dec/16 2:39 AM
Awesome photo!
Lasted about fifteen minutes on my morning walk--bitterly cold, with worse supposedly coming tomorrow. (And yes, I'm the one who loves winter ...)
15/Dec/16 2:52 AM
15/Dec/16 3:01 AM
15/Dec/16 4:47 AM
Morning all, great photo today.
15/Dec/16 4:58 AM
& Sometimes sun and sometimes not!
Stay warm in the cool climes and cool in the warm climes!
(Do I ask for perfection or what???)
15/Dec/16 5:37 AM
Sunny at present but rain, hail and possibly thunder later. Summer has arrived!
15/Dec/16 6:11 AM
15/Dec/16 6:26 AM
Good mAen, good people.
15/Dec/16 6:28 AM
Kathy - for some of those I AM going to need to search for answers.
15/Dec/16 6:29 AM
22, woo-hoo!
15/Dec/16 6:29 AM
Another of Nal's awesome (sorry Fi - not!) photos.
15/Dec/16 6:31 AM
I got a lousy Christmas/ New Year present yesterday. Last July I was diagnosed with a tumour in the pancreas. I have had 9 sessions of chemo which did shrink the main tumour but there is now one outside the pancreas which is attached to two arteries so an operation is not advisable. The prognosis More...
15/Dec/16 7:11 AM
Good afternoon to all! Another one of Nal's beautiful photos. Gorgeous!
15/Dec/16 7:36 AM
June, my thoughts and prayers continue to be with you. Stay strong and positive for a good outcome.
15/Dec/16 7:37 AM
Good Morning on this cool and wet day. Was hot, hot, hot this time yesterday.
15/Dec/16 9:02 AM
Joyce, so sorry to hear you have had such bad news. All the family send the hope that your treatment will be successful, and that you will enjoy many years of doing what you like best.
15/Dec/16 9:53 AM
June, how brave to say-the-words; not sure I'll have the same determination if & when similar circumstances are my diagnosis. Live life to the fullest is the only way to greet whatever awaits - love, cyber hugs, and prayers from all of us here!
15/Dec/16 10:09 AM
...and similar commentary to you Kathy as Plum states: there is NO way in the world I'll be able to complete your puzzle without some 'searching' for answers! Most puzzles I consider a learning experience to add to whatever lack of knowledge I find wanting.... haha!
15/Dec/16 10:12 AM
15/Dec/16 12:39 PM
June .. as you know already.
15/Dec/16 12:41 PM
June, sorry to hear about your sad news. I hope all goes well for you with the next round of chemo. That in itself is not pleasant.
Good luck, thinking of you.
15/Dec/16 3:22 PM
June, we all admire your strength and send good thoughts and prayers your way.
15/Dec/16 4:02 PM
June: so sorry to hear that they've found another tumor. You and your family and medical team are in my prayers for finding the best possible care for you.
15/Dec/16 5:09 PM
Kathy's #7 should be 'in English translation from Hebrew....' since there is no M in Hebrew, just for one thing...
15/Dec/16 5:22 PM
June, I send my wishes for the best possible course if not cure and as good a life as can be had.
15/Dec/16 5:43 PM
I did not mean to scare everyone away. I have always had so much support from all my Sudoku friends and thought it time I let you all know what is happening to me. I have met so many of you in person and also had some stay in my home as well as quite a few 'gatherings' in here. You are all part of my extended family.
thanks to those who have extended wishes and prayers to me today.
15/Dec/16 8:57 PM
I have been doing the puzzles on this site since the end of 2005. I become a member when Gath ran the 'last to post' competition. I have met over 40 members. As well as those from different parts of Australia I can also include some from US, UK and Egypt.
15/Dec/16 9:01 PM
I am cleaning out the pantry. I thought it would be nice to be able to find things when I have visitors over the Christmas period.
Now to turn the page.
15/Dec/16 9:03 PM
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