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Easy Sudoku for 15/June/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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15/Jun/11 12:00 AM
Good Maewn
15/Jun/11 12:00 AM
Good morning people of the world.
15/Jun/11 12:00 AM
Flag Day
15/Jun/11 12:01 AM
Good Maen all! ...and Happy Flag Day!
15/Jun/11 12:10 AM
That house has seen better days, for sure!
15/Jun/11 12:14 AM
20 minutes in ... 6 posts. I got here once recently at 7 minutes in and missed 22. Ya never know.
15/Jun/11 12:19 AM
Good Maen, good people. Let's run it up the pole and see who salutes.
15/Jun/11 12:23 AM
Good Maen, all. Just finished hoisting a new flag for Flag Day.
15/Jun/11 12:24 AM
Wind damage?
15/Jun/11 12:24 AM
good morning
15/Jun/11 12:24 AM
No. It was getting a bit worn on the edges, so it was time for a proper replacement. Will take the old one to the American Legion for a proper disposal.
15/Jun/11 12:26 AM
Sorry, Ctn. J to confuse you. I was commenting on today's picture, but good to know your former flag will be treated well.
15/Jun/11 12:30 AM
My flag was my fathers. It was made back when they still made flags here in the states.
15/Jun/11 12:32 AM
Keith, I thought there was a women's prison, that made them here. I believe I saw that on Sunday Morning.
Of course, I cannot remember where, I think that file was taken out during my head remodeling procedure.
15/Jun/11 12:52 AM
Here in our home we like made in the USA flags. Annin flags have been made in the USA since 1820 of domestic materials. Check them out!


15/Jun/11 12:58 AM
Earthquake Report; 15th June 2011

Two earthquakes; M5.3 & M5.6; occurred on 14th June (UTC), in North Sumatra with their epicentres at about 1.8N / 99.1E. Strong tremors from those shallow quakes were felt at distance - across the Straits of Malacca on the nearby Malaysian peninsula, More...
15/Jun/11 12:59 AM
And a store locator to find a made-in-the-USA flag near you:

15/Jun/11 1:01 AM
I stand corrected. Here's a company in Tampa, FL that makes flags:
Good for US.
15/Jun/11 1:02 AM
15/Jun/11 1:02 AM
I'll try.
15/Jun/11 1:02 AM
15/Jun/11 1:03 AM
Wanders away with a smug expression.
15/Jun/11 1:03 AM
To follow Rayray's link take out the space between northern and -sumatra
15/Jun/11 1:04 AM
Don't wander too far away, Keith ... there's no coffee on page one yet. I'd like a double short creme de brulee breve, half decaf with whipped cream on top. But I'll take a cuppa french roast if it's fresh brewed.
15/Jun/11 1:08 AM
I'm running low on rhubarb pie, must make more. Should also call to see if/when strawberries are coming in at the local you-pick. Need to get the freezing and canning supplies out, too. Summer starts with the first batch of strawberry jam.
15/Jun/11 1:10 AM
15/Jun/11 1:19 AM
Yea! I got #27!?
15/Jun/11 1:20 AM
Little things mean a lot, don't they, Hal?
15/Jun/11 1:26 AM
That old house doesn't look habitable.... even by goats.
15/Jun/11 1:29 AM
I've just brewed a pot (no picture), but I do have some to go in it.
15/Jun/11 1:30 AM
Oh, sorry.

Happy Flag Day!
Fly them proudly!
15/Jun/11 1:30 AM
Rayray.... Wow. Just Wow. Frightening possibilities.

When is the latest prediction for the end of the world?
15/Jun/11 1:35 AM
Change of avatar for Flag Day.
15/Jun/11 1:37 AM
We had a wonderful long weekend with our grandchildren. They left yesterday and the house seems so quiet! Now-- I'm off to put out our flag and get some work done in the garden.
15/Jun/11 1:37 AM
What's frightening to me is "pre-knowledge or warnings are unlikely to be helpful".
15/Jun/11 1:41 AM
I like your avatar, Heidi. lol
15/Jun/11 1:42 AM
Keith, your link is selling flags made by Annin (my link). Note much of the wording is the same between the sites and the Annin retailer search for Tampa produces the store you posted the link for.

In addition to selling Annin flags, the company in Tampa makes custom screen printed and embroidered banners.
15/Jun/11 1:43 AM
Good morning to all! It looks like the big bad wolf came and blew the three little pigs' house down!
15/Jun/11 1:44 AM
I just returned from sending my daughter her birthday greetings via FedEx. With our postal service on rotating strikes and 4,000 staff of our major airline (Air Canada) on strike, it's tough getting things acroos the country in a timely fashion right now.
15/Jun/11 1:47 AM
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