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Easy Sudoku for 14/June/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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14/Jun/11 12:00 AM
Good Maen
14/Jun/11 12:00 AM
everyone from Central California. Today is a travel day home to Oregon ...
14/Jun/11 12:02 AM
Big ole turtle. Appropriate considering the Very slow going this morning.
14/Jun/11 12:04 AM
Good morning all!!
14/Jun/11 12:06 AM
Good Maen all! Hope eveyone had a lovely weekend...we've had warm weather and I have been buried in yard work - there is a lot to clean up after this destructive winter season.
Traveling Mercies, Dave.
I'll wave as you go by!
14/Jun/11 12:06 AM
He's a beaut! I love it when the puzzle goes 1 - 9...easy peasy!
14/Jun/11 12:08 AM
Thanks Vici ... you will see us lumbering along down there on Hwy. 5 from your perch high atop the peaks of the Sierra.
14/Jun/11 12:10 AM
Easy, yet I was still SLOW!? Must be a reflection of my advancing age - though it doesn't seem to affect many on this site.
14/Jun/11 12:10 AM
Be safe, Dave! Vici - I also have yard work to do later today - we are supposed to hit 100 all week.
14/Jun/11 12:11 AM
Have a safe trip Dave.
14/Jun/11 12:12 AM
Off to try hard - at the rate I work, will probably miss #22.
14/Jun/11 12:19 AM
Has anyone else got only the easy page showing? I have nothing to the right of the screen.
14/Jun/11 12:19 AM
Got the 13 as well.
14/Jun/11 12:20 AM
Good morning people of the world.
14/Jun/11 12:30 AM
Worldwide Knit in Public Day
14/Jun/11 12:31 AM
Slow around here this morning. You are right about the right of the screen, Grass-hopper.
14/Jun/11 12:40 AM
HI all! Oh come on Karen, you can do better than that! There won't exactly be millions in the streets celebrating!
14/Jun/11 12:41 AM
Oops - it is there - just nothing toward the bottom.
14/Jun/11 12:41 AM
Hello, Fi!! And Karen.
14/Jun/11 12:41 AM
14/Jun/11 12:41 AM
Won't let me submit.
14/Jun/11 12:42 AM
I have it all on Internet explorer but not on Firefox. Weird eh?
14/Jun/11 12:42 AM
That was weird - took three tries to send a message? Now I am off to "real" things for a while - pay bills, run by school to check on a student, trim the yard.
14/Jun/11 12:42 AM
Would you believe it? - a riddle for knit day! Answers to the "plain one, purl one" inbox please!




14/Jun/11 12:43 AM
Good Morning all. Beautiful sunny day in Michigan.
14/Jun/11 12:43 AM
That is strange Grass-hopper - I am using Firefox and is fine?
14/Jun/11 12:43 AM
Onya Jamie you got the 22
14/Jun/11 12:43 AM
Fi - are those letters representing letters or numbers? Looks like math to me, but I don't think it can be letters that represent numbers (at least in base 10).
I will have to come back later and worry about the puzzle.
14/Jun/11 12:45 AM
NO numbers in my riddles, Jamie, except when I'm feeling mean!
14/Jun/11 12:47 AM
Just wanted to make sure, Fiona - I can always wish, can't I?
14/Jun/11 12:48 AM
Mean??????? I too can wish as well.
14/Jun/11 12:50 AM

In honour of Jerry.
14/Jun/11 12:50 AM
Such a shy turtle! Come out and say "Hi", fella!
14/Jun/11 1:05 AM
Thanks for NOT having number puzzles, Fiona.
14/Jun/11 1:10 AM
Todays oldie.
14/Jun/11 1:10 AM
Good Maen, all.
14/Jun/11 1:13 AM
Oh Jamie! We'll top out at 80 tomorrow, then it's back into the 70's (thank goodness!)
14/Jun/11 1:15 AM
Happy Monday!
14/Jun/11 1:16 AM
Good Morning World...
Let's see if I can take a flying leap of....
14/Jun/11 1:19 AM
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