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Easy Sudoku for 16/December/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Finished grading the final tests. Now to assign final grades - the worst part.
16/Dec/15 12:01 AM
Good morning to all! Is she playing a game?
16/Dec/15 12:51 AM
Well done Wolf. Be fair in the grades and you're finally done!
16/Dec/15 12:52 AM
Yesterday was the formation of the Christmas choir. Today is a music nostalgia day.

At the bottom of the first page in this link you can select the year of popular songs from 1963 until 2013. Have fun listening to your old favourites.

16/Dec/15 12:56 AM
Nice find sir.
16/Dec/15 1:20 AM
Except now I feel sad because i realise how bloody old I am.
16/Dec/15 1:23 AM
Ah, Canuk Greg, if I were fair I'd flunk most of them. Instead, I have to get in the spirit of the holidays and pass some.
16/Dec/15 2:01 AM
Wolf, I once had a teacher who informed us at the beginning of the school year, ''Be aware that I don't grade on a curve....ever. If you fail, you fail. It is up to you to get extra help if you need it. You know where to find me.'' More...
16/Dec/15 2:26 AM
Thst'd tricky, Wolf.
16/Dec/15 2:27 AM
FFS strikes again.
16/Dec/15 2:28 AM
That's tricky, Wolf, is what I meant. Do I get a pass grade now?
16/Dec/15 2:29 AM
Good morning.
16/Dec/15 2:30 AM
Busy day today - 3 appointments before 2pm, then coffee with a friend (or tea, since I don't drink coffee after lunch.)
16/Dec/15 2:32 AM
A jolly, holly Christmas quiz for you....

1. What did the first ever SMS text message, sent December 3rd 1992, read?
2. Which Christmas carol includes the lyrics 'all seated on the ground, the angel of the Lord came down and glory shone around'?
3. Which More...
16/Dec/15 2:33 AM

Had the electrician back out here this morning. When I went outside to use my grill on Sunday, I found he had put a new set of ground wires down but not buried them. Since it was after 10 pm when he finished, I'm not surprised he didn't see that wasn't done!
16/Dec/15 2:42 AM
I wondered the same, CG, can't tell what she's doing, but she does seem to be enjoying herself.
16/Dec/15 3:01 AM
Anyone we know?
16/Dec/15 3:04 AM
Guess we're close enough
16/Dec/15 3:08 AM
for the ol' Pooh Bear
16/Dec/15 3:08 AM
to go for it.
16/Dec/15 3:08 AM
16/Dec/15 3:09 AM
16/Dec/15 3:09 AM


In the today we have lonewoof, judy, sarah, wombat and wolf. Ribbons for all.
16/Dec/15 3:10 AM
I thought I knew lots of Chriarmas songs and facts Kathy, but Wolf would definitely give me a fail grade on your test.
16/Dec/15 3:12 AM
16/Dec/15 3:43 AM
Oh my, just heard that all the schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District were cancelled today due to a bomb threat!
16/Dec/15 4:26 AM
Just texted a friend who still teaches and she heard it on the radio while driving to work. Then she called the school secretary who confirmed it.
16/Dec/15 4:27 AM
16/Dec/15 4:55 AM
Morning all, when I enlarged the picture the lady looks t be holding a guitar pick in her right hand.
16/Dec/15 6:21 AM
We had great fun at great grandie Ella's graduation from pre-school last night. Ella starts primary school in the new year , where has the last five and a half years gone.
16/Dec/15 6:30 AM
Good morning
Well done Wolf... almost done. I don't envy you.
Shosho that is terrible
Kathy at first glance that made my head ache.. have a busy day so don't think I'll be getting back to it...
16/Dec/15 6:50 AM
I'm doing a grumpy old lady thing here... not that I'm that old...
I have a pet peeve - nameless and unidentifiable people appearing on the photo. I love seeing photo's of fellow sudokuites and their loved ones if I know who I am looking at...
I wish Gath would get rid of all nameless More...
16/Dec/15 6:58 AM
I think I had best go take some pain meds and try getting out of bed again from the other side!
Have a good day everyone.
16/Dec/15 6:59 AM
Morning All.
16/Dec/15 8:36 AM
just when Id printed up the map to show where the local off lead beach was, intending to take my dogs there this morning, its now raining and thunder/lightening abound. Now to find something else to fill in my morning.
16/Dec/15 9:42 AM
Well here I am and it's close to the turning of the page . . .
16/Dec/15 10:02 AM
Writing up the cost for another vacation and just happened to take a break by coming here . . .
16/Dec/15 10:03 AM
I will stick around to . . . push . . . push . . . push . . .
16/Dec/15 10:04 AM
Guess I better hurry . . .
16/Dec/15 10:04 AM
16/Dec/15 10:04 AM
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