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Easy Sudoku for 17/December/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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17/Dec/15 12:09 AM
17/Dec/15 12:09 AM
1:32 A quick easy tonight.

Not long home from badminton. Must go and relax in a nice to make sure I can move tomorrow.
Good night one and all!
17/Dec/15 12:59 AM
Hello, Gillie!
17/Dec/15 2:13 AM
I'm a tad late this morning. Hubby is off to a Christmas party at the facility where he used to work. They requested he bring the same casserole he used to bring when he worked there. They have good memories....he retired over 10 More...
17/Dec/15 2:40 AM
Good morning to all! Nice colouring in Gillie!
17/Dec/15 2:45 AM
But, I digress.....
The answers to yesterday's (rather long) poozle:
1. Merry Christmas!
2. While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks by Night
3. Carol Kane
4. Good Vibrations
5. England (East Anglia)
6. Sir Isaac Newton
7. James
8. Charles Dickens
9. Nazareth
10. More...
17/Dec/15 2:51 AM
And for today......

Starting with a five letter word, change one letter to create a new word. This word is then changed by one letter to create another new word. For example, DOG, DIG, FIG etc.

These words IN ORDER mean:

1. a gaggle of geese
2. a device for More...
17/Dec/15 3:00 AM
17/Dec/15 3:30 AM
17/Dec/15 3:33 AM
world. A beautiful cool day in OK.
17/Dec/15 3:44 AM
Will be doing my Pre Op this afternoon.
17/Dec/15 3:49 AM
Not at the hospital I would like to have surgery done at but where they can get me in this week
17/Dec/15 3:50 AM
The bone in my foot that broke decided to move apart so I will have surgery on Friday. It will be pinned together some how.
17/Dec/15 3:52 AM
Either way surgery or not I will be in the walking boot for at least 8 weeks, maybe more.
17/Dec/15 3:53 AM
Wishing for a successful surgery for you, Sue.
17/Dec/15 3:55 AM
Larger version of my Avatar on my page. Thanks again, Angry Ant.
17/Dec/15 3:56 AM
I wonder if anybody is going to gallump along with me.
17/Dec/15 3:57 AM
We've been getting rain, which is wonderful news for our parched earth.
17/Dec/15 3:57 AM
El Nino prevails.
17/Dec/15 3:58 AM
Only one more.
17/Dec/15 3:58 AM
17/Dec/15 3:58 AM
Ten things you would never hear a man say.

Darling, I'm having trouble backing this trailer. Can you show me how it's done?

I'd love to go with you while you buy a new dress.

Yes. Those jeans do make your bum look bigger.

Which way up does this map go?

I More...
17/Dec/15 4:08 AM

Kathy - What a mess to clean up! But at least it doesn't sound like your microwave oven or the casserole were damaged.

I'd like to know what type of casserole you made that his coworkers remembered it so well.
17/Dec/15 4:39 AM
Sue - I'm so sorry to hear your foot got worse. But the pin(s) should help strengthen it. I do hope you're letting others do the Christmas baking this year.
17/Dec/15 4:41 AM
Keith - I like your new Rocky Road Christmas Tree and wreath.
17/Dec/15 4:43 AM
Thanks, Dottie. If you (or anybody else) would like to try making one, the recipe is on page 65 of Jane's Sudoku Cookbook, which you can find a link to on her page. It's right at the end of the Miscellaneous Desserts section.
17/Dec/15 5:10 AM
It's called Johnny Marzetti, Dottie. If you Google it, you will see there are many versions, but the one I make is very simple.
This is the original recipe from my Grandmother that I have:
1 lb. ground beef
1 small onion, diced
1 can tomato soup
1/2 lb. cheese, grated (I use More...
17/Dec/15 5:17 AM
Oh! Now that you mention it, Keith, I think the Johnny Marzetti recipe is in the cookbbook, too!
17/Dec/15 5:20 AM
Good morning.
17/Dec/15 5:20 AM
Late start today.
17/Dec/15 5:21 AM
Sue, I hope your surgery goes well and isn't too painful.
17/Dec/15 5:23 AM
My orthordric report the other day was pretty good . I need to have a couple of steroid injections into my shoulder in January and a couple of X-Rays done but surgery is only a vague possibility in the far future.
17/Dec/15 5:28 AM
Have a good day all.
17/Dec/15 5:30 AM
Morning all, hello Gillie.
CP, you slept through ?
17/Dec/15 5:37 AM
Still no snow here in Ottawa, and a tornado hits Sydney. Is this global warming or just freak weather?
17/Dec/15 5:47 AM
Sue, I hope the surgery goes well for you.💟
17/Dec/15 5:48 AM
Good morning all.
17/Dec/15 7:20 AM
I hope all goes well Sue and your foot heals quickly.
17/Dec/15 7:20 AM
BTW Alfred I can back a trailer and don't need help!
17/Dec/15 7:21 AM
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