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Easy Sudoku for 18/December/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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1:47 That photo has been on here before.

Good night one and all! Where is everybody?
18/Dec/15 12:18 AM
Busy doing other things is my excuse.
18/Dec/15 12:35 AM
Good morning Anne and Wolf. I think that we are all busy getting ready for Christmas.
18/Dec/15 12:45 AM
Morning everyone.
18/Dec/15 1:03 AM
Good morning.
18/Dec/15 2:01 AM
18/Dec/15 2:02 AM
As June said, I think everyone is busy getting ready for Christmas.
18/Dec/15 2:02 AM
Hi Hal.
18/Dec/15 2:02 AM
fellow puzzlers, getting (or should I say got) busy here at work, dont think Ill be on here much til the New Year......
18/Dec/15 2:05 AM
Hi Lizzy.
18/Dec/15 2:06 AM
I'm off to catch up on emails. Bye.
18/Dec/15 2:08 AM

So should wish every one a very Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays if that suits you better, whatever you celebrate may it bring you much joy and happiness.
18/Dec/15 2:08 AM
Good morning to all! That dog has long legs!
18/Dec/15 2:41 AM
Yesterday an exploding gel pack in my microwave....this morning there is frost in my frost-free freezer and the fridge is warmer than it should be. This is not a good thing at any time, but, the week before the family descends for More...
18/Dec/15 3:01 AM
The answers to yesterday's poozle: flock, clock, click, chick, chock, shock, shack, stack, stick, stuck.

The ''Dreaded'' Santa Crown goes to winners lonewoof, Hal, Judy, Wombat, Joyce, Sarah, June, and Greg (who totally confused me with his answers, but, I'm giving it to him anyway! )
18/Dec/15 3:09 AM
Repairman can come this afternoon! Happy Dance!
Of course, I may be dancing to a different tune when I see the bill.....
18/Dec/15 3:16 AM
That's a lot of dog.
18/Dec/15 3:21 AM
The following two 4x4 grids each contain a 12-letter word. Each word is formed by a chain of letters. A word can begin with any of the letters. The second letter of a word is adjacent (either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally) to the first letter, the third letter is adjacent to the second, More...
18/Dec/15 3:23 AM
Going for it.
18/Dec/15 4:06 AM
Anybody willing to help?
18/Dec/15 4:07 AM
Guess I'm all alone.
18/Dec/15 4:07 AM
18/Dec/15 4:08 AM
18/Dec/15 4:44 AM
Woohoo! Broke my two minute barrier! 1:59! I know, Anne, you beat me by 12 seconds but I'm still trying!
18/Dec/15 4:45 AM
Funny the positions our pet will take to get a good snooze on a soft sofa, basket, box, whatever!
18/Dec/15 4:47 AM
That doggone chair has a Great Dane on it.
18/Dec/15 6:08 AM
He sure looks comfy!
18/Dec/15 6:11 AM

Guess I better go to the grocery store if I plan to do anymore Christmas baking since I'm on my last stick of butter! So I'll run errands this afternoon, including dropping off all my recyclables while it's sunny and dry, before snow flurries move in for tomorrow.
18/Dec/15 6:14 AM
Morning all,love the position of this dogs legs.
18/Dec/15 6:22 AM
Happy Thursday!
The cold weather has been acknowledged by the changing to flannel bedsheets to forestall Hubby's remarking on my 'popsicle' toes!
18/Dec/15 6:29 AM
For Christmas travellers:
It was slightly before Thanksgiving. The trip went reasonably well, and I was ready to go back. The airport on the other end had turned a tacky red and green, and loudspeakers blared annoying
elevator renditions of cherished Christmas carols. Being someone who took More...
18/Dec/15 7:49 AM
Good morning everybody.
Hope everything is going smoothly for all in the build up to Christmas.
We had our final choir session and I think the heat kept a lot away from our soiree. Six of my friends turned up and joined in... much laughing, singing and dancing (me and my friend Imelda who is 81 years young) She affirms that singing keeps her young.
18/Dec/15 9:20 AM
One of my fellow choristers has organised two gigs for us to perform at functions for the local Stroke Support Group. Thursday they went to cheer up and hand out cards to patients in ST Georges and Box Hill Hospital. I was stuck in a traffic jam in an overheated car without air conditioning in More...
18/Dec/15 9:27 AM

If singing keeps you young, Bean. I'm in trouble.
18/Dec/15 9:27 AM
Hmm... I didn't finish the first sentence... heat exhaustion? Insert 'during the year' after 2 gigs in the above post.
18/Dec/15 9:29 AM
I can think of a couple of other things that help Peter... a good lager?
18/Dec/15 9:30 AM
I feel very strongly about the difficulties victims of strokes have and have a lot of compassion for stroke sufferers. In my younger days when I was looking after them their frustration at being 'locked in' in a body that was no longer able to communicate or attend to their normal daily activities seemed to me, being very young and fit, to be the worst thing imaginable.

18/Dec/15 9:34 AM
Good evening all! The spirit of Christmas is being serenaded throughout our Sudoku Family...but I'm only humming so as to not destroy the pitch, the harmony or the melody.
18/Dec/15 11:13 AM
Same here Joyce. Not musical at all.
Shopping this morning. We went early as school has finished so the shopping centre is buzzing.
18/Dec/15 11:38 AM
Seeing we are at the bottom of the page......
18/Dec/15 11:39 AM
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