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Easy Sudoku for 16/February/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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I wonder if I'll make it first for once?
Now to the puzzle.
3:15 and first on the board!
Just never thought I'd be first!
Have a great Maen everyone!
2:19 good morning
3:59...I think I would have had better luck starting with 9's....I always start with 1's and 4 minutes is very long for me!
And Kristi proved me right the first time!
Still runner-up aint so bad (darn it).
4:52 mAen all.
Good mAen all.
Samurai sudoku -- someone was asking about it yesterday -- the Washington Post has one in the Sunday paper (it's 5 interconnecting boxes of regular sudokus, with one in the middle & each 3x3 cell on the corners being part of one of the other 4 puzzles). Try checking the Post online on a Sunday(USA Sunday); maybe it gives a source (www.washpost.com).
'I dream about a great walk!'
Hello everybody! A very good maEn to all of you.
at least it's a picture I haven't seen before
Having some troubles lately with the puzzles! I do the medium faster than the easy--need to come up with different strategies.

I love this picture--a puppy waiting for his Big Dog to come home, or protecting his next meal?
Good morning all. Another terrible time for the easy. I refuse to put in possibilities and it just - well - screwed me up.
Good morining all. 4:39 today. I am feeling slow but I guess it wasn't too bad. We are looking for snow here, up to 9 inches the next couple of days. Guess it is still February. Happy Maen everyone.
Kathy From Valrico,FL, Ed From Lithia, Fl. Warren, andré From england, bluey From Port Kembla a-one From adelaide,Lynne From Kanahooka,Fiona From France,Anne From Albany West Aust, rosemary From wangaratta ,Dave FromOregon/Arizona ap From india,Rob From Liverpool ,CJ From KS,
Suzy More...
A Great Good Maen to everyone.
Interesting 'still life'.
Good Maen, all!

Suzanne From Seattle HANNAH IN CT, USA nan From left coast continental usa
Georgia From So Cal

I have missed you all!
5:15 These 'easies' aren't so easy lately. If that samoid? is a not a pup imagine the size of the 'behemoth' who wears those workboots; even though they appear to be worn on the wrong feet.
Cheers G
whee! Hi dad!
Sorry folks forgot to sign in.
Good MaeN (12:30am AEST) to all.
Stay safe.
Hope everyone is having a great day as I am, I hope all is well, Its suppose to go up to 47 today, much warmer than the 10 degrees on Monday,
Happy Mean everyone
6:09, not so 'easy'
maybe this is 'Olympic' style sudoku and it is harder.
have a good Maen all
May I inquire: what 'mAen' or 'maEn' means or where it comes from? Good one to all.
Good Maen, all. Sweta, I haven't seen your postings in a couple of days. Glad you are back. I agree. The last couple of days, the easy have been pretty tough. Oh well, toughen up this old grandma.
Peg, Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night. Depends on where you are in the world. The capital letters says what time of day it is where you are.
A woman was helping her husband set up his new computer. At the appropriate point she tells him to enter a password so he'll have access to the machine. Working close made him feel a little amorous. Thinking he could 'stimulate a conversation' he enters the password P-E-N-I-S. She falls to the floor laughing when the computer responds 'Password Unacceptable - Not Long Enough'

03:48 Good Maen every♥ne

There is no distance too far between friends, for friendship gives wings to the heart
wow 5.39 are the easy ones getting harder?
Good mAen all, 4:32 not good at all today
Looking forward to Deb's jokes...
good Maen all
Ah, I get it. Don't come across these global type things here in the middle of nowhere. Thanks!
Made it! Nice day here too, 50+ degrees. Can it be spring?
5:10 Like Tami K...feeling slow today. I had a some distractions (a couple of bratty dogs & an adorable 3 year old, so I guess it's not too bad!
Oh, husky doggy, like mine! Huskies are the cutest dogs of the world!!
IMHO the easy sudokus got a little more difficult since some weeks, which I like because simple clicking without thinking is not that fun.
mAen to all of you
8:34 Just couldn't get my mind in gear. Going to the medium. Spring flowers are blooming here in Alabama. Good Maen everyone.
G'mAen Sweeta. Is the work of your children finished?
A cute picture, to make up for my dismal showing of 4:45. On to medium ...
Not as easy as usual. start by filling the majority nos. 69137 and easy elimination to the end.
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