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Easy Sudoku for 17/February/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen!
g'day all...have a wonderful day
and to you to, good Maen.
This was my first 'first'!!
oops - I meant to you, toO. My English really is better than that...
2:28 -- snowy morning. School is on a 2-hour delay and my 'Grunt' will be so happy, plus it's his birthday! Have a great day everyone!
good morning. timer didnt work oops but was slower. What a fantastic photo.
Scary picture!!!!
I've never seen anything like that. Do you suppose it's the real thing? And I've been wondering: why does my cat like to rip open the bag of cat food and eat through the hole, regardless of how full her food bowl is and whether or not the bag has already been opened (one or more times)?
3.45 Easy is easy again
2:48 mAen all. A good start today.
Scary picture !!!!
Dannette, We made the same comment at the same time!!!
2.56 was easier than the last few days. WHOA that's a crazy pic.
Wow, Kathy great job!
But today IS Thursday, right?
Happy day!
Good morning, Amelie! Yes, I guess I can count your Alex as someone named Alex I know on this site! Maybe you can talk him into typing one line to make him 'official' here. I'm going to try to do the same with my granddaughter. I'm hoping I can get her to say Hi to the other Eden in Australia! Are the boys back in school now?
2:47. I've struggled the last couple of days so glad to get back below 3 minutes!
Heike, Are you really from Valrico??? Have you made a comment before? Could you be another possible attendee for our SA meeting next Tuesday?
Norma, Don't know if you read Archives or not? I've been thinking about you & wondering how your husband's back surgery went. When you have time, please let us know.
Hi Chucky..
Dyslexics have more fnu!....
a tornado?or a twister.something devastating.not much heartening.
four mts.to see this.
Happy birthday to Lisa's son.
a grunt is a boy i presume.
2:44 wow!! what a photo
Good maeN every one.
Hello Greg
Still haven't had that game yet, Ricky was too busy challenging another guy about his age. Did play him in doubles though & scored a couple of shots he couldn't get back. See you, Anne
Timer 00:04:48
Dramatic Sky! Great 'photo.
6:39 Good Maen (as you say)! That image is engrossing, and not one that is easily discarded. Sorry can't help with the cat behavior.
1:57 - great to break the 2 minute mark again and get back to an easy puzzle. Good Maen, all, and have a great day. Incredible picture - wouldn't have wanted to be taking it, though.
04:36 Good Maen every‚ô•ne

There is magic in long-distance friendships. They let you relate to other human beings in a way that goes beyond being physically together and is often more profound.
3:54, better than recent attempts.
Very interesting weather picture. I don't think I want to under something like that.
Getting cold here with possible snow tonight, but not much. Then, very cold all weekend.
good Maen to all.
im alex and i like sudoku, and other computer games.
Yes, I really am in Valrico. what do you do at the SA mtg? Where? time?
This is the 1st time I'm adding comments
Good Maen! Way cool pic. Run for your lives!
3:54, not bad for me.
My time was 3:21. I started with the number 7. Pic is of a tornado that is just forming. I saw a tornado in Kansas once as a boy, and lived thru two hurricanes; and I would rather go through a hurricane once a week than face what is shown in that photo! Storms like that one have been known to pull More...
Good Maen all! 4:26 on my laptop.
great site, love the puzzles and the comments. Scary picture! Can someone explain what MAEN means? Or is it something only people above the equator know????
What does 'Maen' mean?
Scary storm. Looks like springtime weather around here.
For those in North America, this weekend (Feb17-20) is the Great Backyard Bird Count. It allows amateur birders to count birds in their neighborhoods, and compiles that data thru the internet and Cornell University into a snapshot of the American bird population. For information and data sheets on More...
Hi Alex! I'm so glad you decided to join us today! Guess this means you are home from school?? What grade are you in? My granddaughter is in 4th grade. She likes sudoku, too.
I don't know Heike,I was hoping that you would be able to explain it to me. You live north of the equator and I'm down south
Great picture! Good Maen to all.
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