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Easy Sudoku for 16/March/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning.
An old photo. I had to look up Manotick and I see it is from Greg's neck of the woods.
16/Mar/15 12:08 AM
Good morning to all! You are correct June. That's the historic Watson's Mill, about 15 kilometers from where I live.
16/Mar/15 12:19 AM
Hal, I had a look at your latest photos. You are very lucky to have such a wide variety of our winged friends visiting your yard. It's just sad that winged lion wasn't visiting as well to save you a trip!
16/Mar/15 12:21 AM
Good Morning, all! A quick 1-9 puzzle!
16/Mar/15 12:33 AM
16/Mar/15 12:40 AM
, y'all! Very successful cookie sale yesterday. Sold out of 5 varieties, returned with 17 boxes. Cookie sale is OVER except the paperwork.
16/Mar/15 1:23 AM
WinterJam was AWESOME last night. So glad SilverTeen and I got to enjoy it together. I'd forgotten the lineup, and was thrilled to see Jeremy Camp step on stage. Got Building 429's new CD - first saw them 2 years ago at WJ 2012, glad to see they're still crankin'. Loved the energy of Family Force More...
16/Mar/15 1:27 AM
What was FUN was the VIP box seats! A friend from choir had the box - glassed-front room with sliding glass door out to a 'balcony' with private stadium seats in the arena. The room had A/C kitchenette, restroom, seating, and my friend went all out with BBQ, slaw, peanuts/popcorn and cookies. Probably a once-in-a-lifetime opp for us.
16/Mar/15 1:29 AM
Sequential poozle, 1:41.
16/Mar/15 1:30 AM
Make that '3' years ago on seeing Building 429. I changed the year while typing, but didn't check the math. Math on the weekend - that's WORK for an accountant so I say the brain is allowed to shut down on the weekend .
16/Mar/15 1:33 AM
everyone! I greened up the bat in honor of St. Patrick's Day.
16/Mar/15 1:33 AM
You certainly enjoyed WinterJam in style, Silvergal!
16/Mar/15 1:35 AM
I just had a stroll through Hal's back yard....great photos!
He does need to call animal control about that lion, though.
16/Mar/15 1:41 AM
Well, I'll make a rare avatar change as well Kathy! Erin go Braugh!
16/Mar/15 2:20 AM
Happy Sunday!
Silvergal: I got to enjoy a plush box at the Honda Center in Anaheim for a Women of Faith conference a few years back because one of the women works for Toyota and they have a box at this venue.
What a great way to experience a wonderful event!
16/Mar/15 2:43 AM
I have visited this area, and it sure looks different with all this water.
16/Mar/15 3:26 AM
Well, it's mostly green. That's the best I can do for now. I should submit one for St. Pat's Day.
16/Mar/15 3:35 AM
The fly tells me we're close enough.
16/Mar/15 3:35 AM
Anybody want to fly along?
16/Mar/15 3:36 AM
I'll leave you a space if you do.
16/Mar/15 3:36 AM
No time left now.
16/Mar/15 3:36 AM
16/Mar/15 3:36 AM
Morning all, ah I remember it well...where I first found out I could not look down from heights.
16/Mar/15 3:39 AM
The site is playing with us again, Amelia.
16/Mar/15 3:43 AM
Please ignore the above comment from yesterday , hit submit again .
16/Mar/15 3:52 AM
Morning all, yes Keith its the iPad .
16/Mar/15 3:54 AM
Slow, steady, rain. The kind somewhere is known for. The depressions have turned to puddles. Tire ruts into long puddles. The 'seasonal' creek is overflowing its banks. The moat is full. That should make the siege easier to fend off. All is good, somewhere.
16/Mar/15 4:06 AM
Jacalmi, that Manotick photo was probably taken during the large Rideau River flood in 2005. The water is not usually anywhere near that high.
16/Mar/15 4:07 AM
Me thinks Miss Judy will be done to a turn, if she doesn't head for the hills. What? 90* in San Diego, yesterday?
16/Mar/15 4:08 AM
It seems all the pain I have been suffering is coming from my first bout of shingles. I would have preferred not to have had them at all. 😹
16/Mar/15 4:08 AM
That's Watson's Mill, isn't it, Greg? Probably the most photographed mill anywhere! Still a working mill, if I remember correctly. We were in the area in 2000, I think. Lovely village.
16/Mar/15 4:11 AM
16/Mar/15 4:12 AM
My Surface did it too, Amelia.
16/Mar/15 4:13 AM
Oh dear, don't have a St Patrick avatar. Should work to remediate that! But at least like Keith's this one has green in it!
16/Mar/15 4:13 AM
Having seen many shingles sufferers, I made sure to get the shingles shot several years ago. Not fun for you, Amelia. So sorry.
16/Mar/15 4:13 AM
I've had the shingles shot too, Kathy. Went through chicken pox as a kid, but have never experienced shingles. Lynne has, twice. No fun.
16/Mar/15 4:19 AM
I submitted a Celtic Knot 4 leaf clover Avatar. We'll see if it gets approved before St. Pat's Day is over.
16/Mar/15 4:21 AM
I've had shingles once. Fortunately it was a very light case.
16/Mar/15 4:21 AM
And the race is p]on...
16/Mar/15 4:22 AM
Bye 'one'.
16/Mar/15 4:22 AM
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