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Easy Sudoku for 15/March/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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fellow puzzlers, hope all is well in your world.
15/Mar/15 12:03 AM
there is a first time for everything!!!
15/Mar/15 12:03 AM
to Azariah, may your birthday be all you want it to be....
15/Mar/15 12:07 AM

I'm not going to try for a CP, I'm surprised I've made it this far with no interuptions!
15/Mar/15 12:08 AM

How can it be...........???
15/Mar/15 12:43 AM
and no I'm not Karen in disguise!

thats it from me, work keeps getting in the way...have a good day/night all
15/Mar/15 12:44 AM
Lizzy G, and all.
15/Mar/15 12:53 AM
The World has ended, Lizzy ... ... you are the only one left ...
15/Mar/15 12:54 AM
Oh, geez, Hal survived it, too ...
15/Mar/15 12:54 AM

That was my thought too Judy!! But pleased to see thats not the case
15/Mar/15 1:24 AM
Good morning people of the world.
15/Mar/15 1:47 AM
Did you know that green was not the original color for St. Patrick's Day?
Until 1798 the color was blue.
15/Mar/15 1:48 AM
Quiet morning here, so far. Man has gone off to load his truck up with firewood. One girl is in her fantasy land and the shocker, my good girl is out doing something she is not supposed to be doing. Actually, she can play ball all she wants, it is her location.
15/Mar/15 1:52 AM
Weekend Rebus puzzle! Decipher the 10 word puzzles below - you've got two days. Send the answers to my Jammin' Rebus inbox. Good Luck!

             scheme scheme
      scheme scheme scheme
scheme scheme scheme scheme

(█)     think
15/Mar/15 2:18 AM
Ah, how rude of me... , y'all! I've already been out and back from the GS Cookie Truck, preparing for our last booth today, so my morning before the puzzles rolled over.
15/Mar/15 2:19 AM
It's rainy today, though expected to let up by 2pm. We have our booth from 2-5pm, then we're heading over to WINTERJAM! This will be our 5th year going - the line-up of Christian bands is usually pretty awesome.
15/Mar/15 2:22 AM
This year, the date was moved from it's usual Friday to Saturday, and because of the cookie sale, we can't join our youth group (sad). However, a choir friend of mine had a VIP boxed seating opportunity, so SilverTeen and I are joining her and others. If the venue sells out, we're still in because of the box seats. It worked out well, despite the cookie sale conflict.
15/Mar/15 2:24 AM
Ugh... that's supposed to be 'My morning STARTED before the puzzles rolled over.'
15/Mar/15 2:24 AM
1:45... neat photo!
15/Mar/15 2:28 AM
Look where we are.
15/Mar/15 2:36 AM
Everybody waited. Thx so much.
15/Mar/15 2:36 AM
15/Mar/15 2:36 AM
Your more than welcome Keith
15/Mar/15 2:51 AM
Happy Saturday!
15/Mar/15 3:01 AM
15/Mar/15 3:28 AM

15/Mar/15 3:29 AM
Morning all, ah I remember it well...where I first found out I could not look down from heights.
15/Mar/15 3:38 AM
15/Mar/15 3:48 AM
SG -- Almost appropriate! GS cookies on Pi Day...
15/Mar/15 4:03 AM
It IS pi day...!
15/Mar/15 4:06 AM
It is PI day and I prepared a cake. I like pie and have not had a good one in a long time.
15/Mar/15 5:27 AM
There is something wrong here. Last week the girl's prepared Man's birthday party, which was Tuesday, but Tuesday parties are not a good idea. So, we planned for a Friday celebration, which we all forgot, Daddy works on Fridays. So, the plans are for today.
15/Mar/15 5:29 AM
Karen!!! took me a while to realise Silvergal hadnt left an E off PI !!
15/Mar/15 5:31 AM
Girls said they would do everything, and I did not object. They planned on pink and purple balloons, the cake would be chocolate with SpongeBob and the menu would consists of hot dogs, pea salad, green beans, corn, and potatoes. (I have sort of modified the menu). We will sing, dance and give Daddy his presents.
15/Mar/15 5:33 AM
Well, this morning, while Man was gathering his wood, I suggested that the cake needed to be prepared. They were too busy. So, I have prepared the cake. Then I suggested someone needs to prepare the frosting. One child did go to the panty and said, there is no frosting in there. I do not do canned More...
15/Mar/15 5:37 AM
Lizzy, I avoid PI with a passion, but not too many pies, I refuse.
15/Mar/15 5:38 AM
One girl did announce, 'Mom, you are a genius.'
I should leave it there, but there is more.

A few weeks ago, we ran out of the spray stuff, so food won't stick, and seems I cannot remember to put it on the list to pick up, so I had to do the cake pans the old fashion way. The girl asked me what I was doing and I said greasing and flouring the pan for the cakes.
15/Mar/15 5:41 AM
Spring is in the air around here. After 5 yesterday, you could hear weed whackers and lawn mowers going and this morning is no different and into the afternoon. Love the smell, even though I am having to carry tissues around with me.
15/Mar/15 5:43 AM
You know what I am doing.
15/Mar/15 5:44 AM
Bye bye page one.
15/Mar/15 5:44 AM
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