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Easy Sudoku for 14/March/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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or - that is the question. (Sun keeps playing 'Hide & Seek'.)
By the looks of the clouds 'dreary' may win for the day.
14/Mar/15 12:00 AM
Silly me! I fiiiiinnnally realized we had a time change here, too! Duh!
14/Mar/15 12:00 AM
I finished a painting of my grandson yesterday. I've never painted a portrait before, but I think it turned out quite good. Last thing to paint was his winter scarf. He wanted it to be purple. (Ask a 6-year old boy and they'll tell you either purple or orange!) Had to figure out how to make it More...
14/Mar/15 12:07 AM
Off in search of some coffee!
14/Mar/15 12:08 AM
Nature that I'll let someone else identify.
14/Mar/15 12:09 AM
Shiela, mine won't be 6 until Sunday, but he'll tell you yellow.
14/Mar/15 12:10 AM

1) Y
2) NY
3) Yen
4) Deny
5) Needy
6) Yeaned
7) Yearned
8) Aerodyne

In the today we have HalT, Kathy, Judy, Canuk Greg, Joyce, Peter, Sarah, lonewoof (7/8), and More...
14/Mar/15 12:13 AM
It must be one of the many gorgeous Australian floral specimens, Serena. It does not look familiar.
14/Mar/15 12:19 AM
(Snagged for Shosho!)
14/Mar/15 12:19 AM
Good morning people of the world.
14/Mar/15 12:23 AM
Shiela, I would really love to see a picture of your portrait.

We have two 5 year olds, purple and orange are the colors.
14/Mar/15 12:24 AM
7 more hours and my darlings will be home for Spring Break. From talk last weekend, I thought MIL was going to take them all week, but I thought wrong. Now, I think I may have them 3.5 days, out of the next 9. Unless, she takes them Sunday.
14/Mar/15 12:27 AM
Girls threw me into a stumper this week. Since I grew up where food and weight were a major issue and caused major problems, I vowed never to force my girls to or not eat or tell them they are fat, blah, blah, blah.
One girl, stated the other day, she is fat and needs to go on a crash diet. The More...
14/Mar/15 12:33 AM
A friend of mine, told me, when I first got down, that she would see me in three days. By golly the woman was right. I have hopping around this house, doing my routines, making lists, even thinned out a girls closet. I have more energy, again, than I really want. There was a thought to hit this More...
14/Mar/15 12:37 AM
Three boys (Jake, Anthony and Carlos) and two girls (Abigail and Paige) went on a trip to the zoo. All five kids have five different favorite animals that they want to see: monkeys, alligators, bears, lions, and giraffes. Each of the five children ate one of the five different things as a snack: More...
14/Mar/15 12:42 AM
, y'all! Fast puzzle today... of course I forgot to time it....
14/Mar/15 12:58 AM
We have another two weeks before spring break. And what's poor Silverteen going to be doing the first few days? Recovering from wisdom tooth extraction .
14/Mar/15 1:00 AM

Aw. Poor Silverteen. The only good thing about wisdom tooth removal is they put you out.
14/Mar/15 1:22 AM
Not mine.
14/Mar/15 1:25 AM
I was wide awake, and wished I wasn't.
14/Mar/15 1:26 AM
You know where I'm going.
14/Mar/15 1:26 AM
14/Mar/15 1:26 AM
Kathy, not when I had mine out!
(Silvergal, don't read this!) In fact, they took three out on one day! They had planned two & two, but the first one took so long and cracked in to several pieces, so they didn't have enough time alloted to do the second. Thus, three out the next appointment with just Novocain.
14/Mar/15 1:31 AM
Keith! Yippee! You arrived just at the right time!
14/Mar/15 1:32 AM
My story rings of 'I had to walk 10 miles to and from school, up hill both ways, in a snow storm...', but I assure it's true!
14/Mar/15 1:36 AM
in to = into
14/Mar/15 1:39 AM
If that had happened to me, Shiela, it wouldn't have been a problem. I would have fainted and the novocaine would have enough because I would have been out.
When I had one out, the surgeon came in the room after the x-rays and said, ''I have good news and bad news...which do you want to hear More...
14/Mar/15 1:43 AM
Oh, no!
14/Mar/15 1:49 AM
Two at a time, two weeks apart. Gas. Twenty minutes in the chair, each time. All 4 'impacted'. Fun times - Not!
14/Mar/15 2:27 AM
One of mine, the x-ray showed the roots criss-crossed under the jaw bone. The tooth had to be shattered and the pieces picked out ... hammer and chisel ... took 4 blows, each one a bit harder, all with just Novocain. I was seeing stars, for sure.
14/Mar/15 2:28 AM
I was totally out. I was also black and blue from my jaw to my chest. When I went for the post check, I asked the surgeon why. He said, ''Oh, that? I was standing on your chest during the procedure. It will clear up in a few years.''
Actually, his sense of humor was very welcome at the time. Might as well laugh.
14/Mar/15 2:44 AM
OUCH! People.
Your horror stories are...uh...horrifying. Though I like Kathy's dentist's sense of humor.
Any, even cleaning, my doc knocked me out completely. It was safer for all.
14/Mar/15 3:08 AM
They'll be taking all FOUR out at once, and yes, they'll be putting her out. Good news is the teeth are not impacted - there's just no room, and one is coming in a little crooked, but not badly so. They're breaking through, so it's still 'early'.
14/Mar/15 3:10 AM
I never had mine removed, but that was in the days where they removed teeth for braces. I had 4 yanked then, so there was a little more room. Unfortunately my lower wisdom teeth caused a bit of crowding where I don't have straight lower teeth, but it seems silly to have them restraightened... when I smile, those aren't the ones you see.
14/Mar/15 3:12 AM
14/Mar/15 3:12 AM
I had one wisdom tooth taken out while I was in high school. Awake and felt the pressure of every impact the dentist hurtled to my tooth to remove it. I was swollen on my left side from my temple to my jaw for weeks. Wore my hair brushed over half my face to hide the damage!
14/Mar/15 3:14 AM
<-- See? Upper teeth!
14/Mar/15 3:15 AM
The next one I was put out and slept through the entire procedure. Woke up with no swelling at all. But the pain medication put me in ER with a bleeding stomach lining!
14/Mar/15 3:16 AM
Well just in time!!!
14/Mar/15 3:16 AM
14/Mar/15 3:16 AM
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