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Easy Sudoku for 20/October/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Hi, all!
20/Oct/18 12:00 AM
everybody. Hi Wolf
20/Oct/18 12:01 AM
Wolf, Rage good morning
20/Oct/18 12:24 AM
1:58 Good night all!
20/Oct/18 12:27 AM
all! 'Night, Anne!

We have had gorgeous Fall weather the last few days. To celebrate the gorgeousness, I am going out to lunch with friends. Not that we need an excuse.
I am sitting here in my pj's, so, I'd better get a start on making my self presentable.
Have a good day/night, everyone!
20/Oct/18 12:58 AM
20/Oct/18 1:35 AM
20/Oct/18 2:34 AM
20/Oct/18 2:35 AM
Everybody!! I had a major oversleep today! Got up over an hour later than usual! Worth it, really felt good.
20/Oct/18 3:16 AM
1:55 Morning everyone
20/Oct/18 5:03 AM
Adorable photo! Love the comment, Vicki!
20/Oct/18 5:15 AM
Sorry, that should have been Lanky Yank.
20/Oct/18 5:16 AM
20/Oct/18 5:27 AM
Morning all,cute photo today.
They have predicted storms for our area today, looking good at the moment as the sun is rising.
20/Oct/18 6:00 AM
1:44, still not properly awake! Good morning everyone.
20/Oct/18 6:42 AM
G'day all!

Taking Tara to Canteen today. She's having some photos taken with grandie Chelsea.

She'll enjoy that, seein' as she's a bit of a princess.
20/Oct/18 7:54 AM
Keith, KEITH, Oh KEITH!....get ready.
20/Oct/18 7:55 AM
20/Oct/18 8:49 AM
Did somebody say my name?
20/Oct/18 8:49 AM
Um ... ready for what?
20/Oct/18 8:50 AM
20/Oct/18 8:50 AM
& a CP.
20/Oct/18 8:51 AM


This week's Saturday poozle is a 3&4 poozle,
I will work through the alphabet giving you the third and fourth letters of a word and a clue as to what the word is. I will also give you the More...
20/Oct/18 9:23 AM
Wow, more than 15hrs since last post, that has to be some kind of record?
20/Oct/18 11:58 PM
Oh well, goodbye 20th October
20/Oct/18 11:59 PM
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