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Easy Sudoku for 17/August/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi there!
17/Aug/16 12:00 AM
17/Aug/16 12:00 AM
It took me 5 minutes to boot! But Hello, all, anyway.
17/Aug/16 12:07 AM
2:10 Very slow time. Good night one and all!
17/Aug/16 12:11 AM
Good morning.
17/Aug/16 12:53 AM
Good to see you in top spot, Bev. How is your work on your house going?
17/Aug/16 12:55 AM
Good morning HalT, Wolf and goodnight Anne.
17/Aug/16 12:56 AM
I have large patches of hives on me (very itchy patches) since yesterday. I see my doctor late this afternoon, I hope she can fix me!
17/Aug/16 1:00 AM
I'm a little late this morning. Hubby brought home a new DVR and we were installing it. We have a big TV and a heavy stand, so, he had to squeeze behind them to hook up the cables to the TV, then feed them through to me to hook up to the More...
17/Aug/16 1:02 AM
They are driving me crazy and scratching, though irresistible, does nothing!!
17/Aug/16 1:02 AM
Hi Kathy.
17/Aug/16 1:03 AM
Poozle time!

Fill in the answers to the clues using the syllables at the top. All the syllables will be used, and used only once. The number of syllables in each answer is in parentheses.

17/Aug/16 1:04 AM
Hi CP. Hope you find relief from the itching!
17/Aug/16 1:05 AM
It just occurred to both of us that all the shows we had set to record are on the old DVR. I now have to try and remember which ones they were. All I can think right now of is ''The Great British Baking Show''.
17/Aug/16 1:13 AM
of is? Well, you know what I mean. Wait! I just remembered, ''Call The Midwife''! It's coming back to me!
17/Aug/16 1:15 AM
''Blue Bloods''! I'm on a roll!
17/Aug/16 1:16 AM
While I'm remembering, I better go program them in. See ya later
17/Aug/16 1:18 AM
Hives are no fun, CP. Hope all's well soon.
17/Aug/16 1:19 AM
17/Aug/16 1:45 AM
I've used Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy cream daily right after I shower to prevent the itch of dry skin since I spent one week in Arizona's hot dry summer (118ºF or 48ºC super dry weather) and came back with the first case of eczema and dry glaucoma suspect in my life! Never really got over that!
17/Aug/16 1:51 AM
My son got chicken pox from his little brother when he was 18 yo. He suffered horribly with the number of poxes and the itch. The only relief he got was when he bathed in Aveeno oatmeal bath for itch. BTW little brother had 4 days of relative ease with very few poxes on his body whereas his brother suffered 2 weeks and was covered all over his body with poxes!
17/Aug/16 1:55 AM
I guess sleepy head Keith is not around . . . I claim this post for him!!!
17/Aug/16 1:55 AM
17/Aug/16 1:55 AM
Morning. As I explained yesterday, I'm at the beach house.
17/Aug/16 2:10 AM
Excuses, excuses!
Actually, we are very envious.
17/Aug/16 2:45 AM
Trees as far as the eye can see.
17/Aug/16 3:58 AM
Can't see the forest for the trees!
17/Aug/16 4:21 AM
Lovely photo.Blue skies, over green mountains
17/Aug/16 4:22 AM

Overnite Delivery Service should charge $4,000 for a large truckload.

Since each dimension of the large truck (height, width, and length) is twice that of the small truck, the volume of the large truck is 8 times that of the small More...
17/Aug/16 4:23 AM
I meant green trees! The mountains are blue.
17/Aug/16 4:23 AM
The healing has begun and I can now progress in putting weight as tolerance allows - now the work begins ! Back to PT and into the pool -
17/Aug/16 4:24 AM
Morning all, mountain high.
My goodness CP,hope the Dr can fix the itches for you.
Mymare, pleased that you are healing .
17/Aug/16 6:18 AM
1:53, my mind's just not with it today! Good morning all.
17/Aug/16 6:46 AM
17/Aug/16 12:44 PM
17/Aug/16 12:45 PM
1:51 A lot quicker than I did it last night. Surprises me after a hard day at work.

Has the site broken, or something???
17/Aug/16 7:41 PM
Good morning all.
17/Aug/16 11:57 PM
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