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Easy Sudoku for 18/October/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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18/Oct/09 12:00 AM
How did I get to be first??? Are the early birds sleeping?
18/Oct/09 12:00 AM
Ha-ha...speaking of early birds! This is a beautiful picture - such great detail...thanks to the photographer!
18/Oct/09 12:06 AM
2:41 Good evening all. Hello Vici! You look a bit lonely on here.
18/Oct/09 12:21 AM
I am, Anne! Thanks for showing up!
18/Oct/09 12:23 AM
I'm here too. I wonder why Vici can't sleep.
18/Oct/09 12:36 AM
Happy Saturday!
Going to Disneyland tomorrow to celebrate another year older...
18/Oct/09 12:40 AM
Happy Birthday Aileen!
18/Oct/09 12:44 AM
So, Aileen ... just like the winning quarterback of the Super Bowl ... "I'm going to Disneyland!"
, Neighbor!
18/Oct/09 12:52 AM
Enjoy your b'day at Disneyland, Aileen!
Yep Keith - you know it...too excited about my trip!
18/Oct/09 1:18 AM
LOL--thanks, Keith, Judy and Vici!
18/Oct/09 1:44 AM
There is nothing quite like getting a call from your daughter to let you know she had a 'bit of a tangle with a surf board', and ripped her ear in half...Oh lord...she has just been glued together. I'm fine she said, really...I think she needed a big hug really x
18/Oct/09 1:51 AM

André! "A bit of a tangle" sounds like a understatement! Poor girl.
18/Oct/09 1:58 AM
Hi Vici, Anne, Keith, Aileen, Judy, André, Kathy!!!
It's here!
18/Oct/09 2:05 AM
Oh André, I'd have been in a panic! Kids think they're immortal!
18/Oct/09 2:10 AM
to you,
to you,
dear Aileen!!!
to you!
May your special day be wongerful with a and lots of !

18/Oct/09 2:11 AM
My puter is getting ! When it sneezes it turns itself off! Yikees! Never know when it will do that! Oh dear must take it to the ??? Ah help what is a computer equivalent of a doctor? I wonder if the Geeks at Best Buys will help?
18/Oct/09 2:14 AM
I hope you can get to her and delicer that hug in person ... and get your head on the right side to take a good look at the ear while you're doing it. Mothers need to know.
18/Oct/09 2:16 AM
Enjoy your day at Disneyland, Aileen!

I'm almost afraid to do this, but....

Answers to yesterday's puzzle:

1. mussel (muscle)
2. mare (mayor)
3. horse (hoarse)
4. coral (choral)
5. robin (robbin')
6. More...
18/Oct/09 2:16 AM
Dr. Tech support?
18/Oct/09 2:16 AM
Computer medic alert?
18/Oct/09 2:17 AM
18/Oct/09 2:18 AM
Um ... andré, the typo made it look like I want you to delice your daughter. Not so. -c ... +v ... that should do it.
18/Oct/09 2:21 AM
In your defense, Kathy, they are all animals ... not a plant in the list.
18/Oct/09 2:23 AM
All, ya'all...
18/Oct/09 2:24 AM


18/Oct/09 2:25 AM

Ahem. Am I forgiven? Shall we try another?

Here we go!

Recently, Snow White's seven dwarfs met up with three of their friends and went to the cinema to see Bambi. From the clues below, can you determine the order in More...
18/Oct/09 2:25 AM
Keith - de lice 'er?
18/Oct/09 2:27 AM
andré's been having a time of it:

do not fold, spindle or delice ...
18/Oct/09 2:30 AM
It is official - winter is on its way, Pack away all other footwear my UGGS are on my feet and there they shall stay. 3 mornings around 0°C = enough for me.
18/Oct/09 2:30 AM
Thank you everyone who came forth with some interesting hints about dishwashers. I did my research and decided on a less expensive one. I got a 1 year guarantee rather than 2, it has all the same economy and ecological ratings as the others. Only the drying cycle is lower and therefore it uses less More...
18/Oct/09 2:37 AM
Got to "run". Nephew & Sons coming today...
18/Oct/09 2:43 AM
Gm, Forgo the "dry" cycle. Open the door a crack when the wash / rinse cycles have finished. The dishes will dry very nicely...
18/Oct/09 2:46 AM
Oh yeah, saves energy.
18/Oct/09 2:46 AM
Great Close-up! Thanks!
18/Oct/09 2:58 AM
Good afternoon to all! Is this another of Nal's photos? Awesome photo.
18/Oct/09 5:00 AM
André, sorry to hear of your daughter's misfortune.
Keith, back in your regular spot I see.
Mo, glad you hired a new dishwasher. Does he wear spandex and 'go with the flow.'
Aileen, you're never too old for Disneyland. Enjoy young lady!
18/Oct/09 5:06 AM
No one believes seniors . . . everyone thinks they are senile....
They were celebrating their sixtieth anniversary. The couple had married as childhood sweethearts and had moved back to their old neighborhood after they retired.
Holding hands they walked back to their old school. It was not More...
18/Oct/09 5:10 AM
Lovely bird photo. Great story Greg.
18/Oct/09 6:17 AM
Aileen. Have a wonderful day and give my regards to Mickey Mouse.
18/Oct/09 6:41 AM
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