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Easy Sudoku for 18/February/2019


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1:39. Good Morning, all!
18/Feb/19 12:03 AM
Good Maen - Morton Arboretum, has a wooden troll exhibit set up round the park. Maybe, it is one of the troll's bike
18/Feb/19 12:45 AM
Going into Aurora for breakfast this morning with friends. We had a mass shooting on Friday and the 5 victims names
were released yesterday along with the 6 officers injured.
Very quiet round here.
18/Feb/19 12:48 AM
1:51 Good night all.
18/Feb/19 1:01 AM
Everybody!! Had a 3.7 earthquake at 1:55am PST. Small, but enough to wake us up! Stayed in bed, no panic, back to sleep in a few minutes. However, wife was shook up big time!
18/Feb/19 1:32 AM
18/Feb/19 2:33 AM
We had an earthquake here years ago. I remember I was sitting at my computer when the chair started shaking and windows were rattling. I could hear the dishes in my china cabinet moving around. Having never experienced one before, More...
18/Feb/19 2:53 AM
2.10. Who are you calling an old bike?
18/Feb/19 2:56 AM
Many people who are 'into antiques' choose to use them as Yard Art: old bicycles, parts of old plows, old crosscut saws, parts of their tractors ...to each his own!
18/Feb/19 3:48 AM
Good afternoon & have a fine day!
18/Feb/19 3:49 AM
I could expand upon Yard Art items .. old iron bed sunk into the ground part way & then filled with blooming flowers - tada: a bed of flowers!
18/Feb/19 3:50 AM
Growing up in the geologically stable Midwest, I had never experienced an earthquake, either. I encountered my first one on Guam, residing there with my husband, compliments of the U.S. Navy. When an earthquake shook the island, I was in a windowless, 4' X 4' room, sitting on the throne! More...
18/Feb/19 4:01 AM
On a happier note, it did scare the @#$%^& out of me ...
18/Feb/19 4:04 AM
18/Feb/19 4:11 AM
Oh Judy, that was hysterical! I was lucky I didn't happen to be drinking coffee at the moment!
18/Feb/19 4:13 AM
I remember my first earthquake in 1971 in San Fernando, CA. It was a minute to 6AM. My alarm was always set to wake at 6, so I thought , goody one more minute when the shaking started. All I could think was - Oh Lord, I'm up, I'm up, you can turn off the alarm!!!
18/Feb/19 4:18 AM
I mean, you haven't lived until you have seen Grandma squatting out in the yard with the pooch ...
18/Feb/19 4:19 AM

18/Feb/19 4:32 AM
Maen! I noticed a 3.7 quake about 10 miles northwest of Tehachapi CA a bit ago. I'm surprised that it woke anyone down in the San Fernando Valley.
18/Feb/19 4:39 AM
Judy, Judy, Judy!!!
18/Feb/19 4:57 AM
18/Feb/19 5:08 AM
Morning all .
18/Feb/19 5:45 AM
Oops Keith ,it was Judy's fault, had me laughing so much I didn't see where we were!
18/Feb/19 5:47 AM
That bike has been there for a while!
18/Feb/19 5:55 AM
I just told Bill to slow down, we are not taking the van out in traffic of people going to work.
18/Feb/19 5:59 AM
Today, as I was buttering my breakfast toast, I had a 'flashback'. A childhood memory...

Does any one else remember making toast, under the broiler, in an electric oven?

Strange some of the things that are coming back to mind...
18/Feb/19 7:11 AM
Peter, Your DR Who comment cracked me up..
18/Feb/19 7:13 AM
Wow Axel, it was 1971 in the San Fernando Valley.
It was Napa Valley today.
18/Feb/19 7:50 AM
I was sure glad the earthquake in Washington wasn't worse than it was - I was sitting at the computer, under open shelving with cookbooks and other stuff. The shelves shook, but nothing fell on me. Things on my shelves came through it all better than the Washington Monument and National Cathedral, both of which had serious damage.
18/Feb/19 7:51 AM
18/Feb/19 7:52 AM
Go Renegades ...
18/Feb/19 8:13 AM
I like Dr Who, must go find Peter comment

But first...
18/Feb/19 8:15 AM
You can get it digging a hole
You can get it watching the BBL
Matter of fact I got it now
Ahhh an ice cold VB

Money on the bar everyone Cheers
18/Feb/19 8:17 AM
Why not? A CP to boot
18/Feb/19 8:18 AM
Judy never ceases to amaze me. First, she was in the birdbath making tidal waves. Now she's squatting in the yard with the pooch.
What next, dear?
18/Feb/19 11:03 AM
Judy sitting on the thunderbox..........then blames the outcome on an earthquake! A likely story!
18/Feb/19 11:03 AM
Thunderbox, huh? Now there's a term for the toilet I've never heard before. Is that an Aussie thing Peter. Or does it come from your time under water?
18/Feb/19 12:06 PM
It's an Aussie term, Hal. Thunderbox, Dunny out the back. More likely refers to the time when toilets were separate from houses.
18/Feb/19 1:11 PM
We called them 'the outhouse', Peter. My grandparents had one before they got indoor plumbing.
At night we used the 'chamberpot'. Fortunately, I don't remember having to use it.
18/Feb/19 1:34 PM
18/Feb/19 1:34 PM
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