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Easy Sudoku for 17/February/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, all!
17/Feb/19 12:00 AM
2:01 Nice photo. Good night all.
17/Feb/19 12:24 AM
2:02. Hi Wolf, Anne and all to follow.
17/Feb/19 1:01 AM
17/Feb/19 1:08 AM
Good Maen
Nice cold day to walk outside
17/Feb/19 1:19 AM
Good Maen, good people. The 'dry topic' business advice audiobook I thought was going to put me to sleep last night resonated instead. I bookmarked, took notes then finally googled a study guide (discovered colleges have been using it for a textbook) and poured over it. Then I decided I needed to More...
17/Feb/19 1:59 AM
A great find, Plum. Amazon has pretty much everything if you take the time to look. It certainly is faster than trying to find an obscure item in a store. Glad you were successful!
17/Feb/19 2:44 AM
Good for you Plum! Internet is very good at keeping things for you... I went searching on Ikea.ca and Canadian Tires.ca for improving space in my kitchen then on Sudoku.au to relax and found ads about all I was looking for... amazing Internet!
17/Feb/19 3:21 AM
Have a very happy day!
17/Feb/19 3:36 AM
17/Feb/19 3:45 AM
Danstell - I get what you're saying about cookies and targeted ads. But what does Canadian Tires have to do with saving space in your kitchen? (I'm getting a mental picture of a fridge on a hoist, sort of like the fridge/shower stall in the movie Fifth Element.) It isn't the cough med - or rum and honey - talking, is it?
17/Feb/19 4:29 AM
17/Feb/19 4:39 AM
Probably that brownie you ate.
17/Feb/19 4:39 AM
Oops. I first arrived at the site while it was on comment 7, so decided to leave 8 for shosho. Just came back on 12, and forgot to think about Anne's 13. Sorry Anne, I'll claim it for you retroactively.
17/Feb/19 4:41 AM
Just came home from having breakfast with my brothers at the Gardena Bowl! Good old Hawaiian breakfast. Had my loco moco! )two fried eggs over two hamburger patties, over rice with gravy! A bit much but I plowed through half of it before I gave up!
17/Feb/19 4:47 AM
I read a book on anti-gravity ----- I couldn't put it down.
17/Feb/19 4:54 AM
I got a book on time travel and our next meeting is last Wednesday.
17/Feb/19 4:54 AM
I thought Anne's square was eleven?
17/Feb/19 5:03 AM
I got a book on improving your memory ... but I can't remember where I put it!
17/Feb/19 5:04 AM
Anne, why 13? Do you champion hard-luck underdogs? For that matter, Keith, why 2 and 22? I remember why shosho likes 8 and Peter likes 66. And it's obvious why Rage likes 33, though it was the Aussie beer square before he joined.
17/Feb/19 5:07 AM
Let me read it when you find it, Judy!
17/Feb/19 5:08 AM
17/Feb/19 5:08 AM
Good afternoon - hope the west coasters are warming up, the south-westers are drying-out, the upper mid-westers are managing handling more cold & snow - we are fine here for a while - so have a good day all!
17/Feb/19 5:33 AM
Wendy surely has done her share of traveling, photographing her travels, & presenting a marvelous guide book for those of us unfamiliar with the diversity, tropical climate, and marvelous fauna & flora of Australia, N & S islands of New Zealand & occasionally some touches of Tasmania - thanks for submitting them! I've enjoyed them immensely!
17/Feb/19 5:37 AM
DorA - No kidding. You walk into our local library and there's the TARDIS. 🤣 Great Young Adult book selection on its shelves. It's bigger on the inside.

And I slept in the TARDIS bedroom while in Orlando area.

So I ran into you at the book club? Looking forward to it.

17/Feb/19 5:38 AM
Joyce - You're right. Wendy's photos are great.

Speaking of curiosities Down Under, I'm intrigued by the Ivanhoe causeway pic behind today's Hard. Evidently the road bridge floods and becomes a waterfall ford!
17/Feb/19 5:44 AM
I googled canadiantires.ca immediately! Hard to believe they did not change the company's name somewhere in that expansion.
17/Feb/19 5:52 AM
A red fishing boat against the very blue water makes a very pretty photo! Wendy.
17/Feb/19 6:06 AM
17/Feb/19 6:16 AM
Morning all, great photo Wendy .
17/Feb/19 6:49 AM
Danstell, I like your avatar. Appropriate for the season & looks like fun...
17/Feb/19 6:55 AM
Comon, Rage. I'm thirsty & hate to drink alone.
17/Feb/19 6:56 AM
You can get it digging a hole
You can get it racing doa
Matter of fact I got it now
Ahhh an ice cold VB

Moneys on thr counter
17/Feb/19 7:01 AM
sorry about the lower case DOA, you never have to drink alone when I'm around Cheers
17/Feb/19 7:04 AM
17/Feb/19 7:05 AM
Now that the family are out of bed I went to load the washing machine as today we pack the caravan ready to leave tomorrow. Depending on where we camp, if there is a signal I might be missing for a while.
17/Feb/19 7:15 AM
Danstell, Sarah, .... you're going to make me look it up myself?
Women CAN keep a secret, gentlemen.
17/Feb/19 7:56 AM
A barstool 'Tested for Life in Canada'
Must be sturdy, but ... (or butt)

Uh, is there something about Canadian backsides I don't understand because this looks like it has uncomfortably placed ridges?

17/Feb/19 8:08 AM
Can everyone tell I'm sleep deprived and caffeinated? My brain is bouncing all over the place. Making fancy birthday cakes (GF and regular) for a belated19th birthday party for Skye. The extended family get together is tomorrow. As soon as the last layer is out of the oven I have to run into town, More...
17/Feb/19 8:46 AM
Speaking of bottoms ...
17/Feb/19 8:47 AM
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