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Easy Sudoku for 16/February/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, all!
16/Feb/19 12:00 AM
2:02 Good night all. Nice photo.
16/Feb/19 12:13 AM
Good morning,
16/Feb/19 12:48 AM
2:08. Good Morning, Wolf, Anne, Sue and everyone yet to come.
16/Feb/19 1:30 AM
Morning all.
16/Feb/19 2:57 AM
16/Feb/19 3:09 AM
Everybody!! Small group so far.
16/Feb/19 3:30 AM
I am here earlier than usual, thanks to VERY noisy construction work out my windows. This will go on for months - ugh. I need to change from night person to morning person, but my body and brain are not ready for sleep until my usual bedtime.
16/Feb/19 3:59 AM
Happy 2nd day of your birthday, Judy!
16/Feb/19 4:18 AM
Hello to the small group of early arrivals - Wolf, Anne, Sue, tom, Keith, Hal, Denny & groggy Sarah!
16/Feb/19 4:20 AM
My best to all who stagger in late like me!
16/Feb/19 4:20 AM
16/Feb/19 4:21 AM

I have just gotten back from having brunch with friends. We went to a rather new place in the area called First Watch. They serve breakfast and lunch then close at 2:30. Evidently, it is wildly popular. We had to wait 1/2 hour for a table. More...
16/Feb/19 5:12 AM
Looks like these people are enjoying the day at a lovely beach.
16/Feb/19 5:12 AM
I didn't see Judy's birthday notification. I checked back and all I'm seeing is ''Betsey from Oregon'' every day for a week or more. Obviously, something is screwed up. So......

Happy Birthday, Wicked Witch of the West Coast!
16/Feb/19 5:23 AM
Kathy, I think the birthday announcement is locked to the current day.
16/Feb/19 5:43 AM
Nice social beach photo
16/Feb/19 6:13 AM
16/Feb/19 6:17 AM
Kathy, The BD announcement was yesterday - day one of a Sudoku two day event. Today, in ''the states'' is the real day...
16/Feb/19 6:35 AM
You Hoo
16/Feb/19 6:36 AM
Oh Keeeith...
16/Feb/19 6:36 AM
1:26. Good morning everyone.
16/Feb/19 6:37 AM
Morning all,a nice shady spot at the beach.
A bit warmer today ,it has already reached 20C .
16/Feb/19 6:38 AM
for the birthday wishes, Batty! Can I keep the Fireman?
16/Feb/19 7:10 AM
Sorry for the late start in the day. I helped out at my school for Math/Science Fun Day! I had fun with three classes of fifth graders (many of whom remember me teaching them science in first and/or second grade!) Giving them one sheet of newsprint paper and one More...
16/Feb/19 7:41 AM
Judy!!! We don't get older, we're vintage!!!
16/Feb/19 7:43 AM
Okay, Anne, you got me by 10 seconds! 2:12
16/Feb/19 7:47 AM
Good mAen, good people. Judy, I know you're not one to dwell on the past, but if you look at yesterday's comments you'll see more birthday wishes. Hope your day today is a delightful celebration of YOU and all that makes you smile.
16/Feb/19 8:38 AM
for the notice, Plum! Yes, I have seen all of the lovely birthday wishes, and I have thanked everyone individually. But to be certain, and to capture all those who even managed a kind thought of me ... ... thank you all for the Happy Birthday greetings!
16/Feb/19 9:48 AM
I seem to be getting later and later in posting these POOZLES. Apart from lethargy I had an invasion ants on my computer desk and the supervisor of the tilers turned up and is grouting the tiles. We are having a laundry remodelled and the tilers were meant to come back yesterday and grout, but More...
16/Feb/19 9:54 AM

Well here it is. I hope you enjoy solving it.


This week's Saturday poozle is 1&3 poozle,
I will work through the alphabet giving you the first and third letters of a word and a clue
as to what the More...
16/Feb/19 10:00 AM
Back to the ants. We are being invaded on a regular basis by these little black ants. Perhaps it's because of the hot dry weather, they have certainly been swimming in the toilet bowl We hope they give up soon.
16/Feb/19 10:03 AM
It seems to obligatory to produce a rhyme before asking for a beer, so here is one that rhymes.
You can get it milking a cow,
You can get it cleaning a car,
Matter of fact I've got it now,
I'll have glass of cold VB aaah
Join in folks, this one is on me.
16/Feb/19 10:08 AM
That should have been 'a glass', but I needed to make another post to get a CP.
16/Feb/19 10:10 AM
winter still in full effect and of course flu comes with it...I spent most of the day in bed... drank lots of water and done no snow plowing ... glad snow fall is at rest too. hope you all are in good health and have a nice day.
16/Feb/19 10:15 AM
Nice photo! white sand beach and sun...just what I needed ...thank you for sharing
16/Feb/19 10:22 AM
I'll pass for the beer... but warm rum and honey sounds good to my aching bones.
16/Feb/19 10:27 AM
maEn. Can't really say good - my childhood town - the town next to my home now made the news tonight - mass shooting has struck in my backyard. 5 were struck down and several responders were shoot at also - this is occurring much to often
Be safe tonight
16/Feb/19 10:51 AM
Happy Birthday Judy
16/Feb/19 10:52 AM
Saw the musical 'The producers '. Amazing voices and fun dance moves - I understand the background of the show - make an offense bad show - and I do like the show number - springtime for hitler, but overall, I do have some moral issues with the show.
16/Feb/19 10:57 AM
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