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Easy Sudoku for 19/July/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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And hot, hot, hot ...again!
Note: Those are beads (actually droplets) of sweat, not tears!
19/Jul/13 12:01 AM
19/Jul/13 12:01 AM
Hey, I just noticed something! There is a 'previous day's Sudoku' button above the puzzle! I don't have to go to 'archive' anymore! Has it really been there all along?
19/Jul/13 12:04 AM
Hello, HalT!
19/Jul/13 12:05 AM
19/Jul/13 12:05 AM
I'm early for here but very late for me! Stayed up late reading in bed.
19/Jul/13 12:06 AM
so close . . .
19/Jul/13 12:06 AM
19/Jul/13 12:06 AM
Hi Shiela and HalT! Yes I just noticed that button too! Now I can catch up on what I miss after beddy bye!
19/Jul/13 12:08 AM
Name that town. And no that's not today's puzzle because I don't know the answer.
19/Jul/13 12:10 AM
For once Miss Unobservant has noticed something before other people. I've known about and used that button for a while now.
19/Jul/13 12:11 AM
Here are the answer to yesterday’s super easy puzzle:

1. Pin - Nail
2. Ward - Zone
3. Outing - Trip
4. Hot - Steaming
5. Bright - Light

Crowding together in the are Judy, Keith, Canuk Greg, Lizzy G, shosho, Aileen, More...
19/Jul/13 12:12 AM
fellow puzzlers, hope all is well in your world. That button about previous days sudoku has always been there, Ive just never used it , taking the long way round via archives just like others it seems.
19/Jul/13 12:13 AM
Sooooo.... right there in plain sight all along!
I am blind, it seems!
(And I thought they were sunglasses!)
19/Jul/13 12:17 AM
It must of been an easy puzzle if I got all the answers right!!! Thanks Serena
19/Jul/13 12:19 AM
Now I know why you didn't get answers from me, Serena. I didn't realize you could go both ways!
19/Jul/13 12:20 AM
Enough dilly dallying, here's today's puzzle.

My name states I'm a singular male,
I can have a number, a head, but no tail.
I've also great strength and I can be tough,
But I'll smooth things out when they are rough.
Although I go back to an age now gone,
I'm around today for everyone.

What am I?

Answers to my ‘’ ????‘’ inbox.
19/Jul/13 12:20 AM
I will never understand my kids. Yesterday we went to a friend's house with a pool. The two youngest wanted nothing to do with the water. Later that evening Elijah had Boy Scouts at the reservoir. I decided not to put swim suits on little boy and baby girl this time. They cam home soaked. Something about lack of preparation makes it more inviting I guess.
19/Jul/13 12:23 AM
Happy Thursday!
19/Jul/13 12:23 AM
Shosho, we were up together, it seems. I didn't fall asleep until after 5AM and I got up at 8AM. Think I'm not going to be worth much today!
19/Jul/13 12:24 AM
Where's Keith?
19/Jul/13 12:24 AM
19/Jul/13 12:24 AM
Hello, Keith!
(Pretty fast for someone running on empty, huh?)
19/Jul/13 12:25 AM
I'm going to go crash, now! See you later!
19/Jul/13 12:26 AM
Good morning people of the world.
19/Jul/13 12:30 AM
Good maen from beautiful sunny Portland, Oregon.
19/Jul/13 12:32 AM
National Baby Food Day
19/Jul/13 12:32 AM
Serena, I think the town is Amsterdam.

'Previous day's Sudoku' has been there for as long as I've been on the site. I use it all the time.
19/Jul/13 12:33 AM
Ladies, do not fret about not seeing the 'previous day,' button, which I have used for...well, for years.
It is not difficult for us all to see the same thing everyday and all see something differently.
19/Jul/13 12:34 AM
Serena, you crack me up.
Your statement, 'understand children,' will have me laughing for years.
That's a good one.
19/Jul/13 12:35 AM
I need some motivation to go to the grocery store. Surprisingly enough, lack of food is just not as motivating as it should be.
19/Jul/13 12:39 AM
I recently learned, not with my own children, but watching others, that if you take your children to the grocery store, you, the parent, can let your children run wild, and while you shop, the store employees, are responsible for your wild children.
It is best I do not go into detail, because, it seems I have issues with this topic.
19/Jul/13 12:43 AM
Karen, that's not motivating. Try again.
19/Jul/13 12:46 AM
Oh, oh, oh, how could I not share my mini vacation, yesterday.
After doctor's appointment, in my wisdom, I asked my darlings, 'Whose vehicle do you want to ride in?' Brilliant. Knowing full well, they would go with their daddy. So, I had 4 hours of vacation time, which I spent 45 minutes at the More...
19/Jul/13 12:47 AM
Let's try this one. Each has a task, cart pusher, list holder, item finder and the little person can get the items off the shelf and put into the cart. Oh, you will need another one to help keep the cart organized.

Your right, I got nothing.
19/Jul/13 12:51 AM
It's not even the kids. I just don't want to go. Grocery shopping has become more and more frustrating over the past few months as I realized that I now spend in a quick few item run out what I used to spent on a major stock up trip. I hate when prices change.
19/Jul/13 12:57 AM
Karen, I only have 3 kids. You doled out 1 too many tasks.
19/Jul/13 12:58 AM
I thought I told you, you needed another kid.

Just trying to be helpful.
19/Jul/13 1:13 AM
You do have two little people, so it is much like having two extra kids, most of the time.
19/Jul/13 1:14 AM
Bye-bye page one.
19/Jul/13 1:15 AM
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