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Easy Sudoku for 18/July/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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again today!
Hot, hot, hot!
But then, it's expected - it's Ann Arbor Art Fair week!
18/Jul/13 12:00 AM
Hi Shiela!
18/Jul/13 12:01 AM
18/Jul/13 12:01 AM
1:41. Good night all.
18/Jul/13 12:03 AM
Good Maen, good people. Looking forward to the cold front set to break the heat by Saturday. In the meantime, I'm staying next to the one-room A/C, getting my group's Minutes and Newsletter put together to mail on Saturday.
18/Jul/13 12:03 AM
Shiela, don't rub it in. I love the A2 Art Fair and I can't go most years. I think we've only gone twice since Burl's been in the construction business and I went another time without him.
18/Jul/13 12:07 AM
Sweet dog ... come play catch with me.
18/Jul/13 12:07 AM
But then, heat or not, I'm not going to the ArtFair this year... I decided that my ankle could not be one of the 500,000 people expected this year.
18/Jul/13 12:08 AM
(Hope I get a bit of your good luck, Shosho!)
18/Jul/13 12:08 AM
18/Jul/13 12:12 AM
18/Jul/13 12:12 AM
''Please throw it again. This will be the last time, I promise.''
18/Jul/13 12:16 AM
Look at his face, Serena!
Would you believe that dog would really mean it?
18/Jul/13 12:21 AM
It's that time again. Here are the answer's to yesterday's puzzle.

1. Ireland : Dublin
2. Luxembourg : Luxembourg
3. United States : Washington DC
4. Japan : Tokyo
5. Australia : Canberra
6. Ghana : Accra
7. Mongolia : Ulaanbaatar
8. Peru : Lima

Peter and Mads More...
18/Jul/13 12:25 AM
Shiela, it's kind of like when a preacher says ''in closing'' or a band director says ''one more time''.
18/Jul/13 12:26 AM
Ah, yes, Serena...
18/Jul/13 12:28 AM
For today:

Take the given words, and by moving a single letter from one word to the other, make a pair of synonyms, or near synonyms. For example, given: Boast - Hip, move the 's' from 'Boast' to 'Hip' creating two synonyms: Boat - Ship.

1. Pain - Nil
2. War - Zoned
3. Routing - Tip
4. Shot - Teaming
5. Right – Blight

Answers to my ‘’All mixed up’’ inbox.
18/Jul/13 12:33 AM
Keith, come out come out wherever you are.
18/Jul/13 12:34 AM
Actually, I'll leave you close and let you or whoever else is around finish up today.
18/Jul/13 12:34 AM
I actually have things to do today. I know, surprise surprise. So, I'm off .
18/Jul/13 12:35 AM
My turn.
18/Jul/13 12:40 AM
18/Jul/13 12:40 AM
Thx Serena.
18/Jul/13 12:42 AM
Good grief, enough with the heat. Won't be staying the office long--the ceiling fan just isn't cutting it.
18/Jul/13 1:05 AM
Good morning people of the world.
18/Jul/13 1:11 AM
Yellow Pig Day

(sorry did not have a yellow pig)
18/Jul/13 1:12 AM
I am so enjoying this rainy, cooler weather. The AC has been off during the day, I turn it on at night, but last night it froze up, so got a little warm in the wee hours.
I got up, and shut it down for a while and opened the house. That did not last long because Mr. Sandman wanted me back, so More...
18/Jul/13 1:17 AM
The interrupted sleep, had me waking with no thoughts this morning, though the process of getting the girls and me ready need to start. We have a few stops before pedi appointment, main one is to get my car inspected. I am not that late, the tag expired at the end of June. I have gone 8 or 9 months with expired tags, but I really hate to push my luck.
18/Jul/13 1:21 AM
from a warm Oklahoma
18/Jul/13 1:29 AM
Time to go Antiqueing,
18/Jul/13 1:33 AM
18/Jul/13 2:17 AM
Thanks Shiela! Here's flying your way!!!
18/Jul/13 2:19 AM
Even though I have no where I must go, no one I must see, but the is done and the is still waiting for me It's a good day so far!
18/Jul/13 2:21 AM
18/Jul/13 2:21 AM
It's going to be a nice day in the low 70's.
18/Jul/13 2:22 AM
Hi from Calgary! We are in a hotel near the airport. Tomorrow we are off to Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park. We'll stay 2 nights on the shores of Waterton Lake, then on to Banff. Depending upon internet access, I'll try and check in again. So far, I'm loving this cool weather!
18/Jul/13 2:24 AM
18/Jul/13 2:30 AM
Come on. Ya said we'd play, soon. Well, it's soon.
18/Jul/13 3:09 AM
Happy Wednesday!
Kathy: I hope to vacation in Banff/Lake Louise one of these days!!! Enjoy!
18/Jul/13 3:26 AM
Time to turn the page?!
18/Jul/13 3:26 AM
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