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Easy Sudoku for 2/September/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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02/Sep/15 12:03 AM
The first of September! (For us, anyway!)
02/Sep/15 12:04 AM
Haven't been here for quite awhile. We have been getting ready for international guests and they arrived a few days ago. Right now, they are on a 3-day excursion in Northern Michigan.
02/Sep/15 12:10 AM
Strange how guests can get you to do things you haven't done in a long time... like clean the skylights and level the bricks on you patio!
02/Sep/15 12:12 AM
That's funny, Shiela - I was expecting you to list places you haven't visited in soooo long, but you went there to show your guests!
02/Sep/15 12:33 AM
Oh, and good morning all!
02/Sep/15 12:34 AM
Glad you could stop by, Shiela. I know what you mean. I have family coming on Friday, so I need to muck out the guest room. That room seems to be a ''dump-all'' place unless someone is showing up and needs to get to the beds. Then I have to go into cleaning mode. Other than that, I just close the door.
02/Sep/15 12:34 AM
Our new Tuesday puzzle-poster, Wombat, also has guests at the moment, so I'll take over today....

Englishman James recently moved to his first brand new house. When he arrived there he discovered that the builder had forgotten something.
James popped down to the local DIY shop to More...
02/Sep/15 12:39 AM
Morning all, and happy first day of autumn or second day of spring, depending on whether you are north of the equator.
My effort to mark the first day of spring yesterday was ruined by Spellchecker . The old schoolboy ditty was changed from
Spring has sprung, the grass has More...
02/Sep/15 12:48 AM
Good morning people of the world.
02/Sep/15 12:49 AM
Another layer of dust bunnies have been rearranged. There was a plan to do lots more on the domestic issues, but I a true believer that soap and water are great cleaning tools, unfortunately, (not really), the water people chose this day to clean out the water tower, which means, I am free for the day.
02/Sep/15 12:52 AM
Another September 1 has arrived and I was shocked when I was not awaken by gun fire. It is kind of nice waking and not ducking and wondering if our dear hunters were aiming at those poor little birds or me. I like to believe they were aiming at the birds.
02/Sep/15 12:55 AM
Karen, I'll refer you to my YouTube video from page 3 yesterday. The only reaction I've gotten so far is DoA's predictable one of only seeing and hearing exactly what he wants to see and hear.
02/Sep/15 1:03 AM
On the ''Dock of the Bay''.
02/Sep/15 1:10 AM
Good morning to all! Mist on the lake. All we had was fog in the city early this morning.
02/Sep/15 1:31 AM
For those of you who have watched the movie 'The Great Escape', check out this very interesting article. William Ash, an American who flew for the Royal Canadian Air force is the probable model for Steve McQueen's character, and much of his true story forms a good portion of various happenings in the movie itself. Check it out.

02/Sep/15 1:35 AM
And for your entertainment, check out Julius the puppet and ventriloquist, impressionist, comedian, and singer Terry Fator with an amazing performance of 'Aint No Sunshine.'

02/Sep/15 1:38 AM
I KNOW that was a fun link.
02/Sep/15 1:45 AM
Misty morning, and getting ready for a paddle.
02/Sep/15 2:00 AM
Here at the right time again.
02/Sep/15 2:11 AM
One more.
02/Sep/15 2:12 AM
02/Sep/15 2:12 AM
02/Sep/15 2:17 AM
Well the car got its periodic maintenance check and has a good bill of health. The cats have finally settled down and I have a nonalcoholic Tim Tam slam in front of me! Don't worry I won't eat it until I finished with my oatmeal!
02/Sep/15 2:19 AM
A new academic year begins...

I really feel bad for American moms and dads – I really do. They send off their kids to college as decent, freedom-loving people. But they return home as gender neutral, secular progressives who can’t figure out whether to leave the toilet seat up or down.

Our institutions of higher learning need a courtesy flush, America. __Todd Starnes
02/Sep/15 3:28 AM
shosho, where can I find the alcoholic version?
02/Sep/15 3:35 AM
Whatever they are shooting at, Karen, I certainly wouldn't want to be close enough to hear it! It would make me very nervous. There are always hunters around here getting blasted because some clown didn't know what he/she was shooting at. A friend told me that they got one of his cows this summer. This had made a semi-city girl out of me.
02/Sep/15 4:04 AM
had? HAS! I meant has!
02/Sep/15 4:06 AM
Well, here's another reaction, Keith. I wouldn't exactly couch it in those particular words (or, at least not that many of them ) But, that's pretty much how I feel. How much more of this do we put up with? I've said it before, and I'll say it again....Australia cracked down big time. Why can't we? My two cents.
02/Sep/15 4:33 AM
And, language aside, the guy is funny!
02/Sep/15 4:39 AM
People actually paid to watch this individual spout an obscenity laced tirade that would put a Marine Corps D.I. to shame? They called it 'entertainment'? Definitely a sad commentary on the state of society.
02/Sep/15 5:59 AM
Perhaps it's time to disarm law enforcement too.

An innocent man was shot in the leg and his dog killed when police officers accidentally raided the wrong home while investigating suspicious activity in an Atlanta neighborhood Monday night.

And officials say that a police officer who was wounded in the crossfire was 'likely' shot by one of his own confused fellow cops.
02/Sep/15 6:03 AM
Good morning.
02/Sep/15 6:32 AM
No, I didn't sleep right through. But decided I wouldn't make myself too awake by coming along here just after midnight!
02/Sep/15 6:36 AM
Leave in one hour. Thank you for all the good wishes for our trip. Galapagos and South America here we come!
02/Sep/15 6:40 AM
Watch out South America.
Have fun June.
02/Sep/15 6:47 AM
1:39. Good morning everyone.
02/Sep/15 6:47 AM
Bon voyage June!
02/Sep/15 6:47 AM
And, while I'm here...
02/Sep/15 6:47 AM
02/Sep/15 6:48 AM
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