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Easy Sudoku for 3/September/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Hi everyone.
03/Sep/15 12:00 AM
1:27. Good night everyone.
03/Sep/15 12:02 AM
Not that there's anyone here to say goodnight to!
03/Sep/15 12:02 AM
No, Chris, but you can say goodnight & I'll say good morning everyone!
03/Sep/15 12:11 AM
Goodnight, Chris....good morning, Joyce!
03/Sep/15 12:56 AM
The answer to yesterday's poozle: £3.00
The builder had forgotten the house numbers. The shop charges £1.00 per digit, so 210 would cost £3.00.

All guys in the winner's circle today. I award lonewoof, Peter, and Wombat the ''Keggy Crown''
03/Sep/15 1:05 AM
And, for today.....

In the olden days, a man rode into town on his horse. He arrived on Monday, spent six days in town and left on Friday. How is that possible?

Hint: There are three possible answers.

Answers to my ''Who you calling olden??'' inbox, please.
03/Sep/15 1:10 AM
Happy Wednesday day off!
03/Sep/15 1:10 AM
I'll be checking back to see if Hal found out what caused his reaction yesterday. It seems as though many people I know have some type of allergy. The strangest one is a friend with an allergy to cherries. I had never heard of that!
03/Sep/15 1:19 AM
03/Sep/15 1:34 AM
03/Sep/15 1:44 AM
Good morning to all! I have an allergy to dislocated shoulders!
03/Sep/15 1:45 AM
If I ever used the timer, I'd try for DotCom's time.
03/Sep/15 1:59 AM

fellow puzzlers, hope all is well in your world and if its not may it be on the improve soon and that goes for your shoulder too Greg!
03/Sep/15 2:49 AM
My sympathies, CG. I well remember how long shoulders take to heal.
03/Sep/15 3:00 AM
Sending your way, Greg. And, a very careful
03/Sep/15 3:41 AM
, y'all - finally making it back! Gee, it's been busy at work, and with Silverguy gone on biz for a few days, been picking up a few things he'd normally do around the house.
03/Sep/15 3:54 AM
While 'walking the line', yesterday, I saw 3 black bears. A sow & 2 cubs. Sure is great, living, somewhere!
03/Sep/15 4:02 AM
So, without further delay, the answers to the Weekend Rebus puzzles! After seeing everyone's answers, there were three of them (count 'em: 3), that could have different acceptable answers. I'm feeling generous!

forgotten heroes
scatterbrain / brain storm / brain wave
bags More...
03/Sep/15 4:08 AM
DoA, I've seen a shirt with a print of 3 hikers being chased by a bear on a trail, so they're running single file. Caption: 'Coming in second never felt so good.' You don't have to outrun the bear, just the guy (or gal) behind you!
03/Sep/15 4:11 AM
Ya best believe I was singing, Old McDorA had a farm, LOUDLY.

That sound like a cool shirt!
03/Sep/15 4:25 AM
I do reserve the right to arm bears.
03/Sep/15 4:26 AM
here's the missing 's'
03/Sep/15 4:27 AM
I have apparently completely survived my bout with anaphylaxis. I see my primary physician on Friday and will be given an appointment with an allergy specialist. (They don't know yet what caused yesterday's attack.)
In the meantime, I have an EpiPen in case of another attack.
03/Sep/15 5:13 AM
Take care Hal. Hopefully it will all end well my friend.
03/Sep/15 5:56 AM
Good to hear, Hal! Just so's ya aren't allergic to St. Barbara ...
03/Sep/15 5:56 AM
Thanks for your support folks. I'm doing okay so far. Just having my daily whine. It does suck though not being able to do everything you normally do.
03/Sep/15 5:58 AM
A whinge is allowed, Hal. Just No Sniveling!
03/Sep/15 6:03 AM
So making guns illegal will take them off the streets?

We should make heroin and meth illegal too!
03/Sep/15 6:14 AM

DorA, time to give it a rest chum,
03/Sep/15 6:34 AM
Morning all,heard on the news yesterday we no longer need a visa to visit Indonesia .
03/Sep/15 6:34 AM
CG and Hal hope you both feel better soon.
03/Sep/15 6:41 AM
Good morning all.
03/Sep/15 7:03 AM
CG - I think you need a lot of patience and plenty of time to heal that shoulder. I hope it improves soon.
03/Sep/15 7:05 AM
Hal, I hope whatever caused your allergy is very scarce in your life and you won't need the Epipen.
03/Sep/15 7:07 AM
Me too, Sacky. I don't want to go through that again.
03/Sep/15 7:20 AM
Nearing the 'turning of the page'.
03/Sep/15 7:25 AM
Do I have any competition?
03/Sep/15 7:25 AM
Seems not.
03/Sep/15 7:26 AM
03/Sep/15 7:26 AM
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