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Easy Sudoku for 20/March/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Happy Spring Equinox everyone.
20/Mar/17 12:00 AM
Happy Birthday to Wombat - a regular contributor.
20/Mar/17 12:11 AM
Good morning. Wolf you seem to have the site to yourself.
20/Mar/17 1:18 AM

Morning, all.
20/Mar/17 2:01 AM

Happy Birthday, Wombat!

20/Mar/17 2:23 AM
Good morning.
20/Mar/17 3:36 AM
Not many visitors so far.
20/Mar/17 3:36 AM
I guess it is Sunday in many parts of the world.
20/Mar/17 3:38 AM
20/Mar/17 3:39 AM
Darwen Jim and Hanshlal.
20/Mar/17 3:41 AM
Happy Day & delightful birthday celebrations to you & all who come to help you enjoy your day, Wombat!
20/Mar/17 4:04 AM
In your glove ,maybe?
20/Mar/17 4:24 AM
It's the fuzzy blob in front of her leg.
20/Mar/17 4:53 AM
Hearty birthday wishes also to you, Darwen Jim!
20/Mar/17 4:53 AM
Morning all, on the way to the ground.
20/Mar/17 4:56 AM
Good call, Keith ... I had to go reveal the photo again, but there it is!
20/Mar/17 4:56 AM
And, another celebration!
to you, Jim!
20/Mar/17 4:57 AM
Wombat, have a great day. Darwen Jim and Hanshial, enjoy your special day.
20/Mar/17 5:03 AM
1:37. Good morning everyone. Wombat, Darwen Jim and Harish lal, I hope you have a wonderful day!
20/Mar/17 6:56 AM
Here at the right time again.
20/Mar/17 7:58 AM
20/Mar/17 7:58 AM
20/Mar/17 7:58 AM
20/Mar/17 8:09 AM
Whew a whirl wind two days with my grandson! Back and forth from hospital to his home to my home to hospital to his home! Ack! At least I got to hold my newest grandson, Hunter Jackson! Isn't that a good ole southern name? Being that my older son really didn't spend hardly any time down south! He was born and raised a west coast yachting boy!
20/Mar/17 8:12 AM
Wow, what a week.
Brumbies won,
Ireland won and
Its Wombat's birthday.......have one for me, Cheers mate!
20/Mar/17 8:17 AM
And welcome to page two.
20/Mar/17 8:50 AM
And a ghost post.

20/Mar/17 8:54 AM
Jim. (Both of you! )
20/Mar/17 9:00 AM
Thank you to all those who have sent birthday wishes, I really appreciate them. We went out for a celebratory lunch yesterday and after an entree of truly delicious brains I ordered a steak and salad since they had run out of lobster tails. For the first time in my life I had to send it back - it More...
20/Mar/17 9:40 AM
Jim to Jim birthday wishes too. I must check out where Darwen is. And happy birthday Hanshal too.
20/Mar/17 9:42 AM
Today's poozle asks you to start with a single letter and make an eight letter word, and then go back to a single word. You have to do this by adding (or subtracting) one letter at a time and making a word each time. You can rearrange the order of the letters. Clues as to what the words are are More...
20/Mar/17 9:50 AM
You might have to give me a bit more leeway on this themed puzzle.
Today's poozle asks you to start with a single letter and make an six letter word, and then go back to a single word. You have to do this by adding (or subtracting) one letter at a time and making a word each time. You can More...
20/Mar/17 10:16 AM
Before anyone asks, this is not my 84th birthday, but it is the the fourth anniversary of my 21st birthday. And thats a CP.
20/Mar/17 10:18 AM
We are having a good run Peter. Even the Raiders had a good win.
It won't be too long before the Dogs show the Magpies why the shouldn't have dumped Cloak.
20/Mar/17 11:22 AM
Happiest of birthdays to Wombat Jim. So nice that he parties with us all the time, not just on his birthday!
20/Mar/17 11:41 AM
1:57 Good morning one and all!
20/Mar/17 11:42 AM
And so nice that he shares the day with others born this day.
20/Mar/17 11:57 AM
Well, lookee, lookee, lookee at the time!
20/Mar/17 11:57 AM
We need editing, or I need not to hit Submit so fast. So nice that he shares the celebration with others...
20/Mar/17 11:58 AM
Better hurry!!!
20/Mar/17 11:58 AM
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