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Easy Sudoku for 29/October/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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G'day mates.
Here's today's daffynition:
Insinuate: Adam and Eve’s least favourite word.
Here's today's factoid:
15-year-old Ann Makosinski won a $25,000 scholarship for inventing a flashlight that runs on the body heat of the hand holding it.
29/Oct/14 12:03 AM
I need Miss Makosinski's invention this morning, Kayo...
It is so dreary outside that I need the lights on inside!
29/Oct/14 12:24 AM
Green roofs? Must be a humid climate there.
29/Oct/14 12:44 AM

What a neat story!

I was talking with a friend who lives in the Philippines,” Makosinksi recalls. “My friend was failing school because there was no electricity at home. She was supposed to be studying at night. I came More...
29/Oct/14 12:52 AM
Here's the Tuesday poozle!

Below, 10 nine letter words have been broken into chunks of three letters. These chunks have been mixed up, no chunk is used twice and all chunks are used. Can you determine what the 10 words are?

som one dbr pen rtm ber
nes ent ive eph eti More...
29/Oct/14 12:55 AM
29/Oct/14 1:05 AM
It's almost camouflaged.
29/Oct/14 1:41 AM
Good morning to all! That's a cozy looking retreat. I wish it was mine.
29/Oct/14 1:42 AM
Kayo and Kathy. Since developing the body-heat powered flashlight, Ann has also developed a body-heat powered headlamp and she is currently working on a pre-charging feature for the flashlight. Smart lady indeed!
29/Oct/14 1:44 AM

45 Handshakes

The class has 10 children. The first child shakes hands with the other 9 children. The second child has already shaken hands with the first child, and so has to shake hands with only the other 8 children. In this More...
29/Oct/14 1:46 AM
, y'all! I'm amazed I got Serena's puzzle figured out. I tend to overthink things....
29/Oct/14 1:53 AM
But ... but ... each child shakes 9 ... never mind.

I could live there.
29/Oct/14 2:05 AM
29/Oct/14 2:15 AM
I keep telling myself to leave the math ones alone.
29/Oct/14 2:18 AM
When Bobby & Diane shake hands, it's only one handshake even though it's two kiddos. I still need pen/paper or a spreadsheet to figure these things out!
29/Oct/14 2:30 AM
Happy Tuesday!
29/Oct/14 2:47 AM
That's what I call 'going green' (today's photo).
29/Oct/14 2:50 AM
29/Oct/14 2:59 AM
I'm going to parade out my Halloween faces.
29/Oct/14 3:16 AM
The bearded lady.
29/Oct/14 3:17 AM
29/Oct/14 3:18 AM
29/Oct/14 3:19 AM
It's winking at me...
29/Oct/14 3:20 AM
... the old flirt.
29/Oct/14 3:21 AM
You misspelled that, Keith.
29/Oct/14 3:45 AM
I hope all are doing well. I have a high school friend coming up from Texas on Thursday. There's an informal class reunion happening Friday night that she didn't want to miss. It will be good to see her again...and then for roughly a week. Another friend will also More...
29/Oct/14 4:57 AM
I guess those high pitched roofs at least keep the snow off.
29/Oct/14 5:59 AM
29/Oct/14 6:40 AM
1:39. Good morning everyone.
29/Oct/14 7:01 AM
Morning all,now that would be a great place for peace and quiet. Wonder if they have wifi .lol
29/Oct/14 7:05 AM
Happy birthday to Ganniemo and Kat,hope you both have a great day.
29/Oct/14 7:07 AM
Bridei is about to arrive, better get organised.
29/Oct/14 7:09 AM
Uh, Kathy, I took a closer look at and it looks very familiar
29/Oct/14 8:04 AM
A look at your puzzle.
29/Oct/14 8:05 AM
Good morning.
29/Oct/14 8:38 AM
I found it!! Check your puzzle on 16 Oct, Kathy.
29/Oct/14 8:38 AM
I'm thinking this might be one of Lori's Flores photos.
29/Oct/14 8:38 AM
Dedication, Hal.
29/Oct/14 8:39 AM
But you've spoiled my chance to get a perfect score.
29/Oct/14 8:40 AM
By checking out the results on the 17th.
29/Oct/14 8:41 AM
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