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Easy Sudoku for 28/October/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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28/Oct/14 12:01 AM
Morning Topsiders


Night Downunderers
28/Oct/14 12:01 AM
28/Oct/14 12:02 AM
What an adorable fat kitten picture!!!!
28/Oct/14 12:11 AM
Just sitting here, waiting for overdue workmen to install new insulation in the attic.
28/Oct/14 12:11 AM
Hello, everybody!
I see the sun streaming through the autumn colored trees...
Chilly, but who cares!
28/Oct/14 12:17 AM
Gingko Tale: It's the first year in 26 years that my Gingko tree has kept its leaves long enough for me to see it turn into 'yellow butterflies!' All the other years the leaves have fallen before it changed color. Gingko trees have a strange habit of all the leaves falling in one 24-hour More...
28/Oct/14 12:26 AM
(Tagging Shosho's #8 for her!)
today, Shosho!
28/Oct/14 12:29 AM
Good morning to all! 'Driver, take me to the pet food store please!'
28/Oct/14 12:41 AM
Puzzle answers next. First, I unconsciously put an extra 'e' in Serena's name when I was creating the puzzle. However, she does deserve that extra 'e' for the excellent job she does in creating so many puzzles for us!
28/Oct/14 12:43 AM
Answers to the ‘Life Goes On’ puzzle:

1. stinker and tinker
2. Amish and mish
3. (bone) scan and (I think I) can
4. Serena and serene
5. stand and Stan (Lee)
6. spend and pend
7. Charm and harm
8. (The) Sweeny and (teeny) weeny
9. shovel and hovel
10. Paget More...
28/Oct/14 12:43 AM
Good Morning, something I can rarely say since I usually get here at the end of the 24 hour day, not the beginning. An idiot aide who takes care of my father on Sundays put Ivory Liquid detergent into the dishwasher. Needless to say, not a good idea. I spent quite some time corralling foam, then a More...
28/Oct/14 12:44 AM
They say whoever wins game 5 in the World Series usually wins it all. Will that be the case this year? We'll have to wait and watch.
28/Oct/14 12:45 AM
Check out these four very talented ladies:

28/Oct/14 12:47 AM
Sarah, NOT good! You poor thing! Hope you can laugh about this in a few years!
28/Oct/14 12:47 AM
G'day mates.
Here's today's daffynition:
Aquarium: House of gill repute.
Here's today's factoid:
A group of women in the Ukraine have formed a modern amazon tribe called Asgarda. They live in the Carpathian Mountains and train in different martial arts and sciences. Their goal is to have complete autonomy from men.
28/Oct/14 12:47 AM
Heidi, I hope your attic guy has arrived. You'll be toasty this winter!
28/Oct/14 12:49 AM
Good morning all from beautiful Sanibel Island on the Gulf of Mexico. Yesterday we began exploring the West Coast of Florida. I'm Still eating my way through the 15 staes we have visited. We started with a wonderful breakfast with Nal and Tami at S&S Diner in Miami.. It was great meeting up More...
28/Oct/14 12:51 AM
Greg - Wow! That was a great link!
(My father taught himself to make several violins, violas, and a cello after he retired. So I'm a bit partial!)
28/Oct/14 12:59 AM
Sacky, your're eating your way through the states? Yum!
28/Oct/14 1:01 AM
Getting close... Where's Keith?
28/Oct/14 1:02 AM
Oh, well.... He who snoozes, loses!
28/Oct/14 1:02 AM
Cute little kitty.
28/Oct/14 1:43 AM
Azariah didn't complete Greg's puzzle. I can't copy and paste from word into the messages on Firefox so I use IE. IE is also where I keep Azariah logged in when he does the puzzles. I didn't pay attention to the user I was on when I sent the answers.
28/Oct/14 1:45 AM
The men arrived an hour late, and are hard at work now. They're adding 11+ inches of cellulose to the attic. With this insulation, and the new roof put on last month, we should be in good shape this winter.
28/Oct/14 1:47 AM

It was Diane's first day at school. The teacher suggested that it would be a good idea for each child to meet every other child in the class. The teacher said, 'When you meet, please shake hands and introduce yourself by name.'

If More...
28/Oct/14 1:58 AM
, y'all! Totally brain dead this morning and physically tired as well. The Girl Scout troop went cabin camping this past weekend at a Scout camp in the mountains of the 'upstate', and we re-blazed a trail leading up a mountain adjacent to camp property. To say the trail is difficult More...
28/Oct/14 2:01 AM
I'll catch up a little later. Like when I'm not brain dead and physically tired!
28/Oct/14 2:09 AM
Sacky from Tasmania, Don't miss Disneyworld! You are so close! It's a little expensive but well worth it. It's an experience you'll never forget.
28/Oct/14 2:24 AM
28/Oct/14 2:36 AM
Thank you, Shiela! Here's flying your way!!!
28/Oct/14 2:37 AM
Cute little kitten enjoying a wagon ride. Hope he got to where he wanted to go.
28/Oct/14 2:49 AM
Happy Monday!
28/Oct/14 3:24 AM
Up well past midnight last night, which is why I slept in. That's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it.
28/Oct/14 4:40 AM

We're warming up for the day (near 70 F so 21 C) so I'll use the grill for dinner. But they put that S word into the forecast for Friday night and Sat. It's too early for that white stuff (even though we had a big storm in late Oct. last year)!
28/Oct/14 6:01 AM
Sarah, once when I was having a party at home someone put washing detergent in my dishwasher. When I saw some bubbles starting to appear I put in some laundry softener and the bubbles disappeared. I let it finish the cycle, put the correct dishwasher tablet and just ran it through again.
28/Oct/14 6:18 AM
1:20. Good morning everyone.
28/Oct/14 6:50 AM
28/Oct/14 7:05 AM
Just came back for a quick look and noticed we're almost at the bottom of page 1.
28/Oct/14 7:05 AM
Just one more post...
28/Oct/14 7:06 AM
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