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Tough Sudoku for 29/October/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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'culprit incarnate'? There's a story here...
29/Oct/14 12:38 AM
Yesterday afternoon I was sitting outside with a dog at my feet. I gave the dog some mincemeat which it did not want to eat. The kookaburra came from behind me, flew over my shoulder, almost brushing my face with it's wings. Landed right in front of the dog and took the meat. The dog just looked at the kookaburra and did not bark.
29/Oct/14 3:39 AM
(29) 23@a7c9=>8@ac8=>e8<>8
(30) 13@g9i7=>g9<>6&g9i7<>4
(31) 6@ef3=>a3<>6
(33) 23@a7c9=>4@bc8=>4@h79=>h6<>4 5@hi2=>d2<>5
(37 ) More...
29/Oct/14 6:53 AM
UP32; (9)fi38.d3-(9=5)f1; UP81
29/Oct/14 7:03 AM
1. Note a7c9=23;ac2=36;g9h7=13.Unique possibilities to 32.
2. Whether g1=9;OR i3=9=f8;f1=5.UP81.
29/Oct/14 7:12 AM
Y-23 *: Symmetry=None, Start=25, SSTS=33, SG=13.5, SE=8.4
no krakens with correct move order
29/Oct/14 7:23 AM
Y-23 :

'Basics'; UP33
UR(24)ac27=*[1a6=NP(16)c15-(16)c7=*9a7]-9a6; UP42
[9h2=9h78-(9=14)gi8-1f8=(1-2)f5=*WW(52)c4h6.2c*h5-5i4=5i3]-(5=9)h2; UP47
(5=1)d5-5d8=(5-6)e8=(6-1)f8=1f5 @ :=> e8=56, f8=16, d4=3; UP81
29/Oct/14 10:41 PM
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