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Easy Sudoku for 21/November/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Next February when we visit Australia, I fear really hot temperatures!
21/Nov/15 12:01 AM
My oldest was a BIG Thomas fan. The middle two like him but are not obsessed. I don't like the change from narration to the characters talking themselves.
21/Nov/15 12:07 AM
Ann, Mike, Lyn, and Bill, whose last names are Juarez, Newton, Myers, and Ken, each have a favorite Thanksgiving dish - turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie. Sort out the clues and match up everything.

1. Juarez has her favorite dish after the main meal.
2. Mike loves his More...
21/Nov/15 12:09 AM
Happy Friday/Saturday everyone!
21/Nov/15 12:52 AM
I have been playing around with Serena's puzzle and now I have to get ready to go out to lunch. We are stopping by the big local garden center afterwards to see the Christmas decorations they are famous for. Goodness knows, I don't More...
21/Nov/15 1:59 AM
21/Nov/15 2:06 AM
fellow puzzlers

I know we dont talk about the weather (according to Karen!) but 43C/109.4F bears talking about!! That was what I was trying to sleep in today and its still only Spring Hide this post from Wolf.....
21/Nov/15 2:11 AM

hopefully we will of had all our hot weather by the time he arrives..
21/Nov/15 2:12 AM
I just realized that I didn't give yesterday's answers yet.

21/Nov/15 2:35 AM

1. Pigs Wigs
2. Black Plaque, Dire Flyer, Night Light
3. Moo Glue
4. Happy Nappy
5. Sore Floor, Hurt Dirt

In the today we have Judy, Joyce, lonewoof, Kathy, Wombat, and Aileen (4/5). It's ribbon time.
21/Nov/15 2:39 AM
Sunny, but cool.
Not having Thanksgiving dinner this year...
...maybe I'll have to try guinea pig instead?
21/Nov/15 3:02 AM
Good morning.
21/Nov/15 3:16 AM
Warm night here.
21/Nov/15 3:17 AM
House temperature 25C.
21/Nov/15 3:18 AM
I'm sitting here with back sliding door open about8' away opem, and there is only a slight coolness coming in.
21/Nov/15 3:20 AM
Should proofread better! Cya.
21/Nov/15 3:22 AM
Good afternoon to all! Anyone up for a train ride?
21/Nov/15 3:28 AM
A bit too hot for me, CP. Rather have 18 to 20 C.
21/Nov/15 3:29 AM
The Ottawa Red-Blacks play for the right to go to the Grey Cup on Sunday. Wish them well. As to the Ottawa Fury, sadly they lost the championship final 3 - 2 to the New York Cosmos. A great effort for an Ottawa team that is only two years old.
21/Nov/15 3:31 AM

Glad you didnt scroll up Greg......!!
21/Nov/15 3:38 AM

Your two teams have done okay, many more teams have finished behind them.
21/Nov/15 3:39 AM
21/Nov/15 3:54 AM
Can't eblieve you guys left it there - except to kindly wait for Keith. Where IS he?
21/Nov/15 3:56 AM

So you got the 22, CP, which you also like to get.
21/Nov/15 4:12 AM
Happy Friday day off!
Hubby has just suggested we go out for breakfast (IHOP or Marie Callender's), so that's an offer I can't refuse
21/Nov/15 4:46 AM
One cute choo-choo!
21/Nov/15 5:06 AM
Morning all, I have a Thomas I love soooo much too, my grandson.😉
21/Nov/15 6:25 AM
The cool change came through sometime through the night rattling the vents on the caravan to let us know it had arrived.
A welcome relief !
21/Nov/15 6:29 AM
Good morning all. Hubby's birthday today. I contributed to his super with a Lotto pack. The scratchies haven't produced anything, so I guess we wait for the Lotto draw tonight.
21/Nov/15 7:42 AM
I love his birthday, cos we are going out for lunch. No time spent in the kitchen!! So its happy unbirthday to me. I try to never miss out!
21/Nov/15 7:44 AM
Greg, I think my computer is going the way of yours. I've priced new ones and of course the one I want is the most expensive
21/Nov/15 7:46 AM
Sacky, my computer is still in good shade. My old drive had it, so I had a new 128 GB SSD drive installed. With labour, it cost a little less then $250. Cheaper than a new computer.
21/Nov/15 9:25 AM
Lizzy, why do I need to scroll up?
21/Nov/15 9:25 AM
In your message Sacky, shade should read shape.
21/Nov/15 9:27 AM
Good morning all...
It is pleasantly cool.. even had the doona back on he bed last night
Enjoy your unbirthday Sacky..it is good to have a day out of the kitchen.
I'm trying to decide on what I can take to a BBQ on the banks of the Yarra.. prerequisites is that the ingredients have to More...
21/Nov/15 1:18 PM
Wolf fearing hot temperatures in Australia in Feb is a bit of a no brainer... which states are you visiting? Tassie is the only one I recommend at that time of the year... each summer I pontificate about moving to Tassie..
21/Nov/15 1:25 PM
1:46 Good midday one and all!
21/Nov/15 3:00 PM
1:53. Wolf, Oz wont be any hotter than Dallas, probably less humid.
21/Nov/15 4:00 PM
Canuk Greg, your pc is probably lightning fast now!
21/Nov/15 4:03 PM
21/Nov/15 5:00 PM
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