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Easy Sudoku for 22/October/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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G'day mates.
Here's today's daffynition:
Cobra: Bra worn by Siamese twins.
Here's today's factoid:
Yasuke, a 16th century African who traveled to Japan as a slave, caused such a sensation that a powerful warlord wished to see him. He thought his black skin was paint and ordered it scrubbed. However, they became friends and Yasuke was later given the prestigious rank of Samurai.
22/Oct/14 12:00 AM
Goodmorning, Kayo! Love starting my mornings with your insights!
No sunshine out there today...
Grand-twins off to other grandparents... time to collapse!
22/Oct/14 12:08 AM
Twin's parents are on a trip to celebrate their 10th anniversary, and I think they are probably basking in the sun in complrete relaxatuion. Three year old twins keep you verrrrrrry busy! I don't know how they do it with full-time jobs!
22/Oct/14 12:12 AM
Good morning Sheila , Kayo, lurkers and posters to follow. If anyone is interested I poseted on yesterday afternoon's page.
22/Oct/14 12:20 AM
22/Oct/14 12:23 AM
Morning Hal. Did you know Peter had a go at you yesterday? It's probably because he's a Tasmanian.
22/Oct/14 12:25 AM
Dottie, they were definitely 'bear paws' and have had all sorts of names in different regions.
22/Oct/14 12:27 AM
We're off to savour the delights of Savannah today, before heading back to Jane's pad on St. Simons, for a reorganise before we hit Florida.
22/Oct/14 12:29 AM
Dottie - the bear paw Sacky referred to is a candy, known many places as a turtle, but we're finding it has a different name in every town we've visited!
22/Oct/14 12:32 AM

Again, I was curious about Kayo's factoid.....

His name was Yasuke, and he was the first and only black samurai. Brought to Japan by a Jesuit missionary, this African slave eventually ended up serving the famous warlord More...
22/Oct/14 12:50 AM
I'm with you, Shiela. Kayo comes up with such interesting stuff!
22/Oct/14 12:52 AM
Yes, Sacky, I saw Peter's slander. I'll chalk it up to, how shall I put this, a lack of knowledge.
22/Oct/14 12:53 AM
22/Oct/14 12:53 AM
Here is today's poozle!

Below are seven clues to seven words.
When arranged in the correct order, each word is an anagram of the previous word with a letter removed.

capital of France
headache tablet
single article
twisted ankle
coarse More...
22/Oct/14 12:58 AM

FYI Peter, the round trip distance from the hotel to the restaurant is 2.8 miles (4.5 KM), as the crow flies. (Or as the submarine sails.)
As none of us are capable of flying, the walking distance was a bit further.
22/Oct/14 12:59 AM
''coarse file'' go together.
22/Oct/14 1:00 AM
Incidentally, do subs 'sail'? Or is there an other word for their movement thru water?
22/Oct/14 1:01 AM
Good morning to all! Wet, dreary and on the cool side here. Today's picture cheered me up!
22/Oct/14 1:30 AM
Wonder where Keith is?
22/Oct/14 1:34 AM
It seems I got up at the right time.
22/Oct/14 1:34 AM
22/Oct/14 1:34 AM
It's getting close to 'That Time'...
22/Oct/14 1:34 AM
22/Oct/14 1:35 AM
REAL close!
22/Oct/14 1:35 AM
& Shiela snagged it. Well done.
22/Oct/14 1:35 AM
22/Oct/14 1:35 AM
Hello, Keith! Hope you have a wonderful day in spite of so-called 'friends' stealing your number!
22/Oct/14 1:37 AM

Nope, submarines sail. 'Course we also get to dive and surface. It's important that the number of surfaces equals the number of dives.
22/Oct/14 1:43 AM
Naw, it's all good. Much more fun when there's competition.
22/Oct/14 1:43 AM

Submarine and destroyer had completed an exercise and were heading for harbour. Smartarse destroyer sent a signal to the sub, 'We are making 30 knots. Do you wish to come with us.' Knowing full well that there was no way the sub could do that speed.

Not to be outdone the submarine skipper replied, 'We're going to 300 feet would you like to come with us?'
22/Oct/14 1:48 AM
Oooohhhh ... military jokes! When do we get to the real nitty-gritty ones, Peter??
22/Oct/14 1:56 AM
Peter, A torp would help them.
22/Oct/14 2:03 AM

This is a family site, Judy.
22/Oct/14 2:04 AM
May not help your promotion though.
22/Oct/14 2:04 AM
22/Oct/14 2:44 AM
Hmmm, shall I dood it???
22/Oct/14 2:45 AM
No one to challenge me? HalT, I know you were here . . .
22/Oct/14 2:45 AM
Looks like Karen is the sleepyhead!
22/Oct/14 2:46 AM
Getting there . . .
22/Oct/14 2:47 AM
22/Oct/14 2:47 AM
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