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Easy Sudoku for 22/December/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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G'day mates. Here's today's daffynition:
n. Two people who go right on talking when you're interrupting.
22/Dec/11 12:00 AM
Good Morning.
22/Dec/11 12:00 AM
Morning, Kayo.
22/Dec/11 12:01 AM
And good night to anyone following.
22/Dec/11 12:01 AM
I'm pooped.
22/Dec/11 12:01 AM
So it's off to bed for me!
22/Dec/11 12:01 AM
Good night, CP, sleep well.
22/Dec/11 12:03 AM
Won't need today.
Dreary and foggy outside.
22/Dec/11 12:03 AM
Sweet dreams, CP!
22/Dec/11 12:04 AM
Isn't that the truth, Kayo!
22/Dec/11 12:05 AM
2:44 Very slow time. Should be in bed.

Hello Emily - say hello to your Gran? for me.
22/Dec/11 12:17 AM
Nearly there!
22/Dec/11 12:17 AM
The 13. It's all mine.
22/Dec/11 12:17 AM
22/Dec/11 12:18 AM
I agree with Anne - seemed like a slow puzzle (of course, I am ALWAYS slow!).
22/Dec/11 12:44 AM
Good morning to all the good ladies (CP is probably gone).
22/Dec/11 12:45 AM
I don't feel up to trying to get to 22 by myself.
22/Dec/11 12:45 AM
Guess I will go work medium and let somebody else have the pleasure.
22/Dec/11 12:45 AM
Okay - I need to get to something constructive.
22/Dec/11 12:53 AM
Like cleaning up the house.
22/Dec/11 12:53 AM
Before my wife returns home from playing with the grandson.
22/Dec/11 12:53 AM
22/Dec/11 12:53 AM
Bye, all!!
22/Dec/11 12:53 AM
Wow, jamie! You got it easily!
22/Dec/11 12:58 AM
Looks like we are the only two around, Sheila! I decided to work the hard puzzle before going to "work". Both the medium and hard have pictures worth working for.
22/Dec/11 1:15 AM
HOWDY! More Holiday cheer!
22/Dec/11 1:19 AM
Well Jamie - you are having quite the busy morning! Must have had a good jolt of coffee
22/Dec/11 1:20 AM
Hi there cute Emily! I'd be pointing, too! Loved, loved, loved getting to see kangaroo in the wild!
22/Dec/11 1:24 AM
overcast day, get to be in the pool leading my water classes today ! the 1 person that wants me always on deck is gone for the holidays -- I think of it as her Christmas gift to me !
22/Dec/11 1:38 AM
I coulda been a contender ...
22/Dec/11 2:02 AM
Coulda, shoulda...next time, maybe!
22/Dec/11 2:13 AM
By the way... love your avatar, Keith!
22/Dec/11 2:14 AM
I'm off to the races...
the 'getting ready for Christmas races', that is!
See you later!
22/Dec/11 2:17 AM
Countdown to Christmas

Can't Wait?
How long 'til Christmas?

3 Days
14 Hours
18 Minutes

...But who's counting?
22/Dec/11 2:42 AM
Good morning people of the world.
22/Dec/11 2:47 AM

DorA, will you STOP that! I'm not ready!
22/Dec/11 2:47 AM
Humbug Day
22/Dec/11 2:48 AM
What's the hold up, Kathy?
22/Dec/11 2:49 AM
Still do not know what was on the list today. My appointment book, says doctor's appointment, but I canceled that. What was I thinking making an appointment with a dietician, this time of the year?
22/Dec/11 2:50 AM
Wish I knew where my weekly, daily list was, I feel so lost.
22/Dec/11 2:51 AM
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