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Easy Sudoku for 21/December/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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G'day mates. Here's today's daffynition:
1. n. One who never makes the same mistake once.
2. n. One who's footloose and fiancée free.

Happy Birthday: Ludwig Schuncke
21/Dec/11 12:00 AM
Won't need today.
(I think... No sun out, but haven't looked at forcast yet!)
21/Dec/11 12:43 AM
Wow! I'm #2 at 45 minutes into the day!?!?
Everone must be busy with holiday preparations or traveling!
21/Dec/11 12:45 AM
Wendy... what a fantastic photo & place!
I REALLY need to go to Tasmania!
21/Dec/11 12:50 AM
Hello gals!
21/Dec/11 1:02 AM
YEAH! #5! My favorite number!
Who's ready for Christmas???
I am! Just have a couple of pies to bake.
But today I want to wish all our Jewish family a Happy Haunkkah!
21/Dec/11 1:04 AM
No one here but us hens???? What's up with that? Is everyone busy getting their holiday tasks completed????
21/Dec/11 1:08 AM
Those caves look so fun, Wendy! You are quite an explorer!
21/Dec/11 1:12 AM
Must be, Vici! Glad you arrived. Was beginning to feel lonely!
21/Dec/11 1:13 AM
No snow to report here, Vici. It all melted!
21/Dec/11 1:14 AM
It's all yours, girls. I'm gone until tomorrow. Have a great day!
21/Dec/11 1:22 AM
21/Dec/11 1:23 AM
Yeah Hal!
Oh Shiela - and I was going to have to have a White Christmas vicariously through you...we're going to have temps in the 60's - UGGGGHHHH!
21/Dec/11 1:27 AM
Oops - grabbed Annie's spot again.
21/Dec/11 1:28 AM
See you tomorrow, Kayo!
21/Dec/11 1:29 AM
For VV and All,


The Teacher asked young Patrick Murphy: "What do you do at Christmas time?"

Patrick addressed the class: "Well Mrs Jones, me and my twelve brothers and sisters go to midnight mass and we sing hymns; then we come home More...
21/Dec/11 1:37 AM
Hahaha! So cute, Neil! I want to go with Isaac's family!
21/Dec/11 1:43 AM
Looks like Phanty is having a busy holiday...
21/Dec/11 1:45 AM
That looks like the most fascinating cave to explore (without a guide). For anything deeper and darker, like Mammoth Cave (45 minutes from me) a guide is essential.
21/Dec/11 1:58 AM
I'm having a tough time on the computer. There are 4 puppies, with very sharp teeth, chewing on my legs.
21/Dec/11 1:59 AM
I'll generously give someone #22. It IS the holiday season, after all.
21/Dec/11 1:59 AM
OK But where is Keith?
21/Dec/11 2:09 AM
Hi Heidi,

Are the pupplies having an equally tough time?
21/Dec/11 2:30 AM
It has been a slow morning!!
21/Dec/11 2:37 AM
They're enjoying themselves immensely.
21/Dec/11 2:38 AM
Over 2 hours to #22 - unusual. Now that I checked in, things can REALLY slow down. Almost time to head to school.
21/Dec/11 2:38 AM
Yup - I assume you mean the pups with sharp teeth?
21/Dec/11 2:39 AM
Bye for now. I worked the Medium and don't think I have time to do the hard (I am too slow).
21/Dec/11 2:47 AM
Wonder if the pups finished off Heidi?
21/Dec/11 2:47 AM
OK - finish off a CP and get out of Dodge.
21/Dec/11 2:48 AM

Only one correct answer to yesterday's puzzle:

What is represented below?

"Left or Right?"

Femur: "I'm not sure"
Fibula: More...
21/Dec/11 2:50 AM
I have survived. These are Collie pups. They have relatively good manners. They're already starting to get the idea of housebreaking at 6 weeks old!
21/Dec/11 2:50 AM
While you're sitting there being gnawed upon, Heidi, try this. Everyone else, too!

Bob Lowry was going to compete in a marathon. He called the number he heard on the radio and signed up with his 2 friends. He started running and was doing a good job, but 1/3 of the way through, he More...
21/Dec/11 2:58 AM
Christmas is hard work this year.
21/Dec/11 3:01 AM
Hello World...Thought I'd come by and share in the fun you so generously create on these pages...helps start the day in a very pleasant way.
21/Dec/11 3:14 AM
Good morning people of the world.
21/Dec/11 3:15 AM
Mudd Day
Games Day
21/Dec/11 3:16 AM
We are playing this game. See who can get to the car without getting into the mudd. Thing II and I, did this when we came home too. So far the mud is winning.
21/Dec/11 3:17 AM
If I ever finish wrapping, that part of Christmas-getting-ready part will be out of the way.
Learned yesterday, that I need to prepare cookies for Thing I's school party. I was planning on taking fruit, but guess they would rather have more surgar. So I will be in that room day preparing the dough for tomorrow to take the finished product on Friday.
21/Dec/11 3:19 AM
Yep, I am going to continue.
21/Dec/11 3:20 AM
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