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Easy Sudoku for 23/February/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good night one and all!
23/Feb/17 12:12 AM
Good Night Anne.
23/Feb/17 12:31 AM
I think we have all come to understand how difficult it is to create a good puzzle. What is clear in our own minds might not even occur to those seeking to solve our puzzles! This makes me appreciate even more those who successfully devise their own puzzles for our entertainment! Thank you, More...
23/Feb/17 12:47 AM
Good night, Anne! Hello, June.
23/Feb/17 12:47 AM
And Judy!
23/Feb/17 12:48 AM
On that note, let's clear the slate with this one ...


23/Feb/17 12:51 AM
Hi, Jamie! Are you actually going to retire some day??
23/Feb/17 12:53 AM
23/Feb/17 1:10 AM
23/Feb/17 2:14 AM
Good Maen, good people. Oh, Judy, I agree with what you said so well. I didn't think mine were going to be so hard. They just seemed obvious and fun to me --as yours now seems knowing the answer.

I thought of pewter but I thought you were saying that the tin item was something we all More...
23/Feb/17 2:22 AM
I suppose it's time to end the word reversal I offered. Remember I said it's not a spoonerism, and I used phrase clues not word for word clues. I also gave a hint that I was distracted by the 'little town blues.' Full disclosure: I've been humming Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin tunes and dealing More...
23/Feb/17 2:33 AM
I agree with Plum....always fun to spend several days tearing my hair out.
23/Feb/17 2:37 AM
I was nowhere near that answer, Plum!
23/Feb/17 2:39 AM
The answers to yesterday's NOT A SPOONERISM poozle:

I noticed that all the winners were also involved in the spoonerism guessing, so, the appropriate garb goes to Judy, Plum, Wombat, and Sarah.
23/Feb/17 2:45 AM
We got on a RAT PACK track about a week ago on Valentines Day. We were out driving, talking about sometimes seeing the moon in the sky during the daytime. We passed a pizzeria and all started singing 'When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's amore.' All three elements aligned. It More...
23/Feb/17 2:55 AM
Well, Wombat tells me he will have more for us in a few days. We will be spooning away again!

In the meantime.....

What do the following have in common? Example: fire truck-ketchup-apple = they are red

1. Wagon - Weed - Practical Joke
2. New York - Airline - More...
23/Feb/17 2:59 AM
Am I missing something, Kathy?
Is it really a one-letter-change at a time from CROSS to COOPS?
23/Feb/17 3:02 AM
Might she have left out crops?
23/Feb/17 3:06 AM
Well, here we are.
23/Feb/17 3:07 AM
Anybody tagging along?
23/Feb/17 3:07 AM
23/Feb/17 3:07 AM
23/Feb/17 3:07 AM
Yes'm, Shiela. She left CROPS (harvests) out of the lineup.
23/Feb/17 3:08 AM
Almost forgot to say 'Hello!'
Foggy today.
23/Feb/17 3:09 AM
My goodness, Keith. That was FAST. You must be out of breath! I intended to race you for it, but got a phone call at the wrong time.
23/Feb/17 3:09 AM
Whew! (Pretty certain something was amiss!)
23/Feb/17 3:11 AM
I am a bit winded.
23/Feb/17 3:11 AM
He was mega-gallumping!
23/Feb/17 3:12 AM
Plum solved my spoonerism but never wrote it out ... ... so ...

muter peer -- pewter mirror

Sorry to create something unsolvable ...

... but your attempts were amazing!
23/Feb/17 3:13 AM
23/Feb/17 4:44 AM
Went for a run, was nearly blinded by the cloudless day sunrise!!!
23/Feb/17 4:45 AM
Hooray! Glad CA - and shosho - are enjoying good weather.
23/Feb/17 4:47 AM
When I looked in the marsh with my phone camera, all the darn birds were very uncooperative! Either they were too far away, moved away, or decided at that moment to duck their heads in the water and all I got was their butt up where their heads were a second ago!!!
23/Feb/17 4:47 AM
An egret took off flying and came circling around close to me but by the time I got my phone out, it swung away! and I got an m shape!
23/Feb/17 4:49 AM
Ooooh, lookee, lookee! I am so close to the bottom of the page!
23/Feb/17 4:49 AM
Haven't done this in a long time!
23/Feb/17 4:50 AM
Kathy - I may not be able to send a solution, or have to send a partial. Numbers 4 and 9 are eluding me. I can find commonalities for two of the three in each set. Oh, well. I have other things to do. I'll try to get back.
23/Feb/17 4:50 AM
I'll start my run for the end . . .
23/Feb/17 4:50 AM
Oooh better hurry, Plum's here
23/Feb/17 4:51 AM
23/Feb/17 4:51 AM
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