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Easy Sudoku for 24/February/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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24/Feb/17 12:01 AM
Very quiet around here this morning.
24/Feb/17 12:31 AM
1:43 Good night Hal and Wolf and all who follow.
24/Feb/17 12:40 AM
Hi Folks, here is the promised Spoonerism poozle. Kathy made the rules clear, but briefly, it involves swapping the first letter (or letters) of one word for the first letter (or letters) of another word, not altering the sound of the rest of either words, and still having a meaningful pair of More...
24/Feb/17 12:44 AM
Good Maen all from Texas!
24/Feb/17 1:14 AM
Sunny & warm!
Off to watercolors!
24/Feb/17 1:53 AM
24/Feb/17 2:02 AM
24/Feb/17 2:34 AM
I was asked by several puzzlers to give them an extra day to puzzle out the answers to yesterday's puzzle. I shall do just that. Here it is again....

What do the following have in common? Example: fire truck-ketchup-apple = they are red

1. Wagon - Weed - Practical Joke
2. New More...
24/Feb/17 2:38 AM
Oops! How rude.
And, we have a very good one. It is predicted to get into the mid-70's today. Traditionally, February is our coldest month in this area.
24/Feb/17 2:41 AM
Good Maen, good people. Whew, Kathy, I just finished up yours and made a decent stab at Wombat's, for which I think I'm presently 8/10. I DO feel I've been busy. Especially since I didn't finish yesterday's TODO list. Gotta get onto that.
24/Feb/17 2:50 AM
Wombat, if you're still awake, can you check the PM I sent you? I have a couple questions about your spoonerisms. Thanks.
24/Feb/17 2:51 AM
24/Feb/17 6:21 AM
3:16. Personal best.
24/Feb/17 6:26 AM
Morning all, you wouldn't want to be standing downwind at that funeral.
24/Feb/17 6:47 AM
24/Feb/17 7:16 AM
Good Morning all
24/Feb/17 7:16 AM
If I don't go for it now
24/Feb/17 7:29 AM
I'll miss my chance.
24/Feb/17 7:30 AM
I seem to be alone.
24/Feb/17 7:30 AM
24/Feb/17 7:30 AM
24/Feb/17 7:30 AM
1:49, my fingers got confuzzled! Good morning everyone.
24/Feb/17 9:01 AM
Hi Plum, Sorry I'm so slow but I hat to go to the pathologist this morning and I had to fast. So I've just finished breakfast. You are right about my intention to use NUDE rather than BARE. In the other case you mention, I think it would be accepted by the experts (see www.fun-with-words.com, More...
24/Feb/17 10:33 AM
NUDE? BARE? I may have to go back and take another look at your puzzle, Wombat.
24/Feb/17 12:01 PM
Actually Hal I was pleased to come up with that spoonerisms as you commented on a previous example which had been mildly suggestive, and then I blew it by using BARE instead of NUDE.
24/Feb/17 1:30 PM
Do have another look at it Hal. I think it is a fun and not too hard one. Besides less than ten out of ten is also good.
24/Feb/17 1:32 PM
Wombat - I now believe I'm 10/10 with extra credit!
24/Feb/17 2:10 PM
And now I must drag myself out of bed because I have a load in the dryer that's going to get wrinkled if I don't take care of it.
24/Feb/17 2:11 PM
What did I say? Did everyone decide to do laundry? Or did everyone go back to bed?
24/Feb/17 10:10 PM
Eight hours between posts and I didn't spend enough of those hours sleeping. I wonder if I can roll back over for another sleep cycle? I love my hour and a half segments. If I get interrupted I feel I need to start that sleep cycle over again until I get it right!
24/Feb/17 10:14 PM
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