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Easy Sudoku for 25/February/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi, everyone! Yesterday was a record high of 88F=31C in Dallas.
We're leaving tomorrow for a cruise to and from Ft. Lauderdale
to the Panama Canal. We'll be gone about 12 days. I'll report
when we get back, of course.
25/Feb/17 12:00 AM
Enjoy your cruise Wolf.
25/Feb/17 12:05 AM
1:48 Good night Wolf and June and all who follow.
25/Feb/17 12:15 AM
1:34. Good night everyone.
25/Feb/17 12:41 AM
Nighty night, Chris and Anne!

Wolf! Have a great time!
25/Feb/17 1:09 AM
Good Maen, good people. Western Michigan is seeing snow and ice AND thunderstorms right now. We're getting rained on but just a little north of here they're getting heavy snow. In between is ice accumulations. Take your pick. What you can't get is sunshine.
25/Feb/17 1:11 AM
Bon voyage, Wolf. Leaving on the Atlantic headed towards the Pacific. Wow. Take lots of photos of the Gulf and the Panama Canal!
25/Feb/17 1:12 AM
The answers to day-before-yesterday's poozle:

1. Wagon - Weed - Practical Joke-They are pulled
2. New York - Airline - Jacuzzi-They have jets
3. World - Grandfather - tower-They are/have clocks
4. Cherry – Watch – pipe-They have stems
5. Room - Baby - Horn-They are/have More...
25/Feb/17 1:22 AM
We are having a heat wave, Plum. The forecast is for a high of 80° today. Next year, just go buy a new snow blower and generator. You will have an exceptionally mild winter. Trust me.
25/Feb/17 1:27 AM
Kathy, our forecasts have been for 60s and even 70 but they haven't come round. Except for two days when it peaked for an hour or two in the low 60s we've still had cool weather, cloudy most of the time with a chill wind. It's felt much colder than the 50s we've had as highs during this warm More...
25/Feb/17 1:45 AM
We were in Florida once and saw a small orange grove being sprayed with water in anticipation of an overnight freeze. I was curious enough to ask the grower why. He said when the water freezes it releases energy in the form of heat and protects the fruit from the damaging cold. Seems like you'd be at cross purposes, but, it must work, they do it all the time.
25/Feb/17 2:26 AM
I am off to join friends for lunch soon. Guess I'd better get my act together.
Have a good day/night, everyone!
25/Feb/17 2:27 AM
& Somehow, the sun is leaving shadows across the floor, but I don't see it! Weird!
Plum, we're supposed to have nasty weather coming our way but supposedly it won't arrive until this afternoon.
They keep mentioning the word 'tornado'.
25/Feb/17 2:32 AM
??? More like !!!
Okay... hubby won't spring for supplemental dental insurance. Believes in playing roulette, I guess. (He feels our annual dental bills will never equal the cost of annual premiums.) But yesterday I spent $350 on a broken tooth and they are watching another tooth possibly needing a root canal.
25/Feb/17 2:42 AM
So, I am eating soft foods for 24 hours to see it things settle down.
Yummmmmy! (Said with tongue-in-cheek.)
25/Feb/17 2:45 AM
25/Feb/17 3:42 AM
I raked bird seed out of my garden yesterday ... yes, I said raked, not shoveled. This is Canada--where's our winter?
25/Feb/17 3:45 AM
I had all but #5, Kathy, but never turned them in. That one was fun.
25/Feb/17 3:52 AM
Close enough.
25/Feb/17 3:52 AM
Anybody around?
25/Feb/17 3:52 AM
25/Feb/17 3:53 AM
25/Feb/17 3:53 AM
Rats, showed up just too late.
25/Feb/17 4:15 AM
Kathy - freezing releases heat and thawing releases cold from that which is affected by the temperature change. That's why, affected by the big Lake and a bunch of little lakes as I am, this warming spell actually released a lot of local cold from the waters that kept the temperatures down. Think of ice bucket air conditioners on a hot day. I'm surrounded by ice buckets.
25/Feb/17 4:19 AM
A friend who taps maples and makes syrup says that starting to tap this year in February wasn't unusual. It was normal. But what IS unusual is that the nights haven't been getting cold enough to sustain the sap season.
25/Feb/17 4:25 AM
The trees are 'waking up.' That's dangerous for fruit trees that set their blossoms early. If they get to a certain point of bud development before the next hard frost hits, the bud, blossom and eventual fruit are all lost for the year. So cherries, peaches and plums are all lost for a year. It More...
25/Feb/17 4:27 AM
We have snow in the forecast. So, even though it's cold enough for me to wear a jacket and fur lined slippers to be able to do so, I'm sitting next to an open window so I can breathe fresh humid air and listen to the spring peepers that will soon be silenced again by the cold.
25/Feb/17 4:30 AM
Do have another look at it Hal. I think it is a fun and not too hard one. Besides less than ten out of ten is also good.
25/Feb/17 5:09 AM
Morning all , at least she has her paddle.
Here I am sitting in the dark doing sudoku at my sisters place after a big night out.
25/Feb/17 6:05 AM
Nice day for a paddle.
25/Feb/17 6:06 AM
25/Feb/17 6:19 AM
Good Afternoon everyone! We're having a bonus warm day which wasn't in the forecast until yesterday - now I have daffys up at least 4 inches everywhere, not just in those sunny protected nooks. They've done it before & seem to know enough to stop when winter returns, but this is especially early, with much more winter left!
25/Feb/17 6:20 AM
Wombat, here is my assessment of your spoonerisms: 'most' of them eventually have a possible solution (I'm near distraction with one of them), but there is no way I'd describe them as either easy or not-too-hard ...they are challenging!

The only time puzzles such as these are ever easy are More...
25/Feb/17 6:33 AM
Morning everybody
Don't seem to get time to sit and read comments very often..
Do catch up on the news from a few of you on FB, thankfully, but generally feel a little out of touch with you all
Apart from a few health challenges (who doesn't have them?) all is hunky dory in Beanville
Have a good day everyone
25/Feb/17 7:41 AM
Hi Joyce, Sorry to drive you towards distraction. I'm always ready to drop some hint if you send me a PM. I know you have a reputation to protect, but you can always submit 9 out of 10.
Well just below is a new poozle to distract you.
25/Feb/17 8:06 AM
This week's Saturday poozle is a bit different to the usual 'fore and aft' one, it is moe a 1&3 poozle,
This time I will work through the alphabet again giving you the first and third letters of a word and a clue as to what the word is. I will also give you the rest of the word in random More...
25/Feb/17 8:06 AM
I've had three answers which agree with me so far, and one work in progress, so I must be on the same wavelength as some people.
25/Feb/17 8:09 AM
I think some of the regulars must be poozled out, so I'll reduce the number of poozles I post. That is not a reaction to your comment Joyce, but to my personal feeling.
25/Feb/17 8:13 AM
Keith, you did well with 9/10, I could only get 5/10, although I could see the connections when Kathy posted the answers
25/Feb/17 8:18 AM
And here we are at the bottom of page one, and a CP.
25/Feb/17 8:19 AM
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