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Easy Sudoku for 26/February/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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That's a sizable centipede
26/Feb/17 12:04 AM
1:51 Good evening Robin and all who follow.
26/Feb/17 12:06 AM
🌤❄️Good Maen - I have to confess - I tend to procrastinate- low motivation this past week - well, my son is moving back home - better get moving or the child will be sleeping on the floor. I need a goal !
26/Feb/17 12:12 AM
26/Feb/17 12:44 AM
Quiet today!!!
26/Feb/17 3:04 AM
Morning. Yes, it is, Denny.
26/Feb/17 3:14 AM
I counted 102 legs!

26/Feb/17 3:33 AM
(Snagged for Shosho!)
26/Feb/17 3:51 AM
No sunshine today.
26/Feb/17 4:00 AM
(Actually, 102 (or even two) is too much for me!)
26/Feb/17 4:08 AM
26/Feb/17 4:46 AM
Thank you, Shiela!!! Here's flying your way!
26/Feb/17 4:47 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne!
26/Feb/17 4:47 AM
Had a breakfast meeting with my brothers at King's Hawaiian Restaurant. Had their infamous french toast! Wow, when the Asian have toast or rather the Japanese have toast, they don't believe in the thin slice of bread! They have the inch to inch and a half thick slices. So my French toast was More...
26/Feb/17 4:51 AM
26/Feb/17 4:52 AM
1:24. Good morning everyone. I'm up a little early as I have a half marathon this at 7:45am and I need to get some fuel in my belly a couple of hours before the start. This one's specifically to raise money for research into testicular cancer - a really good run for a great cause.
26/Feb/17 5:41 AM
Morning all, I'll take your word for the leg count, Joe.
26/Feb/17 6:23 AM
Good luck on the marathon, Chris. Testicular cancer is more common than people realise.
26/Feb/17 6:28 AM
Wow! That's a great centipede photo
26/Feb/17 6:40 AM
Ah ha! I'll just amble along and knock off Keith's 22!
26/Feb/17 9:15 AM
Amble, amble!
26/Feb/17 9:16 AM
Well whaddya know.....twenty two!
26/Feb/17 9:16 AM
26/Feb/17 9:18 AM
Damn...Brumbies lost last night but they put up a good fight. So the outcome was not to bad but a win would have been bettter1
26/Feb/17 9:19 AM
It was a close run thng Peter and against the Crusaders too. It bodes well for some wins against lesser teams. Go Brumbies.
26/Feb/17 9:24 AM
That thng was a mistake Peter. Maybe I was thinking about the Kiwis.
26/Feb/17 9:56 AM
Been gone most of the day. Peter took care of business for me. Thx.
26/Feb/17 11:37 AM
Good afternoon.
26/Feb/17 2:07 PM
4T is coming over shortly to get something I think.
26/Feb/17 2:08 PM
But it gives me a chance to sort some financial stuff out with him.
26/Feb/17 2:09 PM
Speaking if financial stuff, have got an appointment with the advisor tomorrow.
26/Feb/17 2:10 PM
I've got some heavy reading to do before that so better go and get on with it.
26/Feb/17 2:11 PM
Posting the Spoonerism poozle has taught me quite a few things, first of which is how difficult it is for someone who is attempting to synchronise their thoughts with the person setting the puzzle, and how important it is to have a clear explanation of the guidelines the person setting the puzzle More...
26/Feb/17 3:32 PM
Clear as mud, Wombat.
26/Feb/17 3:40 PM
I think!
26/Feb/17 3:41 PM
Here are the answers to Friday's poozle. Five people submitted answer and not all agreed with the answer I had intended, but I won't say who those who differed from me were, merely note who submitted were and what the alternative responses were. Plum, Judy, Peter, Kathy and Joyce. all did More...
26/Feb/17 4:03 PM
I too am spotally tent, Wombat - but what a fun few days it's been! Thanks for creating them!
26/Feb/17 4:14 PM
Though I didn't try Wombat's spoonerisms puzzle, I did thoroughly enjoy reading his ''rules,'' and then trying to apply them as I read the answers. Only one bone to pick: it is commonly accepted that one can't include the word in it's own definition, as Wombat did in #3, BARE and BARE. Were I More...
26/Feb/17 5:03 PM
I bet that Rude Tit - Crude Wit was Judy's answer.
26/Feb/17 5:25 PM
In case anyone was wondering, I ended up with a reasonable time for the half marathon this morning - 1 hr 38 mins 05 secs, and fifth place. The course measured about half a km too long so that made it a bit quicker again. Happy with the day and even happier to have supported such a worthwhile cause!
26/Feb/17 5:33 PM
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