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Easy Sudoku for 24/July/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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24/Jul/15 12:00 AM
Good morning HalT.
Love the macaw.
24/Jul/15 12:05 AM
Hal and June!
24/Jul/15 12:18 AM
The answer to yesterday's poozle: DENTS
(It's okay if you just gave me the words. I can read down )

It's been quite awhile. I'm sure our winners are getting low on their supply, so, Judy, Joyce, Serena, Chalkboard, lonewoof, Wombat, Silvergal, Hal, Shiela, and Sarah, clear your More...
24/Jul/15 12:28 AM
beautiful day in OK
I like rain and the cool it brings on a hot summer day but I can live without the humidity.
24/Jul/15 12:47 AM
Isn't the macaw just the tiniest bit lost?
24/Jul/15 12:56 AM
It is the perfect day to tidy the house, then maybe take a nap later.
24/Jul/15 12:56 AM
fellow puzzlers, hope all is well in your world, and if its not may it be on the improve soon.
24/Jul/15 1:00 AM
to Sacky, hope your day is special doing what you like most.
24/Jul/15 1:04 AM
Pretty bird.
24/Jul/15 2:08 AM
Beginning with the letters 'wn,' add one letter from the given pool to create a new word until you get a seven-letter word meaning 'a game in which balls are rolled down an alley at a group of objects'. Do not scramble the letters as you add them.

Pool: I O B G L

1) WN

Answers to my β€˜β€™alley’’ inbox please.
24/Jul/15 2:08 AM
24/Jul/15 2:19 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne,
24/Jul/15 2:20 AM
Sorry, had to take a moment to let Blackie give his cuddles and nuzzles. Have to do it now because after lunch, it's off to the doctors again for hubby. I'm not to crazy about the hour and half drive to the big Kaiser facility where they have their specialty machines and procedures. We have a perfectly big facility within 15 minutes from home but no micro surgery, oncology radiation, whatever.
24/Jul/15 2:27 AM
, y'all! Pretty macaw today. I think I see a band around it's leg.
24/Jul/15 2:59 AM
site today....
24/Jul/15 4:27 AM
Love that Macaw. Such a pretty colourful bird.
24/Jul/15 4:28 AM
Sunny and pleasant.
Wishing you all a great summertime day!
24/Jul/15 4:42 AM
Good afternoon to all! Polly is looking for a cracker maybe?
24/Jul/15 5:15 AM
Hal, I assume you'll let us know when you get the results from the herpetologist?
24/Jul/15 5:17 AM
Beautiful bird, with strong colors!
24/Jul/15 5:27 AM
24/Jul/15 5:43 AM
Foiled again.
24/Jul/15 6:20 AM
1:42. Good morning everyone.
24/Jul/15 6:24 AM
Morning all, this macaw is a long way from the jungle.
24/Jul/15 6:34 AM
Sacky, have a fun day . πŸŽ‚
24/Jul/15 6:38 AM
Absolutely, Greg.
24/Jul/15 6:52 AM
24/Jul/15 6:57 AM
, Sacky! And many more!
24/Jul/15 7:57 AM
Long gap between posts.
24/Jul/15 9:57 AM
I was awake at 0430.
24/Jul/15 9:59 AM
Had breakfast at 06 00.
24/Jul/15 10:01 AM
Back to bed at 0700.
24/Jul/15 10:02 AM
And awake again at 0900.
24/Jul/15 10:03 AM
Broken sleep does not suit me at all.
24/Jul/15 10:05 AM
Happy Birthday, Sacky.
24/Jul/15 10:09 AM

Yes, Happy Birthday Sacky. From one of us Taswegians to one of us Taswegians. (Though I've only been here for seven and a bit years so I'm still a 'newby'.
24/Jul/15 10:17 AM
Nice of you to fill in the gap, CP.
24/Jul/15 10:17 AM
24/Jul/15 10:18 AM
Where's Shosho?
24/Jul/15 10:18 AM
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