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Easy Sudoku for 25/July/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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25/Jul/15 12:00 AM
About the snake: Mr. Will Dillman, Herpetologist with the SC Depth. of Natural Resources said, ''The snake in your picture is a Ratsnake... They are quite variable in pattern in this state [SC] and also exhibit a color/pattern change as they grow from juveniles to adults, making them tricky to identify.''

Guess he doesn't know either.
25/Jul/15 12:02 AM
That's Dept., not Depth.
25/Jul/15 12:06 AM
''Rat snakes are not dangerous to humans and are bred in captivity and sold as pets. Captive bred specimens are easily tamed with repeated handling.''

Go tame that bad boy, Hal!
25/Jul/15 12:49 AM
Oh, sorry....
to our snake charmer and all who follow!
25/Jul/15 12:51 AM
Morning all. have a good day
25/Jul/15 12:58 AM
25/Jul/15 1:16 AM
Somebody got tired of all the cat pictures.
25/Jul/15 1:25 AM
Sunny again!
Snakes? They are not particularly charming to me and I'd rather not charm them.
25/Jul/15 1:35 AM
Such a cute dog today. There are dogs and cats on this site, and I love them both.
25/Jul/15 2:19 AM
for all the talk about snakes, reminds me I have rats in the back fridge defrosting to feed mine
25/Jul/15 2:24 AM
fellow puzzlers, hope all is well in your world and if its not may it be on the improve soon.
25/Jul/15 2:54 AM

Our spare room where I keep my 7 snakes, is not a popular room with hubby.
25/Jul/15 2:55 AM
25/Jul/15 3:08 AM
I remember having a small emerald green tree snake as a pet in my classroom long ago. One afternoon, I had the little snake hanging from my neck as I cleaned its terrarium. Our custodian, a over six foot burly man, came halfway into my room when he finally noticed my snake. I swear the man jumped back and was peering at me from the door!!!
25/Jul/15 3:11 AM
Lovely dog! Looks like minnie schnauzer?
25/Jul/15 4:35 AM

The cranberry-white chocolate cake is in the oven! So I'll be all set for my visit with my niece and her family tomorrow!
25/Jul/15 5:09 AM
Morning all, where have all the cats gone.😱
Cute dog though.
25/Jul/15 6:31 AM
Dottie,do you think I would pass as family if I turned up with your niece , the cake sounds delish.
25/Jul/15 6:35 AM
Keith, where are youuuu?
25/Jul/15 6:36 AM
I'm here.
25/Jul/15 6:38 AM
25/Jul/15 6:38 AM
Thanks Amelia.
25/Jul/15 6:39 AM
1:26. Good morning everyone.
25/Jul/15 6:47 AM
25/Jul/15 8:42 AM
Looks like everyone has been as busy as I have today.
25/Jul/15 8:42 AM
Another day here. I should remember from years past that 100+ F is nothing unusual.
25/Jul/15 8:44 AM
I do agree with hubby that we liked the summer temps in Montana. I know we would not like the winter temps.
25/Jul/15 8:45 AM
Too hot for me to be outside for long. I did go out and water the plants in pots out back. Tomorrow I will water the plants on the front tomorrow.
25/Jul/15 8:48 AM
Dog just home from the dog groomer, it seems.
25/Jul/15 11:22 AM
I read the first few comments and was expecting a snake.
25/Jul/15 12:51 PM

1) WN
2) WIN

In the very crowded today we have Judy, Canuk Greg, Silvergal, Kathy, lonewoof, HalT, Darwen Jim, Wombat, Kieth, More...
25/Jul/15 12:54 PM
Can you find a three-letter word that will go in front of each word in the group to make a new, compound word? For each group, the three-letter word will have just one letter changed from the answer to the previous group! (Example: Group 1 = Run, Group 2 = Fun, Group 3 = Sun)

1) Fight, More...
25/Jul/15 1:21 PM
My mom and her husband are up visiting. After a long and complicated travel ordeal they ended up here without a vehicle which ties up my time more than I thought the visit would. I'm not really expecting anyone to answer the puzzle, but I felt bad about not posting one without notice.
25/Jul/15 1:23 PM
A delayed CP and I'm off to bed.
25/Jul/15 1:57 PM
Good afternoon.
25/Jul/15 4:31 PM
Enjoy this music from a very talented young lady............


Watch out for rogue spaces.
25/Jul/15 5:42 PM
Hi to all! I didn't have a chance to post yesterday.
25/Jul/15 10:04 PM
Well, since I'm here I'll get us off page 1.
25/Jul/15 10:05 PM
Let's go.....
25/Jul/15 10:05 PM
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