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Easy Sudoku for 26/July/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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26/Jul/15 12:00 AM
I agree.
26/Jul/15 12:02 AM

1) = cat (catfight, catwalk, catfish, catnap)
2) = cut (cutback, cutthroat, cutlass, cutlet)
3) = nut (nutcase, nutcracker, nuthouse, nutshell)
4) = out (outside, outcome, outmatch, outsize)

A lot more people hang out on More...
26/Jul/15 12:08 AM

Wakey wakey world!!! its good to be alive (even if I am at work!)
26/Jul/15 12:56 AM

One day I will work out how to add my own avatars, but dont hold your breath!!!
26/Jul/15 1:00 AM
I missed Serena's puzzle!
Guess I need to check back before bedtime.....unfortunately, I tend to veg out in front of the TV before retiring, so, it's not the best time for ''thinking'' games.
26/Jul/15 1:00 AM
Now I have guilt.
26/Jul/15 1:02 AM
You shouldn't, Serena. I just need to turn off the TV, pick up my ipad and try thinking.
26/Jul/15 1:13 AM
But, in all fairness, Blue Bloods was on, which involves Tom Selleck.....
26/Jul/15 1:18 AM
26/Jul/15 1:42 AM

for Kathy
26/Jul/15 1:47 AM
beautiful day in OK
26/Jul/15 1:49 AM
I know it will get but it is cool {under 90} now will enjoy it for a few minutes.
26/Jul/15 1:51 AM
Good morning. Hope that you are not working too hard Lizzy. Hope it does not get too hot Sue. It was a lovely day yesterday and should be the same today but back to cold forecast for Monday.
26/Jul/15 2:09 AM
Sue! My day is made.
Now, I have to get to the laundry......
26/Jul/15 2:40 AM
26/Jul/15 3:07 AM
If you wanted a quick loan its too late. The LOAN LENDER has gone the way of all spammers. Onya Gath.
26/Jul/15 4:28 AM
Good afternoon to all! Good looking young woman. Yes, young, compared to me!
26/Jul/15 4:34 AM
Busy watching the Pan AM Games that are being held here in Toronto. Back later.
26/Jul/15 4:36 AM

June, work has been very ordinary tonight, not a lot of time for anything else.
26/Jul/15 5:05 AM

Will give Keith a chance to crack his number, bye for now.
26/Jul/15 5:05 AM
Morning all, wondering if it is one of our members.
Greg,I'm watching the golf in Ontario ,Canada this morning 🇨🇦
26/Jul/15 6:34 AM
Oops ,Keith !
26/Jul/15 6:35 AM
Aw ... missed it again.

Lizzy, check your inbox.
26/Jul/15 6:45 AM
Happy Saturday with 2 days off in a row! Just back from donating blood at the Red Cross (#38th pint)
26/Jul/15 7:26 AM
Have a good weekend everybody
26/Jul/15 8:49 AM
Serena, You should not feel any guilt. With a young child to care for, hosting the grandparents, we are very fortunate to be given the results from one puzzle and a new one to tickle the neurones.
Keep up the good work and feel appreciated, not guilty.
26/Jul/15 8:54 AM
Peter, Another good win for the Cats. Now we'll see if the Dogs can beat the Magpies. Not Anne that is but Collingwood.
26/Jul/15 8:59 AM
1:36. Good morning everyone.
26/Jul/15 9:07 AM
Wombat, I'm confused (not that there's anything unusual about that!), but is Anne a Dog or a Magpie?
26/Jul/15 9:40 AM
Anne's avatar is a magpie, and the Collingwood mascot is a magpie (the team have black and white vertical stripes on their uniform). I didn't want anyone thinking my Bulldogs (red white and blue) would attack Anne. Obviously I failed.
By the way I thought I had resized all my photos, but have discovered the whale is big enough to swallow Jonah.
26/Jul/15 10:02 AM
Sorry, Wombat. I'm obviously not familiar with the Aussie sports teams. (He11, I can barely keep up with ours.)
26/Jul/15 10:36 AM
And as for keeping up with the site's avatars...
26/Jul/15 10:47 AM

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26/Jul/15 11:08 AM
A gynecologist had become fed up with malpractice insurance and HMO paperwork, and was burned out. Hoping to try another career where his skillful hands would be beneficial, he decided to become a mechanic. He went to the local technical college, signed up for More...
26/Jul/15 11:49 AM
26/Jul/15 12:42 PM
26/Jul/15 12:46 PM
Wombat, I'm on a roll this weekend.....Cats won, Wallabies beat the Argentinians and Daniel Ricciardo has qualified 4th for the Hungarian F1 Grand Prix.

Good luck to the Doggies, any body who can beat Collingwood has to be orright!
26/Jul/15 12:49 PM
Anne, unfortunately supports the Dockers, which is a bit of a shame, really!
26/Jul/15 12:52 PM

Whoever turns the page is a monkey's uncle!
26/Jul/15 12:53 PM
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