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Easy Sudoku for 25/March/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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1:45. Good Morning, all.
25/Mar/19 12:02 AM
25/Mar/19 12:16 AM
Hi, guys!
Not sunny today.
Think I'll go to an area garden's conservatory to see Spring Flowers today. That would almost be as good as sunshine!
25/Mar/19 1:39 AM

Anne, I hope your daughter got through the cyclone with no damage.
25/Mar/19 1:57 AM
I'm going to look for a lighter version of hollandaise sauce and make the California eggs Benedict, too. I have whole wheat English muffins, avocado, and tomato, so I'm almost there.
Thanks for the suggestion, Witchy!
25/Mar/19 2:01 AM
Atta girl, Batty! Yes, I go on a guilt trip every time I scarf down hollandaise sauce, too! Let us know if you find a decent light sauce. I have had no luck with that!
25/Mar/19 2:32 AM
25/Mar/19 3:07 AM
25/Mar/19 3:47 AM
Oops ... make that last one for shosho.
25/Mar/19 3:48 AM
Thank you, Keith!!! Here's flying your way!!!
25/Mar/19 3:51 AM
Good mAen, good people. My orchid has 10 gorgeous blossoms! Four more to open.
25/Mar/19 3:57 AM
Wow! Plum! My orchids are trying to recover being cold. Two phaleanopsis have bit the dust but all the others are hanging in there. I was very worried about my vanilla orchid but it's faring better than most.
25/Mar/19 4:00 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
25/Mar/19 4:01 AM
Cute miniature horse.
25/Mar/19 4:47 AM
25/Mar/19 7:27 AM
Morning all,cute horse.
We spent the night beside a lake near Barmera, SA.
The sun is shining and the wind has dropped thank goodness.
My BIL works at Port Headland so we were worried but the company flew all the workers home before the hurricane got close.
25/Mar/19 8:24 AM
Good maEn
I like horses
25/Mar/19 9:18 AM
Is that one of Heidi's photos, dya suppose?
25/Mar/19 9:23 AM
Windy here in Hobart today, it'd blow the milk out of your tea!

Not as bad as up north though.
25/Mar/19 10:58 AM
Maybe someone should have checked the background before posting this photo
25/Mar/19 11:07 AM
Good morning all. Just tried the puzzle and was getting the letter 'F' instead of numbers.
Just 'phoned my daughter as I hadn't heard from her this morning and all is okay.
My granddaughter, her partner and their baby Isaac lost power yesterday at their house and they had More...
25/Mar/19 12:40 PM
The cyclone has lessened a bit but still very strong winds and some rain which will cause flooding.
Thank you, Kathy, for your concern.
25/Mar/19 12:41 PM
2:19 A bit slow this morning.
Thank you Shosho.
25/Mar/19 12:44 PM
Sailor!! I think that is a hand!
25/Mar/19 1:57 PM
😂😂I had to go back to the photo to see what Sailor saw !
Well Judy we hope it's a hand !😳😂
25/Mar/19 3:08 PM
Trust her, Judy would know!
25/Mar/19 3:15 PM
Don't forget that this week's POOZLE is due in tomorrow.. Lovely and sunny here today, but a bit breezy. I'm intrigued to know what aroused sailor's interest in the picture, but I'd have to do the puzzle again to find out.
25/Mar/19 5:54 PM
Ah, now I see. That must be the sort of thing that a photographers hate, especially when there are sharp eyed sailors around.
25/Mar/19 6:04 PM
1:48. Good evening everyone.
25/Mar/19 7:26 PM
It is possible the photo was cropped, so what we see is weirder than what the photographer saw.
26/Mar/19 8:04 AM
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