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Easy Sudoku for 12/November/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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12/Nov/13 12:00 AM
A Thought For The Day:

Ladies, if a man says that he will fix it, he will.
There is no reason to remind him every 6 months about it.
12/Nov/13 12:02 AM
Good morning to all!

Lest We Forget....

12/Nov/13 12:24 AM
Thank You to all our Veterans
12/Nov/13 1:42 AM
12/Nov/13 1:43 AM
Rememberance Day to Canada
12/Nov/13 1:44 AM
Greg, the youtube made me remember the VFW use to hand out poppies today. Maybe some places do but don't remember seeing them lately. BTW you made me cry, Thank you.
12/Nov/13 1:48 AM
I guess I like the sound of my own voice,
12/Nov/13 1:49 AM
Now I have to get busy
12/Nov/13 1:49 AM
12/Nov/13 2:02 AM
I don't have a clue who this is in today's picture, but I love her sense of color!
12/Nov/13 2:37 AM
12/Nov/13 2:56 AM
Cool avatar, Doug - The thought's not bad either.
12/Nov/13 2:59 AM
To all veterans, everywhere, thank you for your sacrifice an your service.
12/Nov/13 3:00 AM
12/Nov/13 3:28 AM
Yes, to all veterans, thank you. But I want to remember the family members who lived with the fear of never seeing their loved ones again. I want to thank them for the sacrifices they made while their spouses and parents were gone protecting freedom.
12/Nov/13 3:30 AM
She looks better in a rectangle.
12/Nov/13 3:31 AM

Diophantus was a Greek mathematician who lived in the third century. He was one of the first mathematicians to use algebraic symbols.

Most of what is known about Diophantus's life comes from an algebraic riddle from around the early More...
12/Nov/13 3:32 AM
I want to thank the family members who have held their breaths choking down the emotions each time they thought of their brave ones. Yes, Veterans, I thank you very much, but I also thank your families and loved one left behind to cope with being a single parent and with being a child who is having a difficult time trying to understand why his/her mommy/daddy isn't there.
12/Nov/13 3:33 AM
You are so right, shosho. Well said.
12/Nov/13 3:46 AM
Good morning people of the world.
12/Nov/13 3:52 AM
Veteran's Day
12/Nov/13 3:52 AM
Thank you, to all the Veteran's and their families.
12/Nov/13 3:53 AM
I echo what several have already said - thanks to all veterans and their families.
12/Nov/13 4:37 AM
Hello everyone!
We've already had our poppies!
12/Nov/13 6:11 AM
12/Nov/13 6:35 AM
1:30. Good morning everyone.
12/Nov/13 6:47 AM
Good morning everyone.
12/Nov/13 7:15 AM
Time for a
12/Nov/13 7:15 AM
Morning all, clicked in this box to make a comment and got taken to another page to do a survey. Grrr!
12/Nov/13 8:02 AM
Tam, enjoy your day.
Hello Doug, first time I have seen you so welcome to the site.
12/Nov/13 8:04 AM
Slow day here.
12/Nov/13 10:27 AM
It won't be anymore now that you're here, HalT!
12/Nov/13 10:43 AM
1:55 Good morning one and all!
12/Nov/13 10:46 AM
12/Nov/13 10:54 AM
Wow, more than ten hours after the change over and we're still on the first page!
12/Nov/13 11:00 AM
I guess most of the upper siders have been out celebrating the day!
12/Nov/13 11:01 AM
I know I spent the day watching my grandie so that his parents could work and study.
12/Nov/13 11:01 AM
so close . . . HalT, I know you're around . . .
12/Nov/13 11:02 AM
12/Nov/13 11:02 AM
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