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Easy Sudoku for 27/October/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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G'day mates.
Here's today's daffynition:
Abbreviation: An inordinately long word in light of its meaning.
Here's today's factoid:
The white marble Greek statues and temples were not originally white. They were painted in lots of bright colors. Ancient Greeks thought that colorless statues were ugly and stripped of beauty.
27/Oct/14 12:00 AM
Hi Kayo, no one else about this morning?
27/Oct/14 12:12 AM
Good morning to all! I see Me, but it's not me!
27/Oct/14 12:24 AM
Re-posting the weekend puzzle should anyone still wish to try it. A good response so far. Answers tomorrow.

1. A tough task or someone/something that smells bad –> a past times itinerant mender of household utensils
2. Traditional Christian church members known for their simple living More...
27/Oct/14 12:27 AM
Hi Greg,I enjoyed the puzzle and actually got it done on the first day. Hubby has turned off the TV so back to bed for me.
27/Oct/14 12:36 AM
27/Oct/14 1:01 AM
I forget at what age they know they are looking at themselves.
27/Oct/14 2:33 AM
Hey! Sometimes I don't even recognize myself in the mirror!
27/Oct/14 3:18 AM
Sometimes I don't WANT to recognize myself in the mirror.
27/Oct/14 3:44 AM
Who IS that old person behind the mirror??
27/Oct/14 4:08 AM
Judy apparently hasn't gotten to that age yet.
27/Oct/14 4:33 AM
Cute kid. I love Kathy's comment.
27/Oct/14 4:34 AM
Baby's first selfie.
27/Oct/14 5:37 AM
Greg's puzzle is done.
27/Oct/14 5:52 AM
Morning all, I don't think me knows who he/ she is yet.
27/Oct/14 6:33 AM
2:07. Good morning everyone.
27/Oct/14 6:34 AM
Very slow here today ,but then it is Sunday for the topsiders. ⛳️🏈⚾️🎾
27/Oct/14 6:42 AM
Morning Chris.
27/Oct/14 6:43 AM
I'm watching the golf at St Simon Island...Janes stamping ground.
27/Oct/14 6:48 AM
Thx Amelia for getting us close.
27/Oct/14 6:49 AM
Coming along?
27/Oct/14 6:49 AM
27/Oct/14 6:49 AM
Stay quiet; Stay wery, wery quiet. That darn wabbit will show up soon.
27/Oct/14 7:33 AM
I guess that should have been 'Stay vewy, vewy quiet.' Forgive me Elmer!
27/Oct/14 7:36 AM
Looks like we will have to work hard to make page 2. I know UK changed their clocks. Did US and Canada change their clocks as well?
27/Oct/14 10:26 AM
We will change back to standard time next Sunday. I think our friends to the north will also. Greg?
27/Oct/14 10:32 AM
Thanks HalT, I just went and checked also. I just thought that may be the reason no one was posting.
It is heating up here so I had better do some chores before it gets too hot.
27/Oct/14 10:43 AM
Yes, November 2nd for us.
27/Oct/14 10:44 AM
27/Oct/14 11:02 AM
I'm not looking forward to the time change. Darn, was just beginning to enjoy the view of the stars in the morning when I go for a run! Even bought a reflective band for my arms so that I'll be a shining spot for cars to see!
27/Oct/14 11:04 AM
Oh well, I guess I'll see more of the marsh preserve when I run. Thought of my warmer running clothes but now won't need them yet. I did change to short sleeves and running capris. The halter top and shorts were given up earlier this month.
27/Oct/14 11:06 AM
Hello, all.
27/Oct/14 12:23 PM
Can't have only one page, can we?
27/Oct/14 12:23 PM
Wow. Over an hour since the previous post.
27/Oct/14 12:24 PM
Really? We can't leave it here....!
27/Oct/14 12:30 PM
I have no tales to tell, but......
27/Oct/14 12:31 PM
Where are the story-tellers, the jokesters, the football-groaners & celebrants, anyone?
27/Oct/14 12:33 PM

Where is everybody.. still on page 1 at this hour!
Happy Monday & enjoy what is left of your Sunday everyone else
27/Oct/14 12:36 PM
Well, hello, Bean - you were supposed to help this along........
27/Oct/14 12:38 PM
So with no takers, unless there are lurkers - Shosho? Karen? Hal? - here we go!
27/Oct/14 12:39 PM
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