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Easy Sudoku for 28/December/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Happy new Year everyone
It´s so easy. Make it harder please!
George - Try the Medium next - see the box in the upper right hand corner - how far can you go? I never tried the Tough yet.
12345689, 12345689, 12345689....
Something wrong, something missing.....
uh oh seven; I'm in trouble again
Happy New Year!
Susan, from Ingham Do you know the Quartero or Valle family in Ingham?
what was it that you wanted to tell me the other day that got you into trouble?
are people on this site really truthful about time taken to solve?
please someone answer me. I am getting an inferiority complex... specially time taken for solving hard. tough is impossible for me.
aargh! I am so annoyed. I was on course to get it in about 4 minutes, but a stupid pop-up came up and I lost my game! Guess I have to start again.
2:49 Sweta....They probably are on Easy, Medium and Hard but some of the times on Tough seem a bit fanciful !
Didn't time myself - too ashamed!
What time do they post this site?
Happy New Year
Thanks for the entertainment
thanks Rob..Feel a lot better.u r from Liverpool?
Beatles fan by any chance? Their career started there isn't it?
1:51 What a wonderful season this is. Enjoy.
GOOD MORNING! How was everyone's christmas? Just got back home from visiting the family for a few days...I have missed the crew. Good to be back.
Good day all.It snow. Trees, grass, hedges everything is white and so beautiful! Water is ice-over and I must broken ice that birds can drink.
to HH:bonjour, Have you see the cower of Country Living(january magazine)it's a white dog seems as the mine!.
to jv
Yes Sweta. The Beatles were born in Liverpool and their career started at the City's Cavern club. Bit before my time but I do like some of their music !
Hi Dennis! Left you a message yesterday - wasn't sure if you were online - wanted to make sure you travelled safely. Glad you had a good Christmas, mine was fab! Family here till end of week so I'm still enjoying (just fitting in bits of work here and there - needs must when you work for yourself!) What did Santa bring you?
Bonjour! No snow here, but a heavy frost and some ice. My Christmas present to you (only if you want it!) - 'it is snowing' (present tense) 'it has snowed' (past tense). Water is iced-over; I must break it so that birds can drink (so did we today!) If you'd rather not know, just say, catherine :)
to jvc: hello! three grids it's enough for me! one hour is very long!
Fiona, salut!Il neige beaucoup ici. C'est de la vraie neige, épaisse, c'est beau.
Ouah, ouah, j'adore les scottish terrier mais bon... Tu pars bientôt au Mexique, tu as pu prendre des vacances?
Sorry - haven't seen Country Living - what kind of dog?
beautiful cat!
Sweta, some people can do them as fast as posted but there are many more that don't post their time. These are the times that would make you feel better. There of course is the element that post their name with a time that is false or came by using the cheats and had many flashing red squares to aid them. Don't worry about your time.
Trying to train up my speed in solving sudoku..... still long way to go.... 03:47.
4:01 what an adorable cat! Wish I were that relaxed :)
Thx, at last someone correct my mistakes!
What does mean 'just say lol'?
to CJ from KS:
There are other nice people like u who have also been very encouraging to me today. Thanks everybody.
KS is where??
It's a white dog, perhaps a terrier!
I don't even ever set the timer. I do solve all 4 puzzles everyday though. If you have a hard time with the harder ones just look away for a while. Someimes if I get stuck and take a break I see something I didn't see before when I come back.
catherine, lol usually means 'laugh (or laughs, or laughing) out loud', so when people post it in reply to a comment or a joke, it's in appreciation because it made them laugh. lol can alos mean 'lots of love', so you need to see the rest of the message to decide which. Almost every time it's been used on here it's been ralted to laughing
oops - re-write of last sentence: lol can also mean 'lots of love', so you need to see the rest of the message to decide which. Almost every time it's been used on here it's been related to laughing
1:58 Eithyer this is too easy or I found some good coffee.
sweta, people debate on here all the time about whether fast times are possible; whether people who post fast times only start the timer when they've looked at the grid, and really none of it matters! What I think matters is enjoying the site, and there are lots of great people on here to enjoy it with - so, welcome!
Hello everyone...I did a great time for me that is ...3:05...one of my best times...
Have a fantastic day all....
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