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Easy Sudoku for 27/December/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.
Have a great day -
2:56 Who's the person??A fellow sudokuist??
Hey, hope everyone had a great Christmas and not paying too high a price for indulging. Hitting the sales in the morning so nitey nite. Hi Andre - lovely to 'see' you again, hi amber, HH, where's k from b? G from d, qrp, bucko from spokane - wherever you are...
under 2 minutes!!
Hi to All.... This up an hour early ???
re-final comment by HH on med - I fully agree!
sorry, penultimate comment, she added another one
Hi all, happy sudoku
Its a great day
Good Morning, Everyone! Hope holiday celebrations warmed your heart wherever you are!
I think the 2 Hormones and my Gruff got it about family and love and Christmas! Just when I'd about given up on the selfishness of teens...
2:24 Starting with 9
4:26. Who's in the picture? Anyone we know?? To start a thread... has anyone read Wicked?
just when you thought you had them figured out , LISA ain't it great
My daughter has only 1 item to exchange today- the size was for boys not girls.
5:03 (yecch!) Can somebody tell me how to break the three minute barrier. Thanks.
2:13 today
never eat yellow snow
Oops, forgot to start the timer. Foggy and windy, an odd combination here. Have a wonderful day!
3.18 oh well. Hi Billy, Perth - good to see you, and isn't it great to hear from andre again! frank zappa, thanks for lol!
BTW, it's cold here today, heavy frost this am, then it rained! Still, yesterday was perfect....
3:39 my best so far, I believe. Hope you all ahd a nice holiday.
Good morning everyone! Here's hoping all of you have a wonderful day today!
2:59 a rare under three minutes for me. Pic is self portrait of young man, is he at his computer playing sudoku? The weather is perfect again here today! I may just go to the beach.
Morning ya'll. Hope you had a great Christmas. No exchanges to make. Just looking for good buys. Conned my husband into going with me. Should be a great day.
2:01 great day all
ykj 3n 24j etw e dn re3wt3
5:44 - my best.
I have a copy of Wicket and am about to read it. Do you recommend it?
And a funny nonfiction is The Know It All, by Jacobs.
That's a nice face in the photo. Good bones. Sensual mouth.
Happy New Year everybody!
2:54 - had a lovely christmas with family, good food, and good times - oh and good pressies too!
Hi all:Here it's going to snow.
What falls but never breaks? What breaks but never falls?
Wicked, not wicket. Sorry Anne from Vermont.
Hey Fiona - are you still on? I wanted to tell you about my embarrassing moment which was all your fault!!!!!
Fraz - so what do you do for a job? Isn't it amazing that you can do your job in Melbourne just as easily while you're in London? This technology is just so great.
Spellmaster - our wet hasn't started yet. We just had 2 of the driest months on record, broken only on Friday night by 3.5 inches of rain in less than one hour.
Hi, JW--thanks for picking up the thread! Wicked is a fascinating read, and I found it hard to put it down... it creates an amazing backstory for the Wizard of Oz, and is smart and funny... but I have all sorts of unanswered questions (not a bad thing!) but I'm eager to hear what other folks More...
Off to bed to catch some sleep. I'll catch up with you another time Fiona. I also wanted to ask you who took offence when HH revealed her suspected alter ego? I thought that I'd caught up on all the archives but I must have missed something. Paul and Col, do you watch 'Neighbours' on Channel 10?
best wishes to you all
What a wonderful Christmas, both my sons were over. Hope everyone else had a great day also.
today is the first time I have ever seen this , thanks .
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