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Easy Sudoku for 29/May/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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29/May/18 12:03 AM
Busy reading a Sherlock Holmes story.
Preparing for a meeting of the S.H.
society next Sunday.
29/May/18 12:08 AM
MaAen ! A herd of turtles.
29/May/18 12:29 AM
The Game is afoot! Good Maen, good people.
29/May/18 12:48 AM
By my reckoning, yesterday wasn't Sunday (Monday site time) and so I had another day to do Wombat's final 1&4. I blame the long weekend.
I'll get right on it before I read yesterday's comments.
29/May/18 12:53 AM
29/May/18 12:57 AM
2 days running.
29/May/18 1:05 AM
Hi, Gannie Mo! Great to see you. Sorry about your roses.
29/May/18 1:55 AM
Wolf - maybe this will help?

29/May/18 2:05 AM
Mo she supposes her toeses are roses
But Mo she supposes erroneously
And Mo, she knowses her toeses arenĀ“t roses
As Mo she supposes her toeses to be
29/May/18 2:09 AM
Any who have memories of the site from 2005 may be reminded of that little ditty which was posted in December of that year.
Funny isn't it...I just happened to be perusing some old pages and saw that and then Plum mentions Mo and her roses.
The gods must be smiling today.
29/May/18 2:16 AM
I must admit, it was refreshing to read comments without BOPPS, TOPPS, LPOTD, Wheees, 22, 33 beers, smilies, having to sign in, (although if I recall, I played a part in having that foisted upon us later on). And the genuine funny banner sometimes bought tears to my iii's. There were lots and lots More...
29/May/18 2:28 AM
Oh, and no frickin CP's either. Mainly because there were so many people there it was just about impossible to make 5 dumb ass comments in a row.
People were still on dial-up modems, (remember them, come on we are all old farts here)! On most days comments were in the 250 to 300 range and now most days are under 40.
Did I forget to tell you I miss those days?
29/May/18 2:35 AM
29/May/18 2:41 AM
And, beehive, don't forget the ''chatroom'', where us slow keyboardists didn't stand a chance...
29/May/18 2:57 AM
Wow. A blast from the past just blew by ... & then it was gone. Guilty as charged about the repetitive statements ... simple pleasures for simple minds ... the wee group that enjoys that should be tolerated, just give us a pat on the head and let us sit in the corner.
29/May/18 3:00 AM
Just a reminder to remember the true reason for today's 'holiday', in the U.S.

Lest we forget...
29/May/18 3:01 AM
Smile and wave Keith, smile and wave. Nite all. Seeya in another 6 months or so.
29/May/18 3:42 AM
Most unusual to see a photo of Mom turtle and her babies.
29/May/18 3:46 AM
Good heaven's! Did I just see Beehive buzz by???
29/May/18 4:04 AM
Good to see our little Apis Insecta again!
29/May/18 4:08 AM
Good afternoon to all! Hope all is well in your life.
29/May/18 4:09 AM
29/May/18 4:18 AM
If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all.
29/May/18 4:39 AM
The 'Mo she supposes' taken from the similar ditty turned song and dance in Singing In The Rain.
29/May/18 4:41 AM
Maybe someone who doesn't like 33 beers should take down the beer o'clock doormat?
29/May/18 4:44 AM
So interesting to see turtle kids of different ages still hanging out with their mother. Sort of a primate thing to do, not what we think of as reptilian.
29/May/18 4:45 AM
'Yes, and ....' is the way improv or banter is played. You encourage people to express then build on it. Try honey instead of waspishness. Even if you are named for a stinging insect you don't deride people for being less or other than they were 13 years ago. For the most part the people you miss More...
29/May/18 4:55 AM
And, look. It's so busy here I wasn't able to make a cp of 5 dumb ass comments in a row. Thank you, Sarah. I agree with your insight. It made me wonder if it wasn't an unrelated adult just wandering into a hatching grounds or else a display-kept family in a zoo or park.
29/May/18 4:59 AM
I haven't forgotton you all. I often lurk. If it stops raining long enough tomorrow I shall tend my flattened roses dead head and put up more bamboo supports on the arches. As dusk descends they look so sad
29/May/18 5:24 AM
If anybody's curious about the origin of ''toeses are roses,'' this video from ''Singing in the Rain'' should clear it up:
29/May/18 5:40 AM

Lovely photo of mother turtle and babes
29/May/18 6:04 AM
Beer time. Michelob Amber Boch please.
29/May/18 7:22 AM
Morning all, mother turtle is telling the little ones what they can or cannot do.
29/May/18 7:40 AM
DoA, I tried the chat room once , by the time I had put in my comment they had changed the subject. lol
29/May/18 7:45 AM
Lauren, hav a wonderful day.
29/May/18 7:48 AM
Perfect description of the chat room, Amelia.
29/May/18 7:59 AM
Everybody's saying a mom & her babies. I'm seeing a teacher that's lost control of the classroom.
29/May/18 8:09 AM
Well, look at that, we're nealry at the end of the page.
29/May/18 9:13 AM
Let's change that to 'nearly'.

I think this is a BOPP
29/May/18 9:13 AM
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