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Easy Sudoku for 28/May/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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28/May/18 12:00 AM
Saved by a ghost post.
28/May/18 12:01 AM
First? Good Maen, good people.
28/May/18 12:01 AM
Is this an example of the Last shall be first?
28/May/18 12:02 AM
I have a late breakfast ready for the man. I missed a race because of him. And did he come in to eat it when he got home? No. I can't find him to feed him.
28/May/18 12:04 AM
I love Wombat's 22 post yesterday. No. None of us should feel guilty about 22. Goodness knows, some days we wouldn't get to half a page if we didn't have Keith's crown to contend for.
28/May/18 12:18 AM
For a cp I'll shout out to my daughter Faun who has decided to undertake the summer's weed whacking. Quite the undertaking given our fecund acreage. Of course that means that she's not inside to do her normal kitchen chores. So I guess I have to go empty the dishwasher and do the post-breakfast clean up. (Now that Gumby has eaten his soft eggs and blendered oatmeal and banana farina.)
28/May/18 12:25 AM
Cp+1 There's a photo of Angie and her kids in their patriotic summer outfits on today's Parents Page. And it's an easy 9->1 to solve.
28/May/18 1:16 AM
Everybody!! At least HalT & Plum!
28/May/18 1:18 AM
Plum, Hal, and those to follow!
Plum, I would choose kitchen chores over weed whacking any day!
I'm just waiting for the family to start arriving. There was mention of photo taking after church, so, I have no idea when they will arrive. They need to check in if they want lunch.
28/May/18 1:36 AM
Hi, Denny! You snuck in while I was typing.
28/May/18 1:37 AM
Hi Kathy. Hope your family get-together goes well!!
28/May/18 1:45 AM
2:06 and No. 13! Now back to bed and try and get some sleep.
28/May/18 2:04 AM
Kathy - I don't mind kitchen chores if I can impose my own rhythm to them. But Faun has a different way of doing things and it throws her off if I do it my way the same as it throws me off when she does it her way. The kitchen's not big enough for the two of us. It's the precious burden More...
28/May/18 2:12 AM
I know we all have to go sometime, but I'm not fond of today's photo.
28/May/18 2:57 AM
Somehow the photos were mixed up on this one! It's not a crematorium. I love this beautiful bird! Such an unusual colour.
28/May/18 3:29 AM
Morning ... it is still morning here. Nice to see Anne get 13.
28/May/18 4:37 AM
28/May/18 4:42 AM
Good morning.
28/May/18 5:35 AM
Just passing, saw your lights on and thought I'd call in.
28/May/18 5:36 AM
That was the catch line of a television ad back in the late 70s or early 80s.
28/May/18 5:38 AM
28/May/18 5:38 AM
Mr P and I were trying to work out what the actual ad was about. I think it was about some quickly prepared meal or drink you'd have on standby in case of unexpected visitors.
28/May/18 5:41 AM
Morning all,beautiful ibis, thought it was a flamingo at first.
28/May/18 6:30 AM
Our house is a beehive of activity as Bill gets ready for golf and daughter is back to work today after having a week off with a torn calf muscle.
28/May/18 6:36 AM
Good afternoon to all!
28/May/18 6:50 AM
1:35. Good morning everyone.
28/May/18 8:39 AM
Well, as Faun has been weed whacking a large part of the day and Burl needed a meal that wouldn't 'bore him to death' (ie, no more oatmeal today, please ) I had an excuse to spend several hours in the kitchen today deep cleaning. I even washed the floor (twice-don't ask) and scrubbed out More...
28/May/18 8:59 AM
My exciting meal today will be leftover Dearborn brand fresh kielbasa with Koops horseradish stone ground mustard and plum and cheese pierogi with sour cream. YUM. When I made the full meal a few days ago we had cherry pierogi, too, but the rest of those are in the freezer with another meal's worth More...
28/May/18 9:17 AM
For those that gave all so we could all live free, we must never forget.
28/May/18 9:56 AM
Oops. I did everything but click on ''Select.''
28/May/18 9:58 AM
That color surely is not good camouflage. I guess the ibis has no enemies, or none with color vision.
28/May/18 10:08 AM
As a late arrival today, it will need to be
Hope everyone had a good day so far - ours has been rain-free despite a prediction for all day thunderstorms which didn't transpire. Thus, the one-day/night-early full moon is a bright radiant globe!
28/May/18 11:19 AM
Hi, CP - nice to have you 'call in'- your absence has been noted!
28/May/18 11:22 AM
28/May/18 12:34 PM
28/May/18 1:39 PM
It is time to report on the weekend's 3&4 poozle. Once again I'm astounded how well people have done even though it was another tough one. Those who responded were: Judy, Arachnid, Sarah, Kathy, Snowbird, Joyce, Amelia and Peter. Here are the responses I was looking for:

Amazon - LARGE More...
28/May/18 3:13 PM
Morning all on this misty, wet, cold morning. It is more like November out there than end of May
28/May/18 4:53 PM
The storms in the last 48 hours have left my roses de-nuded and the ground carpetted with petals but at least I got some photos before the wind, rain and hailstones.
28/May/18 4:55 PM
Seema ashame to leave here on an odd number and not turn over
28/May/18 4:56 PM
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