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Submitted by: Gath

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Could I be first?
 |  |
2:26 am i really the first or did someone slip one in while i was typing!
 |  |
lol you won susan
 |  |
3.01. got in early so I could go back to the hen's do at fiona's, see everyone there (not sure about Teddy andré, I think he went to sleep back on last night's tough)
 |  |
Pretty slow today but at least I'm first
 |  |
 |  |
Talking about sleep, did you know the sleep required by the average person is just 5 minutes more?
 |  |
03:44 I'm the first one to play this, but definitely not the fastest one.
 |  |
it's a HEN do we're having K!! And there's a boat coming too from Port Douglas, but pete's gone to bed and Ted too, so there's just the girls left, but André had a bit of work to do on the boat, so is absent; and I have to go back to work tomorrow - well today, but actually tomorrow. All very confusing isn't it?
 |  |
ehh? why suddenly so many people above me? Thought I'm the first. hohoho.... must be something wrong with my eyes. This explains why I am always slow...
 |  |
5:19. Not getting any better!
 |  |
This site is fun and I'm glad I found it. I used to play this in the newspaper but my subscribtion was cancelled. Thank you for the challenge!
 |  |
How do you all do it so quickly? - Give me a hint please!
 |  |
 |  |
I see I am not the only one without an actual life!!
 |  |
I'm back to make you all feel like a genius. 12:12!!!! It is 8:42 am and I had already done the one in the newspaper.
 |  |
2:35 KB, I usually start with placing all of the 1's that I can find. If not all of them are easily placed, I start in on number 2... 3... Once a fair number of the pieces are in place, I go back to the numbers I missed. Generally, you don't need to use the possibilities option on the easy puzzles.
 |  |
I'm with KB. I can't even begin to hit your record scores. Can't even type that fast. How do you guys all do it?
 |  |
Thanks Kaitlyn. I don't use the oiptions button anymore as it just adds to the mess. I do the same, one number at a time, but still can't seem to get it doen in the times I see posted!
 |  |
Hi folks - I'm home - Shane I do have another life. back from International Quilt Festival and met someone from UK and a few aussies too.
Did I miss anything?
 |  |
2:44, good morning everyone!!!
 |  |
3:17 good morning, all
 |  |
I agree with Kaitlyn thats how I start....... In the easy I dont spend a lot of time looking for what fits. if there are two 1's either going across or down i look to see if the 3rd fits. but if not i move on quickly. after im done with the 9's i look for squares with very few numbers in it I More...
 |  |
2:45 - Carol, after awhile (and as Shane from Brisbane pointed out), for those of us with no life (ouch!), you start seeing patterns in the numbers and it begins to flow.
 |  |
3:59 today, getting better, could have done better, but I'm working on it.
 |  |
I take my time. I enjoy the puzzles, and have no desire to be working instead!
 |  |
5:09 -- good day for a quick walk. Hello everyone in S-Land!
 |  |
 |  |
So Andy/Sydney either Gath is tricking us by changing the changeover times, or this site is in Queensland. It definitely changed at midnight Q time. jsherp is your wife still talking to you after that birthday present you gave her, or maybe you're too bashed up around the face to hear...can't wait to hear what you get for your birthday!
 |  |
Whew, my times keep getting worse and worse! Good picture today!
 |  |
Mrs jsherp can I suggest hot(very) wax for the back,s_ _ _ and cr_ _ _, nostril hair trimmers, diving lessons,(and buy yourself a remote control jammer like my gruff did - hubby hasn't worked it out yet - starts hitting the remote wondering why it won't work - hilarious!)
 |  |
Good morning everyone...Here's a cute joke-: Little boy goes up to grandpa and asks, 'Grandpa, how old is grandma?' He replies,'It's not polite to ask a lady her age.' A little while later the little boy returns, 'Grandpa, how much do you think grandma weighs?' Grandpa says, 'Boy, that is one thing More...
 |  |
(cont)I saw her driver's license and it said she is 76 years old and that she weighs 130 lbs. I learned something else too...Now I know why you two sleep in different beds...she got an 'F' in s-x.
By the way, I did really bad for me-5:23 min, I was keeping it in teh 4 min range, Oh well.
 |  |
4:29 but am celebrating

Joke of the Day:
'I went to a bookstore and said to the saleswoman, 'Where's the self-help section?' She said,'If i told you it would defeat the purpose.'
 |  |
Fastest ever for me. It is a zen thing, I think. There is a flow, and if you try to analyze too much, you get muggy--like reading too much Hegel. Times are down from 10:30 to 4:30.
 |  |
Robin(MI), where are you? I have a friend Robin that lives in MI and her husband is Pat. When I was first introduced to them 24 years ago, I was told that their names were Patman and Robin. Are you the one and only?
 |  |
A thrice married divorcee is getting married for the 4th time. She goes to her gynocologist for a checkup. He exclaims 'You're still a virgin! How is that possible?' She replies 'My 1st husband was a gynocologist: he just wanted to look at it; my 2nd, a psychologist: he just wanted to talk about it; the 3rd, a stamp collector; and the 4th is a lawyer, you just know I'm going to get screwed!'
 |  |
Susan on top congrats :)
k think you are right Ted is jetlagged bless him flying everyone over, and liked the sleep :)
fiona brill party will be there soon boat nearly ready!
tina :)
hi all and see you later must work!
 |  |
2:40, love the husky..mine used to look like that, but now he's 14 and alittle 'greyer'!
 |  |
2:31 Happy with that!Hi Andre,that was some party allthough my feet are killing from walking around in those damn stilettos.
TFTD Barking dogs seldom bite...but they can still p*ss all over the carpet!
 |  |
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